20 Techniques to Reignite your Nights

Although planning ahead for sex and intimacy sounds unromantic, it has become a necessity to do so in modern times. However, if you do it right, you can reignite your nights by planning it yourself without your loved one’s knowledge and make it still appear unplanned. Here are 20 techniques to reignite your nights.

#1. Aromatic candles

Purchase candles, especially those with the scent of jasmine and nutmeg. Aromatherapy has been shown to be highly beneficial in creating an environment with sexual undertones. Smells and scents are powerful triggers, which also help lovers to forget the stress of daily life and focus on erotic sensations instead.

#2. Chat about the last night

There’s nothing like being caught off-guard by a sexual suggestion. Imagine the way you’ve felt when you received a card, a letter, or a text that reads Last night with you was amazing. Instead, you can text your partner and bring up a great night of sex you had and then playfully suggest that you both try something new together. Here is a sample of  hot, teasing sexting that will make your partner’s imagination come alive and lead him to distraction at work until he sees you at home:

You: Hi.

Him: Hi, how are you.

You: I’m okay. Except… I can’t stop thinking about you. And about what we did on Tuesday.

Him: Yeah that was nice.

You: Umm, the feeling of you inside me…

Him: Really?

You: Yeah. I was thinking about how great doing it with you felt. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we got… a little rough?

Him: Oh yeah?

You: How intense that would feel… Umm, I’m going crazy just thinking about it!

Him: Oh yeah?  Do you like it rough?

P1: Well, not always, but you know, I’ve always wondered what that would be like with you.

At this point, the sexual part of your partner’s mind is firing 1000 sexual thoughts a second. Sexting sets the mood ahead of time.

#3. Erotics thoughts before

When your partner arrives home, already having sexual thoughts about you, nothing is better than being seen in sexy, revealing lingerie that reignites his mind and transforms the evening into a night of erotic pleasure.

#4. Surprise your partner

An effective way to reignite your nights than the element of surprise. Go outside of the box. When he’s outside doing chores, change into one of your sexiest outfits and wear it while doing household chores.

When he walks in and sees you, act like nothing’s different. Watch as his eyes scan your sexy body. Get close to him on a pretense and wait for him to grab hold of you and take you into the bedroom.

#5. Touch each other in advance

This technique to reignite your nights involves physical touching before going to bed. Take a shower together, and don’t rush it. Spend time washing his body with the soap and has him wash yours.

Turn around so he can wash your back and wait until he presses into you from behind. Take his hands and place them over your breasts and push back into him as he squeezes them. The mood is set for sex intense enough to require another shower!

#6. A small ice cube in your mouth

Sometimes to have a hot night of passion you need to include something that is icy cold. When he’s not looking, place a small ice cube in your mouth and reach over to kiss him, moving the cube into his mouth with your tongue. He’ll be surprised for a second and then aroused.

Kissing with ice cube in the mouth
Ice cube in a woman’s mouth

#7. Teasing

Teasing always drives couples to insanity, especially when orgasm is delayed. Give him oral sex but only place the tip in your mouth. Stroke the sides with your fingers, always applying the gentlest touch with your mouth and fingers. When he finally comes he will explode while you watch him release.

#8. Try new positions

A great technique to reignite your nights is to try Kama Sutra positions. There is one where the partners face each other crossed-legged, arms and legs wrapped around each other tightly. Moving only your pelvis, you can achieve a deeply intense orgasm that comes slowly and lasts a long time.

#9. Background music

Another great thing to reignite your nights is to have sensual music playing in the background while in the midst of foreplay. Music acts subconsciously and greatly stimulates the body and mind.

#10. Dinner at a restaurant

Dinner at a restaurant sets the scene for romance, and great sex afterward. Giving him a look over dinner that communicates your interest, dropping obvious hints will have him ask for the check sooner so he can take you home and have his way with you.

#11. Catching by surprise and kissing

Catch your partner by surprise and kiss him passionately. Whatever he was thinking, he will stop and be aware of your desire, your soft lips, and your tongue.

#12. Eating a dessert in bed

A wonderful technique to reignite your night is to eat dessert in bed. Spray whipped cream on his penis or rub chocolate sauce on and lick it off. He can lick whipped cream and even ice cream off your breasts, ending in sticky, messy, and nasty sex!

#13. Avoid disturbing factors

Turn off all your electronic devices to avoid any distractions during sex.

#14. Feeding each other

Nothing ignites a night for romance than biting off half a banana or a strawberry and feeding him the other half using just your mouth. Lips and tongues come into contact and the erotic temperature beings to rise.

#15. Planning together

Plan a dating night out will get you both anticipating being in bed together later.

#16. New activities

Do something together you’ve never done before. Hiking or driving out of town and seeing mountain vistas or beautiful scenes in nature will refresh and energize both of you.

#17. Taking hot tub naked

Sit in a hot tub together, naked. If you are planning a vacation together, make sure the room you stay in has a Jacuzzi. Nothing is more erotic than feeling the jets under the hot water pulsating and massaging your body. Sex in hot tubs is unique and the water makes each of you lighter and freer to move around on each other.

#18. Go to the gym together

Exercising together allows you to look at each other tone up and admire the work you put into taking care of yourself. When it’s over, your skin will listen. Take your partner without bathing for slippery and steamy sex.

#19. Massage your partner

A great technique to reignite your nights is to massage your partner. He will feel his hands on his body and watch as he becomes aroused right before your eyes. There’s no need to move to the bedroom when you can just move on top of him.

Romantic massage

#20. Start a conversation by email

Writing letters to each other, using snail mail, never fails at sparking romance and desire.


These 20 techniques to reignite your nights all have in common that each of them involves doing something unique that will surprise your partner. Being stannous, teasing, and setting the mood beforehand are all wonderfully effective.

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