My 4 Advices On Dating A Guy Who Likes Anime

Dating A Guy Who Likes Anime

I didn’t know how to approach writing this article at first, but, looking back, I have to admit I had a lot of fun – kinky and otherwise – when I began dating a guy who likes anime. “Unforgettable” is the word I use to describe my experience with a man who I refer to … Read more

My Opinion And 4 Advices On Dating A Trucker

opinion on dating a truck driver

I will be honest with you: Dating a trucker can be extremely hard. Both of you spend a lot of time apart, and you worry and wonder if he’s met someone, or even worse if I start to wonder if all the loneliness and the time spent without him is worth it. Once I dated … Read more

Why Your Boyfriend Checks Out Other Guys

My Boyfriend Checks Out Other Guys

My boyfriend and I went on a fantastic trip to Paris about a month ago. First, we ate fantastic food at a fancy restaurant. Afterward, we walked a few blocks to a club called Chez Louis, where we drank and danced for hours. The romance was in the air, and I’d never felt so close … Read more

Yahoo Dating Format And How Do You Recognize It

what is yahoo dating format

Recently, I wrote an article called “Men Beware: Google Hangouts Scams.” Another effective scam on the internet is the “Yahoo Dating Format” scam. You may not recognize it by that name, but you’ve likely seen some of these scams in your email. Lately, though, the scammers (called “Yahoo Boys” or “Yahoo Girls”) are more sophisticated … Read more

What You Need To Know About Dating A Doctor In Residency

dating a doctor

Like a musician or a composer, when you become serious with the man, you share him with his musical passion. This is what happens should you decide to date a physician. One of several reasons why dating a doctor in residency is different from dating a businessperson or a blue-collar worker.  Dating is a challenge, … Read more

5 Benefits When Dating A Jamaican Man

Dating A Jamaican Man

I’ve talked about my firsthand experiences dating a Capricorn man and dating a Taurus man, and men under every astrological sign. But I’d like to take a different approach and talk about my experience dating a Jamaican man and why you should too! One of the most appealing reasons to date a Jamaican man is to … Read more

Dating A Leo Man: What You Need To Know

Dating A Leo Man

I dated a man whose birthdate – July 31 – gave him the zodiac sign of Leo. Thanks to a friend of mine, I hadn’t dated a Leo man since I became interested in astrology. I’ve enjoyed dating a Libra man and dating a Taurus man in the past, but I already felt this was … Read more

20 Techniques to Reignite your Nights

Although planning ahead for sex and intimacy sounds unromantic, it has become a necessity to do so in modern times. However, if you do it right, you can reignite your nights by planning it yourself without your loved one’s knowledge and make it still appear unplanned. Here are 20 techniques to reignite your nights. #1. Aromatic … Read more

Most Sensitive Parts of Female Body: A Tutorial

Most Sensitive Parts of Female Body,

I never had a virgin boy before. I thought the 40-year-old virgin was just a movie;  I never thought I would encounter one in my sex life. “So, how many girlfriends have you had?” “Err… none. I don’t really know how to approach women.” “You mean you have never had sex?!” “Never. The closest thing … Read more