3 Best Sex Positions For Fat People

If you are chubby, fat, or overweight, this is for you. If you are not, but your partner is, then this is still for you. We are not here to be body-shame. Not at all, since I wear a size 16 myself. I am here to give some knowledgeable info about Best Sex Positions for Fat People. I mean this to help fat people or those with fat partners enjoy sex without breaking a limb or destroying property.

Those are the usual challenges for someone with extra weight, but there are more. First, it is challenging to find dates because fat people are not visually pleasing. Second, when she finds dates, there is the fear she is being ridiculed. Some freaks have a fat fetish–they want to try people for the experience and boasting rights. It can be downright demeaning. Then, she has to consider her weight during the actual lovemaking. She wouldn’t want to crush anyone to death. Third, she has to be careful about using tables for sex as it may not carry her weight. And truthfully, since she is not as agile, not all sex positions are comfortable or can achieve the desired result.

3 Best Sex Positions for Fat People

Fat people can and should have orgasms. Such is not exclusive to thin couples. It just takes some creativity and a lot of consideration to get it right.

Before we get to the positions, here are a few tips when you are dating a BBW person:

  • She is sensitive about her weight, but you can talk to her about it. Ask if she is comfortable during sex.
  • Some fat people don’t like their bodies, so take the cue of what she likes or not.
  • She will only be totally at ease about walking around you naked if she is confident she can trust you not to laugh or body shame her.

Fat people have a lot of love to give, so know what can give us the best orgasm:

#1. Doggy style

No flab hitting each other or being slammed together. Instead, the partner may enjoy a better view of her big ass. The sight of her massive breasts hanging like a pendulum can also be hot.

The cock can penetrate more profoundly, and with the right angle, hit the G-Spot found at the front of the vaginal wall.

While it can be tiring for the overweight girl to be on her knees, she can opt to crouch forward and rest on her elbows. This shift is even better and a sight to behold, with her pussy so beautifully open in front of you.

#2. Spooning

She is on her side, and you are behind her, also on your side. Your front is to her back. Again, she would prefer this because you don’t get to see her flabby parts, which she may consider unattractive.

This is an excellent position because you can still enter behind while your hands can be busy playing with her tits or teasing her clit to orgasm.

To get better access, she may want to put up her leg, or you can hold it for her to get deeper penetration.

Another option is not to be parallel to each other but for the guy at the back to enter at an angle while you lie on your side. His legs would be in between your own.

#3. Guy standing, the girl on the table or bed

This position is best when the man is of the perfect height to reach your pussy while you are on the edge of the bed or the edge of a sturdy table.

She may be less comfortable that you can see her flabby body parts, but remind her that when she is lying down, all the flab flattens out.

Her partner can put her leg up on his shoulder while he does this to have a deeper plunge into her pussy. Keep her leg away from her body as it would not be comfortable.

Aside from those recommended sex positions, we have a few more tips to keep your overweight partner happy:

  • If both of you are overweight, try to skip positions where your bodies are in direct contact, like the missionary. Both your stomachs will not be comfortably squashed against each other, and it will also be a roadblock that the cock may not reach the pussy.
  • When a man is overweight, his cock is ‘hidden’ or obscured. The best position is to have him on his back. It would free up his cock from the fatty folds. If the girl partner is not overweight, she can do the Cowgirl position.
  • Use sex toys. If you are both overweight and prefer the missionary position, but his cock can’t reach, think about him wearing a dildo long enough to reach your pussy.
  • Getting an orgasm is not only done by having the cock inside the pussy. She can get her happy ever after with some great oral sex. That is the most preferred. Another option is to finger her to orgasm while you suck on her tits or lick her upper body.
  • Use handy props, like pillows to prop up her hips, especially when you are doing the third position when she is lying down and you are standing up. This will ease off some weight and make it more comfortable for her.
  • Think of her feelings beyond orgasm. Tell her how you love her body and don’t even fake it. When she is more confident of your acceptance of her, she will be more confident and expressive.
  • If you are fit and your partner is not, try to influence her to lose weight. Not so much for sex, but to improve her self-esteem and for a healthier lifestyle. But you have to join her to show support. So go to the gym with her, at least for the first few times, until she is comfortable.
  • Also, get her on a better diet after consulting a professional. And when she is on that diet, to help her, be on that diet, too. Or at least eat healthily. It would not help she is eating vegetables while you eat a massive cheeseburger in front of her.
  • She needs a support system that will cheer her on to a better lifestyle and a fitter waistline. But don’t nag her about it. She may misunderstand that you hate her body and want her to slim down. Remember, overweight people, are sensitive about their bodies.
  • Don’t forget to celebrate victories with great sex. Oh, dinner would be nice, too, followed by great sex. As she loses weight, reward her with a fantastic orgasm.

Whatever waistline size you or your partner may have, any relationship has to have open communication, respect, and sincere acceptance of each other. Waistlines will continually change. As we grow older, nature will take its course. But a trusting relationship is essential where each person can feel safe and loved.

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