How I Was Dating Someone My Friend Slept With

Dating Someone Your Friend Slept With

I have a group of close friends, and my best friend, Jackie, is now divorced from Rick. We’ve always had a magnetic attraction to each other, so I wondered if it was okay to start dating someone your friend slept with? I held off Rick’s advances and hints we should hook up because I didn’t … Read more

Why Am I Getting Spam Emails From Dating Sites

Why Am I Getting Spam Emails From Dating Sites

I was going through my emails the other day and was surprised to find quite a few emails I’d never seen before, and they looked like spam from dating sites I checked out. I wondered, why am I getting spam emails from dating sites? It frustrated me because I get emails from my job containing … Read more

Why My Boyfriend Hasn’t Talked To Me After A Fight

My Boyfriend Hasn’t Talked To Me In A Week After A Fight

I’d like to tell you about a relationship experience that happened to me when I was in my teens. My boyfriend hadn’t talked to me in a week after a fight. I was crazy in love with Damon, and the worst part of it wasn’t the fight itself, but that he was ignoring me.  Because … Read more

My 4 Advices On Dating A Guy Who Likes Anime

Dating A Guy Who Likes Anime

I didn’t know how to approach writing this article at first, but, looking back, I have to admit I had a lot of fun – kinky and otherwise – when I began dating a guy who likes anime. “Unforgettable” is the word I use to describe my experience with a man who I refer to … Read more

My Opinion And 4 Advices On Dating A Trucker

opinion on dating a truck driver

I will be honest with you: Dating a trucker can be extremely hard. Both of you spend a lot of time apart, and you worry and wonder if he’s met someone, or even worse if I start to wonder if all the loneliness and the time spent without him is worth it. Once I dated … Read more

What I Learn When Dating An 18-Year-Old At 30

Dating An 18-Year-Old At 30

I’ll be honest. I’ve always preferred dating younger women, and two years ago I began dating an 18-year-old at 30. A friend commented about something called the “creepiness formula.” According to this formula, never date someone who is more than half your age plus 7 years. Courtney, the girl I dated, was 18 at the … Read more

5 Must Do When Dating A Married Woman

Dating A Married Woman

Love is complicated. Over the summer on vacation, I met this beautiful, sexy woman in her forties. Despite the fact she wasn’t single I wanted to be with her. I began dating a married woman. While it was an incredible experience, there were a few complications, some obvious and others not so much. I met … Read more

Why Your Boyfriend Checks Out Other Guys

My Boyfriend Checks Out Other Guys

My boyfriend and I went on a fantastic trip to Paris about a month ago. First, we ate fantastic food at a fancy restaurant. Afterward, we walked a few blocks to a club called Chez Louis, where we drank and danced for hours. The romance was in the air, and I’d never felt so close … Read more