Boys Sucking Dicks. Best Ways to Give Oral Sex

I enjoy pleasing my man. The pleasure he has when I kiss him on the lips and when I lick his nipples, even massaging his tight, cramped shoulders after he works, really satisfies the both of us. . But the main focus of my pleasure-giving is when I take his penis in my mouth. For me, it took time before I began to enjoy the taste and the feel of it on my lips and tongue. Although this is about a woman pleasing a man, there’s a lot I have learned from boys sucking dicks, precisely the way that they use their lips, tongues, and mouths to please their lover. Here are five things of things I learned about the best ways to give oral sex.

Hugging, kissing, licking his nipples are all sexually satisfying for a guy, but there’s nothing that gives them a more thrilling and intense sensation than when you take his stiff cock in your mouth. The better you are at it, the more he’ll want it (and so will you!). So are the techniques that boys sucking dick the same as those employed than women?

Boys Sucking Dicks

You Receive what you Give

The genitalia of gay and straight guys who are porn actors has much more to endure than we think. During numerous reshoots, a guy’s dick is pulled this way and that and in every other direction.

The guys women date are not porn stars, so their penises are not used to getting that kind of rough treatment. So be gentle with it, because when it’s your turn for your man to put his head between your legs (no, his actual head, not his dick head!), he’ll return the favor, and you’ll thank the heavens you did right by him. On the other hand, if you’re clumsy or rough, he may only move on your love organs dispassionately and out of obligation.

Swallow because it shows your partner how much you like him

Giving oral sex is, like most things, an acquired skill, but it’s also an acquired taste. Most women surveyed time after time give oral sex because they know their partner enjoys it. If that’s the case, then why not take a blow job to its most logical outcome and swallow his come?

Swallowing come won’t make you pregnant, but it will do wonders to your man’s psyche. He’ll look at you in a whole new way, just because you were willing to ingest his sperm. It’s sexy as hell, and there’s no mess to clean up!

I understand that when I suck my man’s cock, chances are he’s going to ejaculate a percentage of the time. So I swallow the salty ejaculate and no longer think twice about it.

Understand his body language

When men enjoy the oral sex you’re giving them, their bodies may do different things. For example, many women don’t enjoy pelvic thrusts when he pushes his cock into your mouth. And that is understandable. But boys sucking dicks look at it for what it is:  their lover is nearing the end, and he wants you to suck his cock deeper.

A guy who has a penis understands what it feels like to have someone’s mouth wrapped around their member and is familiar with the sensations felt. And guys don’t like it either when their partner thrusts his shaft into their mouths.

All it means, these guys say, is that minor adjustments need to be made. Take more of him in your mouth until you feel it touching the back of your throat. Then, move your mouth in and out and go faster if you can. Listening to him is the key to knowing that you’re doing it right.

A cock is more complicated than it looks

Boys sucking dicks have dicks themselves (obviously!). So having learned what parts of their shaft respond to sexual stimulus helps them perform fellatio better on their lovers.

For example, the underside of the penis is more sensitive than the top. In addition, if there is a foreskin (an uncircumcised penis), the folds of the foreskin can be pulled back, revealing an especially sensitive tip.

But the most sensitive area on most penises is the frenulum, just below the head and underneath. So it’s essential to pay special attention to this area. I’ve learned that I can raise his level of satisfaction by sucking this area harder. The more focused pressure there is, the more pleasure he feels.

Make eye contact to turn up the temperature

There’s nothing like getting your sexy on, and for women, our most powerful – and sexual – weapon is our eyes. I like to take my intimate connection with my guy a step further. With his cock in my mouth, I lift my eyelids to him to let him know that yes, I have your thick, throbbing cock in my mouth, and I’m pleasuring you. There’s something primal in the fact that men go wild when a woman is in a submissive posture to them.

Psychologically speaking, and due to the body’s position, giving oral sex is an act of submission. Whether it is a man licking your pussy, or you going down between his legs and pleasuring his cock. Oral sex, blow jobs, boys sucking dick are all acts of giving rather than receiving. The purpose of performing cunnilingus or fellatio is so women can come to orgasm, or so males achieve ejaculation.

It’s ironic, though, that the giver of pleasure can turn the tables and be the dominant partner when giving head. When I wear a sexy sundress and cute heels to surprise my lover, I make him focus his attention on me with his eyes. I love the moment when his mind goes blank, and all he sees is me and what he wants to do to me. It’s at these moments I am in complete control of him.

When sucking on your lover’s pulsating cock, we can learn from the technique used by boys sucking dicks. I can control the degree of pleasure I give my guy. I can tease him, give and deny satisfaction at my whim by licking with tiny amounts of pressure on his frenulum to tease and following, taking it as deep as possible into my mouth until I feel it way back. It drives him wild, hating and loving the teasing all at once, and it makes me super horny, knowing that I’m doing it all to him.

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    • I love sucking a mans cock the way he take me by my head and pulls me closer to him . Makes me know I am doing a good job on him when he cums in my mouth I keep him in me till he is soft . Some men can get hard again ,WOW I KNOW THAT I HAVE MADE HIM HAPPY , SO IKEEP SUCKING TILL HE GIVES ME WHAT I LOVE MOOR WITH EACH LOAD OF CUM .

  1. I love to have him in my mouth. His hard cock and beautiful balls are what makes me keep cuming back for his cum time after time.


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