5 Benefits When Dating A Jamaican Man

Dating A Jamaican Man

I’ve talked about my firsthand experiences dating a Capricorn man and dating a Taurus man, and men under every astrological sign. But I’d like to take a different approach and talk about my experience dating a Jamaican man and why you should too! One of the most appealing reasons to date a Jamaican man is to … Read more

Google Hangouts Romance And Sex Scams In 2021

Google Hangouts Romance

I’m going to share a personal experience I had on Google hangouts. It happened about two years ago and to this day, I shake my head and wonder how I could have been deceived, then swindled so easily. Men beware! Google hangout scams are real. Yes, you can be conned into giving out money, or … Read more

Dating A Leo Man: What You Need To Know

Dating A Leo Man

I dated a man whose birthdate – July 31 – gave him the zodiac sign of Leo. Thanks to a friend of mine, I hadn’t dated a Leo man since I became interested in astrology. I’ve enjoyed dating a Libra man and dating a Taurus man in the past, but I already felt this was … Read more

4 Great Sites For Men Looking For Men

Sites For m4m

Relationships take time to build and in 2021, the pandemic has meant closed bars and restaurants to meet ad take the time to build a meaningful relationship. There’s no sin in hooking up instead; it’s the casual encounters that fulfill two of our basic needs: human contact, and sex. In my research, I’ve found some … Read more

Dating An Aquarius Man: That Guy You Always Wanted To Date

Dating An Aquarius Man

Everyone has known an Aquarius in their lives, and if you had a friend who was born between January 20th and February 19th, you likely remember him better than any of your other friends. You can always feel an Aquarius, even when he’s completely silent. If you’ve met and plan on dating an Aquarius man, … Read more

What I Learned While Dating A Capricorn Man

Dating A Capricorn Man Experience

He’s hard-working and disciplined. He lives by rules because he is ruled by Saturn, the planet of strict rules. He believes in tough love when it’s warranted.  There’s no doubt he’ll be successful. If you are dating a Capricorn man, or you decide to, you’ll meet a quintessential strong, silent type, cool, calm, and collected.  … Read more

5 Tips For Dating A Sagittarius Man

Dating A Sagittarius Man

Likes to party. Loves being free. Slow to commit. Blunt to a fault. These are his characteristics to consider when you date a Sagittarius man. But he’s also amazing in bed, and once he commits to you, he’s fiercely loyal and rather affectionate. Are you ready to learn more about that Sagittarius man you’re hot … Read more

Dating a Cancer Man. My 5 Best Tips

dating a cancer man

Have you ever had intense, emotional sex, dreamy and sublime, and passionate? Cancer is the sign of the Zodiac in the shape of a crab, touch on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. If you choose to date a Cancer man and you find yourself powerfully attracted to him, you’ll need to find … Read more

Best Free Dating Sites In Dubai For Single Women in 2021

dating sites in dubai for single women

The United Arab Emirates has become one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world, recording a whopping 20 million annual tourist visits in 2017 alone. In addition, Dubai is one of the Middle East’s busiest business hubs, a place where business people and entrepreneurs visit year-round for relaxing and making business deals. Along … Read more

Dating A Pisces Man: Tread Lightly

Dating A Pisces Man

Dating a Pisces man can be one of the unique experiences of your life! But with a man ruled by the planet Neptune, prepare yourself: Pisces is by turns romantic and naïve, beguiling and unworldly. If you want, you can wrap him around your finger but be ready when he turns the tables on you, … Read more