All Aspects of Dating an Aries Man

dating an aries man

I have a confession to make right at the start: I have always been fascinated by the physical universe, and in college, my focus was astronomy and physics. I learned about the movement of celestial bodies and why planets and stars moved the way they did. I was seriously skeptical about astrology, which explains what … Read more

What Is It Like To Date A Porn Star. How I Met Jasmine

dating a pornstar

I know guys who are usually on dates with Rosie Palms, if you catch my drift. They talk big talk but only end up fantasizing about dating a pornstar. To be sure, there’s nothing wrong with masturbating; that’s what porn is for, after all. But, I do it myself, as any healthy man does.  I … Read more

5 Clear Signs A Cancer Man Is In Love With You

signs a cancer man is in love with you

Are you currently dating a cancer man? Or are you dreaming of making one fall for you? You met a cancer man, but you can’t tell if he is falling for you? He may be a player, or he’s just lovely. If you’ve already fallen for a Cancerian and would love to find out if … Read more

Three Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites I Recommend

lesbian cougars

Are you looking for lesbian cougar dating sites in 2021? We’re living in an age when alternate lifestyles are gaining more acceptance than ever before. People today demand that mainstream dating sites cater better to the LGBTQ community. As a result, there are more dating sites now than ever before. I’ve compiled a list of … Read more

Dating a Country Boy. Pros, Cons, and My Story

dating a country boy

Most of my daily life involves tech in one form or another: my smartphone buzzes all day with notifications and messages, then later, I sit in front of my laptop at night. I used to dream about going out into the country, a place where there’s no internet, and relax and find a good ol’ … Read more

Pros and Cons of Dating and Marrying a Convicted Felon

Pros and Cons of Dating and Marrying a Convicted Felon

Words like “felon” and “ex-convict” conjure scenes from movies, like bank robbers, kidnappers, even murderers. A “felon” strikes fear in the minds of men and women. But not all felons are bank robbers or murderers. There are both pros and cons to dating a felon. For women who can look beyond society’s negative view of … Read more

3 Reasons Men Like Shemales and How to Date Them

dating a shemale

Guys, I have a question to ask you: Have you ever fantasized about going out on a date with a shemale? Are you surprised to know you’re not the only straight man who is attracted to shemales? And, most important, would you be able to overcome your inhibitions or your reluctance to being with a … Read more

You Will Love Dating BBW. 5 Easy Tips To Follow

Dating with big beautiful woman bbw

When I wrap my arms around an attractive woman, the intense pleasure I feel is hard to express in words. My pulse quickens, and all too often, the blood begins pulsating in my crotch. Thin women are light and feel tiny in a man’s embrace. But there is something special about a plus-sized woman. A … Read more