Dating a Country Boy. Pros, Cons, and My Story

Most of my daily life involves tech in one form or another: my smartphone buzzes all day with notifications and messages, then later, I sit in front of my laptop at night. I used to dream about going out into the country, a place where there’s no internet, and relax and find a good ol’ country boy to date. So last year, I got off the grid and took a trip down south and found a lovely bed and breakfast to stay at with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. 

I wasn’t dressed like a country girl since my clothes fit into the urban environment where I live. Nevertheless, I noticed people looking at me curiously, and it made me self-conscious. My skirts are mid-thigh in length, my tank tops are fitted, and I wear high heels. But then, at night, walking down the main street, I noticed some rugged-looking handsome dudes taking an interest in my workout body. 

dating a country boy

I felt lightheaded then and asked myself where these have men been all my life! Wearing jeans, plaid shirts, and boots, they were no slaves to fashion, but I didn’t care.  I approached the entrance to the bar and walked past three good-looking guys. I walked to the bar and ordered a mimosa, then heard a voice on my right. “Howdy, ma’am.” I turned around and looked at him. I smelled the scent of leather and tobacco. “My name is Jim.” His eyes were both respectful and hungry as he drank in every inch of me. Strangely, I felt safe. 

One thing led to another, and when I met him the next day for a date, I got to know Jim up close and intimate. I’ll never forget my time down south, nor will I ever forget Jim and how different country boys are from city boys. Here are some things I found out.

Country Boys are a Different Breed of Man in Almost Every Way

My country boy and I went out on a dinner date at a steakhouse. It was noisy, and every table was occupied, but I didn’t feel any tension in the air. Right away, I noticed that country boys (and their girlfriends love to eat steaks, pork spare ribs, and fried chicken. I doubt there was a single vegetarian there! I admit I liked the smell of ribs and steaks cooking. We had a beer while waiting to eat and saw every table with beer bottles, full and empty. 

County boys eat meat and drink beer, and they use tobacco in cigarettes, pipes, and chewing tobacco. So after a delightful dinner eating like carnivores, we went back to Jim’s truck. Most of the vehicles on the road were trucks, whether they needed to haul things or not. Country boys are truck culture. 

On the way to Jim’s place, the truck engine began making a loud, ticking sound. Jim apologized that he had to pull over and fix the problem. I appreciated him thinking about me, another trait of country boys. 

Jim opened the hood, and in less than 5 minutes, he came back and started the engine. The ticking was gone! Here was another thing I admired, how handy Jim was, and all his friends I met later on. 

Jim didn’t need to pretend or put on airs about his masculinity. He exuded such a masculine vibe that my legs became weak. When he looked at me, I shivered with excitement. I couldn’t read his look. I began to feel like an outsider, but I wanted to spend time with my country boy that night, so I thought of ways I could turn his quizzical

How I Won Jim Over

1. I showed off my feminine assets

I realized that Jim and I were complete opposites, so the more masculine he was, the more feminine and dainty I became. I dressed conservatively for our date, wearing a pretty summer dress with a floral pattern that went over my knees. The more Ladylike I was in my movements and attitude, the more interested Jim became. He moved closer to me on the oversized couch in his living room. 

2. Country Boys are family-oriented

I listened while he told me about working on his family’s ranch, and I saw more to the job than corralling cows or horses. There was a lot of dirt and mess and handy work everywhere. As he talked and listened, my desire for my country boy growing, there was a knock on the door. It was his parents coming to say hello to Jim’s date. Listening to them, two things became clear: country boys are family-oriented, and I wasn’t going to bed with him that night!

3. Be Yourself But Also Be Open to Adventure

The following day we went horseback riding. As a city girl, I hadn’t ridden a horse in over ten years! My second date with my country boy was a challenge for me, but I swallowed my doubt and let Jim help me onto my horse.

We never got faster than a trot, and I saw how Jim was in his element now. As we rode, he took out some chewing tobacco and put the bit under his tongue. I remembered the smell of tobacco from the night before and decided that I’d adjust to it. A night in bed with Jim was worth it.


dating a cowboy


Pros and Cons


On the 4th date, we finally made it to the bedroom alone. I can’t express how fantastic sex with Jim was! Let’s say I was manhandled, rough and gentle at the same time. I loved every minute of it!

I’ve mentioned how handy Jim was, able to fix his truck engine’s new problem within minutes. I was amazed at how he could saddle a horse, milk cows, and ride a combine over the fields of his family’s ranch.

Jim was an amazing lover, and the respect he showed me on every date. I had was never forced, and it made me so comfortable to be around him.


Tobacco is constantly in the air, whether he’s chewing it or smoking. So kissing him was a new experience, the taste of chewing tobacco on his lips and in his mouth. 

I stayed in town and dated my country boy the entire time I was there. Towards the end, I noticed Jim becoming more severe with me. I loved the experience, but I wasn’t ready for a commitment. Finally, the day before I left, he invited me to live with him, and he let slip he wanted to get engaged. I explained I was visiting, and perhaps one day soon, I would come back and see him again. 

Final Thoughts

My experience doing a country boy is unforgettable. But I was born a city girl, and I can’t ever change that. If I moved out of the country, I’d miss the excitement of the city. It was so peaceful there, on Jim’s ranch, but I wondered if I’d get bored after a while. 

Today it’s easy to find a country boy to date. Luckily, we have dating apps that cater to meeting a villager. The ones that are the best include,,, and

It’s important to know what you want before starting. Do you want the experience, like me, then leave and cherish the memories? Or are you looking for something permanent? 

I could explain what to expect if you decide to date a country boy, and I wish you luck in finding the man of your dreams!

3 thoughts on “Dating a Country Boy. Pros, Cons, and My Story”

  1. Congrats. You did the same thing to him a player does to a woman. He was looking for something serious. You molded yourself to what you thought he wanted. All to get him in bed. Then when he caught feelings you skipped town with a false promise you might return so you wouldn’t have to face how much you hurt him in that moment. Coward. As a farm raised country boy this article is painful to read, poor guy.

  2. I agree with the others. Why go out of your way and then just leave. You had to know the signs he was giving off. Honestly is always best.
    I’m dating my first country boy and I love it. I’m a city girl too, but I want it to work and I’m putting in that work because he means so much to me and he’s never severe. He’s is so kind and giving. We pray together every day and that’s the glue. I’m mixed race (Italian- Black) and he’s white, but with Christ first we have a solid foundation.


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