My Experience And Tips For Dating A Female Cop

I have a friend who is a cop. She’s friendly and easy to be with. She has amazing stories about her work as a cop. Our friendship became more intimate one night while we were out on a “friend date.” One thing led to another, and we slept together. What happened when I dated Gina, a female cop, was different than my other dating experiences. I met women online using and primarily because of safety, and I can choose what I want, but Gina is someone I’ve known for years. 

Films and TV shows depict the personality of a female cop as tough, independent, and either divorced or single all her life. Despite what is depicted, women cops date and even get married and have children. But the women cops’ personality that TVs and films depict is only true about women being tough, strong-willed, and often fearless. Men and women cops must be unafraid and able to manage harsh confrontations. 

dating a women police officer

What happened when I dated a woman, a police officer, made me see how difficult it is for them to shift from their life on the street and make themselves vulnerable to their partner at home. We wear masks on our jobs, whether we are doctors, lawyers, and office executives. But for cops, it’s different. A cop has no choice- one moment they’re chatting to a fellow officer drinking coffee, and the next, they’re in a life-threatening situation. 

Women Cops Are Emotionally Strong

Whatever assumptions men have made about female cops, they’re probably wrong. Female cops may not be as brawny as male cops, but they are as mentally tough as any male police officer. A study by the National Institutes of Health concluded that women cops, despite greater exposure to violence and stress, reported fewer cases of PTSD than women who were not cops. 

Gina, the woman I dated who was a cop, handled the pressures of daily life as well as I did. Her personality is such that she reacts slowly to problems that arise. As a woman police officer, she exudes calm self-assuredness and balances stress with relaxation well. I dated a pretty and intelligent woman who would dive deep into her feelings and analyze why she felt. She was happy one day and sad the next. But the female cop I dated didn’t have time for that. 

Gina’s personality never permitted her to analyze feelings to the point where it overwhelmed her. Instead, exposed as a female cop to the horrors of police work, arresting criminals, and helping drug-addicted and homeless people, she shut down her emotional side.

Women Police Officers Have Good Hearts 

Gina is kind and knows a lot about human nature. She got her education on the streets, learned about the criminal mind, and found good-natured people. 

Gina knew how to make me happy. She talked a little about work, cooked excellent meals, and liked going out on dates to the beach and into the forest for hikes. She cared a lot for people and would stop from time to time to help people we’d meet on dates. However, she put herself and her desires on hold, preferring to help others first. 

dating a female cop

Female Cops Are Passionate In Bed

When dating a female cop, I admired her strength and her courage. It made me check my courage compared to hers, but I was still impressed, nevertheless. But Gina went through a lot of emotional challenges every day as a cop, and when we went to bed, all those emotions came out in a tidal wave of passion and mind-blowing sex. 

If you decide to date a woman police officer, you’ll quickly realize what a tight, athletic body she has. Gina’s body hardly had any body fat, and I won’t ever forget the feel of her naked body pressing against me at night. 

Sometimes Relaxing After Work Isn’t Enough

Gina, the woman cop I dated, could be impatient with me and even insulting me for things that never happened. She’d apologize afterward, and after a year, I’d had enough. I cared for her and still loved her, but the stress and tension of police work overwhelmed her, and she’d take it out on me. 

I accepted her frustration for as long as I could. If you are considering dating a cop, you must have a lot of patience. Her anger and her outbursts are part of the personality of both men and women cops. Male cops, I’m told, don’t manage the stress of the work as well as a woman police officer does. 

Final Thoughts

There are fantastic websites where you can find a female cop to meet and date. I have already mention This site has one of the largest databases in the online dating industry. One of my male friends wanted to meet a man and had tried many of the men-for-men dating sites but found success with Adult Friend Finder. He drafted an article about his experience, which is on our site.

When you date a woman police officer, you must be the kind of person who has patience and is comfortable playing a supportive role. Women who are cops are warm and loving people and work every day to help others. Their mood swings are only because of their work, but inside they have great strength and resilience. 

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