6 Important Aspects Of Dating a Gemini Man

Do you know a Gemini man who you want to date? I dated more Gemini men than I can remember, but I do remember how much fun I had on these dates. Geminis are all about having fun. He’s bright and bubbly, and never boring. You can talk to him about anything – physics, football or pharmaceuticals – he’ll have at least some knowledge on most subjects.

Gemini is an intellectual sign, so it helps to be knowledgeable and take an interest in a variety of subjects. For example, Steve Jobs is a notable Gemini, and James Crick, Nobel prize winner for the discovery of the structure of DNA, was also born under Gemini. In addition, Paul McCartney, Angelina Jolie, and Kanye West are well-known Gemini celebrities. 

Dating a Gemini Man

Gemini’s birthday falls just before the summer equinox, May 21st to June 21st, and is an air sign. Air signs are verbose and very bright. 

Here are the six thoughts I have about dating Gemini men, both based on my personal experience and what reputable astrologers have said about these unique people: You’ll have fun trying to outwit him, and if you’re smart enough, you can beat him at his own game. 

#1. Expect the Unexpected

Gemini is a dual sign, so it will sometimes feel like you’re on a date with two different personalities. Don’t be alarmed to see his smile turn in a flash into an expression of thoughtfulness. On the other hand, the Gemini symbol is the twins, and often they don’t behave identically. So be ready to see mood swings and just go with the flow. 

#2. Geminis Have Tons of Energy

If you’re high energy yourself, then expect to have a jam-packed evening with your Gemini man. You’ll fit right in with his active lifestyle. And he’ll fall for you when you keep up with him. 

#3. Do Not Plan Your Date Beforehand

Date your Gemini man with a sense of recklessness. Imagine playing a game of dodgeball. You constantly move around the court, either avoiding getting hit or trying to hit someone. Be impulsive and expect the unexpected. Your date may want to play paintball or go to a Classical music concert. Go with it even though you may not like Mozart or Tchaikovsky or paintball. You’ll have a better time than you can imagine!

#4. Give Him His Freedom

Geminis wonders from one interest to the next and seems to be focused on the relationship. Don’t try to pin him down. Geminis live by their own set of rules exclusively. Give him his freedom because he’ll appreciate it more than you know. Then, when the day is over, he’ll come back to you with love and desire in his heart for you. 

Try like he does to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, as life every day is a new adventure. You will build character as you get used to change. Then, when the time comes, he’ll fall in love with you because you didn’t force him to change. 

A Gemini man should be your first choice if you enjoy your freedom and don’t like being tied down. This will allow you to explore and for him to roam from one life interest to the next. They’re honest about who they are, and they aren’t secretive. 

#5. Let the Subject of Sex Arise Organically

Don’t force discussions of sex with him. Gemini men love to talk as a prelude to sex, but they won’t talk about sex directly. You’ll be discussing unrelated subjects almost up to the first kiss. Forcing the issue will make him lose interest quickly.

Flighty, capricious, unfocused – these are words that accurately describe Gemini men. But don’t be fooled: Gemini is the sign of the Twins. This means that on the outside, he’s all over the place, know he’s laser-focused on you. He’s drawing close to you. So let it happen without forcing it. 

#6. Gemini men and Intimacy

As his interest in all kinds of knowledge, the Gemini man is open-minded in the bedroom. Still, he knows that he experiences pleasure both as an active participant and an observer. 

Be creative in bed with him and watch him watching you; you’re turning him on.  He will want to try new things in bed with you. One of my Gemini dates let me try over a dozen sexual positions with him in one night!

Geminis can have sex anywhere, anytime, in bed or the car, out on a picnic. Men under the Gemini sign are skilled in the art of seduction, and because of this, he seduces many women. Know his skills, so sometimes he’ll seem devoted only to you, and at other times he has a wandering eye. Let him drive you to distraction in bed, and he will. Know that you can do the same t him, so he’ll only be thinking of you between dates. 

Final Thoughts

If you are dating a Gemini man with the hope that he’s stable and predictable, then find someone not born under this sign. But, on the other hand, if you seek excitement in life, and hate the dull routine of life, then this is the man for you.

Geminis are spontaneous, so try and accept last-minute changes to your dating plans. They are the most intellectual signs on the Zodiac, so that he will ask you some challenging questions. Intelligent women get along best with Gemini men. 

Lastly, when dating a Gemini man, he may or may not be open about his sexuality. Since Gemini is a dual sign, he may have bisexual tendencies. Even more, his search for new experiences may involve group sex with both men and women. If you notice bisexual tendencies, you choose whether to move on or to join in.

One Gemini man I dated invited me out but didn’t say where we were going. It was our third or fourth date together, and we knew each other pretty well by then.

We went to a house where there was a party going on. As the night went on, I noticed other men (and women) looking at me, sizing me up. I take it as a compliment. But a few drinks later, it became clear that I came with my Gemini to a sex party. My date had boundless sexual energy that night, and soon women were with women and men with men until we switched again to our partners. I accepted his bisexuality, at least for that night.

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