Dating A Leo Man: What You Need To Know

I dated a man whose birthdate – July 31 – gave him the zodiac sign of Leo. Thanks to a friend of mine, I hadn’t dated a Leo man since I became interested in astrology. I’ve enjoyed dating a Libra man and dating a Taurus man in the past, but I already felt this was going to be different. I was excited to see how well the astrological charts matched up to my date, who I’ll call Chris. I realized the charts were spot-on about men’s personality traits based on their signs. My advice is to read the charts of the man you want to date, before the date.

Chris texted me using a big smile emoji and writing Looking forward to our date. I thought this was a nice touch and felt warmth rush through my body. I was looking forward to dressing up and letting the world see the new me, divorced (for the right reasons) and 15 pounds lighter. How do you feel when you invest time and energy in your physical fitness? Does it give you more confidence?

Dating A Leo Man

I quickly read up on men who are Leos, checking the star charts to check out his profile and then both our horoscopes for the day of our date. I felt prepared. 

I consider myself open-minded, open to new experiences, both in and out of the bedroom. But recently, I had a date that turned into a nightmare. He didn’t look at all like the guy he posted online. What’s worse, he sounded sensitive and intelligent when we messaged before our date. The man I meant could barely form a sentence, and he looked suspicious. For these reasons, I do a fast background check using BackgroundChecks before I meet my date. (incidentally, I found Chris through, and I haven’t had any surprises., The men turn out to be who they say they are, and that relaxes me, so I’ll know what to expect when I meet men. 

I met Chris at the restaurant. He had arrived at almost the same time. He looked good wearing a blazer and brown laced shoes. 


“Chris?” I answered. He smiled broadly and shook my hand enthusiastically. 

“That photo of you I saw on the dating site doesn’t do you justice. You look incredible.” The sound of his voice, its deep, sexy tone, resonated in my ears. He held the door for me, and we walked in. Here’s what happened:

He Treated Me Like A Queen

My heart softened towards Chris. He had passed the background check, and the star charts for Leo revealed they have tons of charm and Charisma. Chris emanated sexy vibes and lots of physical stamina. He seemed extraordinarily happy to be there with me. He asked me what I wanted and ordered the both of us. 

His eyes never wavered from the table, and he complimented me on how I looked without sounding creepy. Leo men are charmers, and they are hopeless romantics. Chris didn’t seem hopeless to me, though. Adult Friend Finder is both a dating site and a hookup site. It seemed Chris wanted a little of both. 

Leo Men Date A Women With The Same Interests They Have

When I was married, I had to yield to a demanding husband who didn’t care what I thought about where to go out or things we could do for fun. Chris didn’t seem selfish about anything. He asked me a lot of questions, what I like to do, what my interests were. I realized after he was sizing me up.

Leo men desire women who are free spirits and who command respect and attention. That means he wasn’t interested in a waifish girl who needed his protection. He admired my independence that I lived alone and took care of myself after the divorce. Chris liked that I played the piano and expressed interest in hearing me play. That met he wanted to be with me after the date, and that he appreciated an artistic woman. 

You Share The Spotlight When Dating A Leo Man

I spoke of Chris’s magnetism before. This agrees with the Leo personality type. I could not see yet anything about Chris that the star chart already knew. So it was no surprise, and then, every time the waiter came by, he asked me how I liked the food. Leo men love to share the spotlight. 

He asked me a lot about my work and complimented me for moving up so fast in my company. Of course, I knew Leo men were ambitious themselves, so it’s no wonder he liked that about me. 

Chris asked for the check as dinner drew to a close. I felt disappointed when he mentioned he had to get up early the next day. However, he was a successful businessman, so I accepted he had to go.

He walked me to my car, and we looked at each other for what seemed like an hour. I knew how passionate Leo men were, how much they loved the intimacy. After so long on my own, I craved intimacy at that moment. He wrapped his arms around me, and his powerful arms enveloped me. We kissed, and I felt a shudder. 

The next morning, he sent me a text saying how much he enjoyed dinner. He also said he was free after 5 o’clock and would I like to see him again?

I’ll cook dinner for you, I wrote. My place. How does that sound?

Wonderful. Just wonderful!


Do you have what a Leo man wants? You need to know what attracts him so you can put it on display. I recommend checking out his and your horoscope for the day of your date like I did. We dated for months until he left the country for business. I expect to see him in a few months. In the meantime, I’ll continue dating other men. Chris would like that because he loves women who are free-thinkers and independent, women who aren’t “needy.”

Leo is attracted to someone who’s just as vibrant and unique as they are, and he’ll likely see through someone who puts on airs and pretends to be something she’s not. So always be yourself these questions before your date. 

Dating a Libra man was very different than a Leo man. Libras as friendly, loving, and intelligent, and the wheels in their minds are always turning. I was dating a Capricorn man and found him to be more adventurous but less romantic. And my date with a Taurus man was almost like going out with a girlfriend, except that my Taurus was a man, a very sensitive one, someone I could talk to about anything. 

My Leo was romantic, fun to be with, masculine, and was enamored of me, which is what every girl wants to feel like on a date! And I didn’t sense his mind was in two places at once, as my date with a Libra man.

To have the best experience possible on your date with a Leo man, ask yourself: Are you confident in yourself? Can you take care of yourself without anyone’s help? Finally, do you love intimacy? Leo men like Chris spent more time on foreplay than he did in actual intercourse. 

Be the kind of woman he’s attracted to, and remember to check the background of your date, especially since society is less safe everywhere you go. Use I can’t say enough good things about, and I highly recommend it to find the man of your dreams!

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