What Is It Like To Date A Porn Star. How I Met Jasmine

I know guys who are usually on dates with Rosie Palms, if you catch my drift. They talk big talk but only end up fantasizing about dating a pornstar. To be sure, there’s nothing wrong with masturbating; that’s what porn is for, after all. But, I do it myself, as any healthy man does. 

I know guys who dream about dating a pornstar, and it’s lust so deep that it can become an obsession. I mean, who wouldn’t want to date the woman of their sexual dreams? Like most men, I dreamed of dating a pornstar, and I had one in mind. She’s slim, lanky but with big natural tits and amazing curves. She also seemed a bit on the shy side, which also turned me on.

dating a pornstar

I started obsessing about her a few years ago. At the time, I got a job promotion and, with it, more money. The money comes in handy for the time I spent with her. I’ll call her Jasmine. 

Finding Jasmine

First, I set some time aside for vacation at work. I decided I’d want about two weeks. Lots of guys will date any pornstar, and that’s great. But I had one in mind, though if I couldn’t meet her for some reason, then I’d date another pornstar.

 Here’s how I found Jasmine:

  • I searched for her online at cam sites since many porn stars also do cam shows for extra money. So I searched a few of these sites, and when I couldn’t find her, I searched her name directly and found her on a cam site I hadn’t heard of. 
  • There were hundreds of cam girls there, so I searched for her by name, and a moment later, a little box came up with a preview icon. But a message popped up that said she was doing a private show. Frustrated after all my searching was ticked off, I’d have to wait. I stepped away from my laptop and sat on my couch. I closed my eyes and thought about what I’d do next. 
  • I subscribed to the site and gave my card number, and as soon as I was done, Jasmine was back on. I saw she was popular and wasn’t surprised since she is gorgeous and incredibly sexy. 
  • She was lying on her belly with her laptop, kicking her legs playfully in the air. She was chatting and asking for 7500 tokens for her to masturbate in lingerie, and guys started chipping in their tokens. I wanted to get her attention, so I paid 15,000 tokens, double the amount. 
  • I got her attention. She thanked me, then took off her top first, exposing her gorgeous breasts right in front of me. I gave her another 5,000 tokens, and her tiny panties came off. Her dancing was orgasmic, and I tipped so much that by the end, I’d spent about 50,000 tokens. Again, I had gotten her attention.
  • I asked for and got a private session. Then, I asked her for a date, and she said yes. She was not nearby, so I set a date and drove out to meet her. It was easy. My generosity with tokens had made it possible. 

So before meeting her, I made a decent sum of money available to spend lavishly on her. 

Taking Precautions

I was about to meet a woman I’ve fantasized about for a long time. At that moment, my dick was thinking for me, not my head. I took a deep breath and walked away from my computer, and went outside into the cool air here up in the mountains. 

My rational brain kicked in. I had to take precautions. I was going on a date with a pornstar who lived hundreds of miles away. What if it was a scam? I thought it over and convinced myself I’d done everything right. 

  • I talked to her in a private session. She gave me her phone number, and I checked it at once and sent a text message, and saw it going to her phone. 
  • We agreed to meet in a place where there were a lot of people, just in case. 
  • I hadn’t given any private information to her; except the phone number, I had used to confirm her number. I didn’t provide my address or any other personal information like my credit card number.

It all checked out. I was more anonymous than she was and felt prepared to meet Jasmine. 

My Date with Jasmine

I didn’t want to appear flustered or horny when we’d meet. Jasmine was just like everybody else ad I tried to treat her that way. I wouldn’t ogle her, look at her with lust, although I wanted to get naked with her when she showed up in front of a coffee shop on a busy street in the middle of downtown.

She wore an evening dress, displaying her curves and bountiful breasts. I introduced myself to her as I would to anyone else. I removed thoughts of bedding her down and fucking her, acting friendly and cordial, even aloof. Instead, I resolved to treat her with respect I’d give anyone else.

The important thing is that we didn’t discuss sex.  I didn’t make sexual innuendos. Instead, I asked about her favorite things to do when she wasn’t on the job. It turns out Jasmine was going for a degree in Biology when she ran out of money and had to quit. 

What was best about meeting Jasmine, though, was the night we spent together. She knew how to please a man; she did things that brought out deeper body arousals that I didn’t think I had. 

The following day, I asked her if there’s anything more she wanted that I could give her. I had spent lavishly on her the night before, going to the best restaurant, then a few drinks at a quality bar in town.

Dating a pornstar requires a lot of money for the date to go well. But every penny was worth it; meeting Jasmine and being together with her, at least for a little while, will resonate in my mind for years to come. 

Her answer to what else she needed was, “No, we’re good.” So we parted and drove home, satisfied, a little tired but more relaxed than I had been for a long time.

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