5 Tips For Dating A Sagittarius Man

Likes to party. Loves being free. Slow to commit. Blunt to a fault. These are his characteristics to consider when you date a Sagittarius man. But he’s also amazing in bed, and once he commits to you, he’s fiercely loyal and rather affectionate. Are you ready to learn more about that Sagittarius man you’re hot for, and how to attract him? 

Birthdays for Sagittarius falls between November 22nd to December 21st. He’s ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter, in Roman mythology, was the god of the sky and the god of thunder. Well-known people who fall under this fire sign include Miley Cyrus, Samuel L. Jackson, and Chrissy Tiegen. Note that these celebs have had some wild experiences, and their passion comes out in the work they do. 

Dating A Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men have the fire element, meaning he’s fearless and loves his freedom. He’d decide to take a long drive on the open road seeing adventure or having alone time hiking in the mountains. He doesn’t like people who cling to him or women who don’t have a sense of independence. The bottom line is that he doesn’t have his freedom impinged upon. As a potential partner, women should be creative with their own time and expect him to be away now and then, just to be free and clear his thoughts. 

Here are 5 things to know that will make your date with a Sagittarius man succeed, and help you start working on a long-term partnership if you choose: 

1. Be Open To Change

Sagittarius guys are hungry for new experiences, and that includes knowledge. He craves new scenery lusts for new adventures. You entice a Sagittarius man by pretending to read his mind.

For example, knowing he loves new scenery and change, you can suggest something simple, like, “Hey, how about we get out of here and go to this cool place I know where people hang out by the water?” You’ll intrigue him because it’s possible he was getting bored, too. Yet you came up with the idea to leave, making it easier for him to get what he wants. 

If you’re at the bar, you can say, “Hey, I discovered this great drink a while back. Wanna try it with me?”

2. Reval Yourself Slowly

Sagittarius men love intrigue, anything that’s the opposite of predictable and dull. If your date is at a restaurant, it’s like a bright light shines on you. But hold back a little about yourself. Keep your essence secret. Open up by showing him bits and pieces of your personality. Avoid starting a sentence with “I’m this or I’m that,” at least show your hand right away. 

Sagittarius men are ruled by Jupiter and their element is fire. This makes them curious beings and lovers of puzzles. They love to figure out encryption. That’s what you are. You’re secret, and only a special tool will reveal your authentic self. Let him work on it. 

3. Give Him A Challenge

Guys under this sign love an unpredictable woman, always keeping them guessing. This doesn’t mean, though that you should be hard to get or resist his advances if you don’t want to. Be yourself but be coy. Challenge him when he seeks your affection. If you’re crazy about your Sagittarius man, keep it a secret. You can act like you don’t care one way or the other, but don’t ignore him altogether. If you do this right, he’ll only want you more. 

4. Flirt With Him

Sagittarius guys are hopeless flits. Before your date, when you decide you want to talk to him, go over to him and start a conversation. Make the conversation flirtatious. He’ll admire your confidence and will want to get to know you better. 

If he’s attracted to you (and your flirty talk makes you even more appealing), he’ll flirt right back. If you keep going, you’ll seduce him, and the conversation will heat up in seconds.

Make eye contact with him from across the room. When he looks back, keep his gaze, drop your eyes, and smile (the “come hither” look). Don’t look away until he turns away first. Now he must find out who you are, and how he can be with you! You are the puzzle; you are the intrigue. A perfect balance of aloofness and yielding will make your date perfect for you and begin to so the bonds of a long-term relationship.

5. Sagittarius Men Can Be Kinky In Bed

The adventurous Sagittarius is daring in his day-to-day life, and also in the bedroom. Sex with him will be passionate, physical, and athletic. However, don’t count on a lot of foreplay or emotional depth during sex. As a rule, he doesn’t like to delve deep into feelings and emotions. He is a fire sign, after all.

You need to ask yourself if this type of lover is what you want. On the one hand, he likes to get down to business right away. On the other hand, he loves adventure in bed, so expect it to be exciting, orgasmic, and unpredictable. 

Sagittarius is dominant in terms of sexual control. However, he loves challenges and power plays in bed. If you get good at power plays, he’ll submit to you. If you enjoy being submissive, he might like tying you up in bondage positions. If you enjoy spanking, and some S and M, a Sagittarius is a sexual partner you look for. 

Final Thoughts

You must ask yourself if you are ready to date a Sagittarius man. He’s radically different than men under other zodiac signs. You may find it a daily challenge to be with him because of his demands that you keep independence from him while at the same time still being his closest partner and lover. 

He’s unpredictable and spontoons, but if you have the right personality type, he’ll get very close to you spiritually and will remain fiercely loyal to you. And be your lifetime partner. A woman who loves a Sagittarius must be patient and accepting, and allow him his space when he wants it. 

Dating a Sagittarius man for a woman means that you must be clever, know how to push his buttons, be able to seduce him and know when to control him, and allow him to control you.

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