9 Tips For A Fantastic Time Dating A Virgo Man

You’ve finally met the man of your dreams, and you want to take the next intimate step. He’s kind, refined, and old-fashioned, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous. However, when he talks about sex, you realize that he doesn’t sleep with anybody and has waited to find the right love partner. You’re dating a Virgo man, and you want to make the next date a hookup. How do you seal the deal?

Men under the sign of Virgo are born between August 23rd to September 22nd. Famous Virgos in entertainment are Chris Pine, Shania Twain, Richard Gere, and Gloria Estefan. In the field of science, Katharine Johnson, whose birthday falls on August 28th, was critical to the success of the Apollo space missions. World-renowned anthropologist Stephen Jay Gould is also a Virgo. 

Dating A Virgo Man

So, you’re attracted to a Virgo, and he’s asked you on a date (before you had a chance to ask him!). Want to know how more about Virgo men before your date? Here are some things to know:

1. Virgo men can be very shy

Often, they will fall silent if they don’t know what to say. But they make great boyfriends, and one of the reasons for that is their perfectionism. A Virgo man will work extremely hard to make sure the date goes perfectly. 

2. Virgos are smart, down earth, and loyal

If you’re drawn to a Virgo man, you can rest assured he’ll dedicate himself to your happiness. He’s faithful, so even if he’s hot and other girls are also attracted to him, you can be sure he won’t cheat. Instead, he’ll make friends with other attractive girls instead of sleeping with them. 

3. Virgos are cultured and sophisticated

Chances are, the man you are dating knows a lot about literature, music, and art. He may be reluctant to talk about what he knows until he gets to know you better. However, he won’t look down on you if you’re not as avid about the arts as he is. Virgo men are among the most decent you’ll ever meet. No matter where you are, he’ll treat you with kindness and respect. 

4. He may have waited years for the right partner

Are you the right one? Are you the woman he’s waited for so long? You won’t know until you meet him. He’s a perfectionist, and that’s the case for his work, the music he listens to, and yes, the woman of his dreams. You’ll need to spend time with him doing everything from hiking, going to a restaurant, a date at a concert, and whatever else he dreams up. 

Chances are, he’ll have a mental image of his dream woman. If he asks you on a date, that means you fit all or part of the profile. Make the kind of impression that will burn in his mind. 

5. Don’t play mind games with a Virgo

Virgos hate insincerity or any hint of manipulation. You can rely on his honesty and sincerity, so lying or being duplicitous will make him lose respect for you. Be yourself, talk honestly, even about your personal life, and he’ll appreciate it and won’t use personal issues against you. 

6. Ask yourself what you want in a man

Virgo men are practical and emotionally stable. He’s got a lot of male and female friends. He’s okay living alone, too, so he’s not desperate.

Some people find Virgo men boring because of their emotional stability. You need to ask yourself if you’re looking for a man who loves danger (there’s nothing wrong with that!) or whether a man who thinks through what he does first is the kind of man you seek. 

7. A Virgo gets jealous easily

If you start dating a Virgo seriously, make sure everyone knows that he’s yours. Although he doesn’t mind being a bachelor, he enjoys being in a relationship and will do what it takes to make it work. If you commit to him, know that he cherishes you and doesn’t want to see you with other men who aren’t your friends. 

8. Get to know what he likes

If you go out dancing, try to get to know what songs he likes to dance to. A Virgo likes to talk about work because he’s such a perfectionist and proud of his accomplishments. So this is a great opening for you to talk about what you do and use as much detail as possible. He loves to hear details because it puts the whole picture together for him. 

Strange as it sounds, he’ll also want to know about your health regimen, and then he’d share with you all he does to stay healthy. As you can see, he’s detail-oriented, and the more you reveal some of your habits, the closer he will feel to you. 

9. He’s a perfectionist in bed

He’ll do everything he can to make sure your pleasure setting is satisfied. For example, let’s say you enjoy the cowgirl position. He’ll do what he needs to, so you have a roaring orgasm. If you like t receive oral, he’ll master it by listening to how you respond in moans as his mouth and tongue explore your genitals. Finally, you satisfy him when he knows he’s satisfied you.

Final Thoughts

You will know on your first date if you’re a good match for him or if he is an excellent prospective partner for you. Virgo men are seeking long-term relationships. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a one-night stand, you might want to date a Scorpio or a Capricorn. These are sings who enjoy short terms flings. 

A Virgo will devote himself to making you happy and contented. If you are drawn to him first by his attractiveness and manliness, if you become seriously involved, you’ll find his intelligent mind just as attractive, if not even more so. 

Dating a Virgo man comes with the fact that he has chosen you and has perhaps waited for you for a very long time. So be honored by him choosing you and have a fantastic time!

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