I love to travel, but not only to go and see new intriguing places. When I’m away from home I let myself be myself, to be free of the rigors of work and motherhood, even when I take my partner along with me. On my last trip, my boyfriend and I flew out of Heathrow to Berlin to attend a party held by my German girlfriend. At one point during the party, my partner and I wandered off and walked through my friend’s big house. Down one hall we opened a door and saw what looked to be an old library, the walls lined with bookshelves. I gave a start and laughed out loud. In the center of the room was what I found out was an ErosMaster 360 degree Spinning Indoor Swing!

My boyfriend and I looked at each other and laughed. We walked up to the swing to have a better look. I felt the thick nylon material of the swing seat. I spun it around and noticed that it swung in a complete circle. My boyfriend gripped the triangle frame attached to a hook at the top and pulled at it. I felt the liner straps and saw that they were really soft and meant to wrap around the swing rider’s body.

I had never used a swing during sex before, and I began having erotic thoughts. Because of the triangle, the swing could move in a complete circle, which allowed for a lot of different positions. My personal favorite is doggy style. I love the feeling of penetration from behind because the man’s penis always manages to find my G-spot. Doggystyle makes me have both clitoral and vaginal orgasms.

I was getting horny thinking about it, and my boyfriend was here with me. How convenient! The party was far away in the ballroom on the other side of the house.

I love trying new things, and new sexual experiences were no exception. I looked more at the Eros Master 360 Degree Spinning Swing and thought back to some of my early sex experiences. I first had intercourse when I was 15, with a boyfriend I had been dating for about a year. I knew right away how much I would enjoy sex for the rest of my life. I yearned to try new things sexually, no matter how unconventional they were. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with healthy, satisfying sex.  I work as a professional at a challenging job that is both exasperating and rewarding. I am theirs for 40 hours a week. After that, it’s my time to be happy and do thinks I like.

In college, I had a girlfriend and we were very close. We were alone, talking one night in  my room, and she began to stroke my hair. She said I was really pretty. I liked the way it felt and her body was so sexy. We spent the night together in her dorm room. When I woke the next morning, I was thankful for the experience and kept my mind open to doing it again.

Humans are sexual animals, so I don’t believe I should deprive myself of sexual pleasure, and to play out my sexual fantasies. I love my children and I’m a better parent to them when I take a break from parenting from time to time. I don’t allow people who judge other people to judge me. They waste so much time being critical of others instead of having their own good times.

In the library, my boyfriend asked if I wanted to try out the Eros Master 360 degree swing, and I giggled like a little girl. I would have loved to, but it wasn’t ours and besides, it would be disrespectful to my friend if we got caught. But I wanted to.

There was a noise and we turned our heads around when we heard the door to the library open. My girlfriend had found us and said she wondered where we had wandered off to. She came to us and stood at the Eros Master Swing. Close to me, I was reminded of how pretty she was, and I saw my boyfriend looking at her admiringly. I had an idea all of a sudden, but I wouldn’t bring it up unless my girlfriend did first.

She asked if we wanted to try out the Eros Master swing, and that’s when I had my chance. I asked if she would like to join us. She looked to me and then to my handsome boyfriend, tall and strong, with great muscles, and she said she’d love to.

She walked back to the door and locked it. My boyfriend and I embraced then began undressing each other. My girlfriend began removing her clothes and stood on the other side of my boyfriend. He had his arms wrapped around our shoulders on either side of him. I got hornier watching him kiss my girlfriend and my hand moved down to his stiff, throbbing cock. He was going to have both of us that night.

I was the first to try out the swing. I moved inside the frame and supported myself by the soft felt straps above my tits. The other felt strap supported me by my waist. I waited while my boyfriend was bent between my girlfriend’s legs. Her moans were making me hotter. I became impatient for him. Then his hands gripped me by my hips and he turned me to the right and the left, and up and down. testing the Eros Master Swing. I felt the tip of his cock against my pussy lips. Finally, he penetrated me. Thrusting me and moving my to the left and right, lifting me up and moving me sideways like a was his little toy. The sensation was new and intensely stimulating.

He thrust into me harder and harder and I lost count of how many times I came. He stopped and pulled me out of the swing. My girlfriend and I embraced then, her lips warm and wet. She wore wonderful perfume that smelled sweet, like vanilla and jasmine. Her soft, sexy body pressed against mine. My boyfriend was impatient for her, so he took her and she expertly mounted her body into the swing. I watched as my boyfriend pounded her mercilessly to her extreme delight.

I looked back and remembered this hot, erotic sexual experience on holiday. When we got home, my boyfriend immediately went to the computer and ordered the Eros Master 360 Degree Spinning Indoor Swing for us for each other and our won parties. He requested expedited delivery.

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