18 Fun Relationship Exercises For Couples

Like tasteless food without the necessary ingredients and spices, relationships deteriorate when they are not spiced up or when the basic ingredients needed to make them sustainable are lacking.

One of the reasons why divorce cases and relationships breakups are on the rise is because couples don’t engage in certain activities to keep their relationship grooving. They fail to understand that for their love to keep on burning and never go off. So the principle of compromise has to come in couple bonding and adventurous activities as well.

Fun Relationship Exercises for Couples

Time is one factor, and it is the main reason why these relationships often fail. Couples don’t have the time for each other and consider work more important than spending time together. The fact is, work is as important as spending time with your partner. It would help if you gave your partner the necessary attention, made them feel that you will always be there when they need you.

Before you think of breaking up with your partner, be sincere and ask yourself these questions:

  1. When was the last time I went out with my partner to an event?
  2. When was the last time I did something crazy or weird with my partner?
  3. When was the last time I gave my partner a good night kiss?
  4. When was the last time I told my partner, “I love you.”

Ask yourself these questions, and you’ll realize that at some point, you or your partner are guilty of not doing at least two of the things stated above. No relationship is perfect but the ideal one that both of you want and intend it to be.

Exercises to Build Trust

A sustainable relationship between couples only builds on trust and love, not sex or money that has become a yardstick in many modern relationships. This accounts for the reasons why many relationships crumble after some time. Because there weren’t built on solid foundations. The key to having a lasting relationship is trying out new things that you have never done with your partner, which creates a beautiful experience and leaves an unforgettable memory in your mind.

Relationship Building Activities for Couples

In this post, I will be bringing fun exercises every couple needs to engage in to have a rewarding relationship.

#1. Take a workout class

This is not usually common among couples. But indulging in this activity as a couple is inspiring and even makes you stand out among many. Taking a workout class includes going to the gym and engaging in routine morning exercises like jogging. Doing this more often will not only keep you fit. But also keep your relationship in shape and strengthen that bond between you and your partner.

#2. Take a trip to nowhere

Imagine going on a directionless trip with your partner and getting caught up in the middle of nowhere, somewhere you have never seen or been to before. The exciting part is you never really planned for it. It is simply about being adventurous, and an adventure like this one can be very exciting.

#3. Read a novel together

Read a book that you both find interesting and, if possible, arousing. When you read a book together, you get to exchange ideas on how the world is in the book, especially if it’s a historical book. It is also fun discussing the challenges in the book and how the different characters overcame them.

#4. Play brain games

Games like chess, Sudoku, and other cross-word puzzles are great ways of bonding with your partner. It’s fun when you challenge each other to a duet, create a prize for the winner, and that for the loser. The winner gets to dare them to do something they have never done before.

#5. Take a vacation

As a couple, you can decide to go on a summer or winter vacation to a beautiful tourist spot, like Ibiza Island in Spain or any other beautiful spot outside your country of residence. Going on this kind of vacation gets you exposed to different cultures and, in the process, learning a thing or two. In addition, it can create a whole new experience you both crave for.

#6. Take a walk at night

Taking a brisk walk at night with your partner across the streets of your neighborhood can relieve stress. The purpose of this is to enjoy the cold night and observe the beautiful lights and scenery. This exercise can be very comforting and free you from the significant problems you find yourself in during the day.

#7. Watch a movie

It’s not always about going out to the cinemas. Instead, you can stay at home with your partner and watch some exciting family drama movies or TV series. To make it fun, you can have an exciting watching spree competition. Just make sure your eyes don’t fall off and no early hangovers at work.

#8. Go on a double date

Invite a friend with his partner over to your place. After that, try to do fun activities that require their participation, like cooking or playing a water gun shooting game. If you want to have a date outside your home, go to a nice restaurant and talk about different and interesting topics or just gossip. You and your partner can learn few things from the other couple that will spice up your relationship.

#9. Take a musical class

Everyone loves music, and it’s thrilling if a couple decides to engage in the art. If you and your partner are music lovers, taking on musical lessons can be a good idea. Learning how to sing and play one or two musical instruments can give you a great experience.

#10. Go on picnics

Pitch your tents in a location far from your home like the Countryside and live a life different from the one you live. Enjoy the outdoors and engage in some activities like hunting, fishing, etc. A picnic is an adventurous activity which, when done with your partner, will be wonderful.

#11. Take your partner out

Don’t be boring, sometimes decide that you’ll skip having dinner at home. Instead, take your partner out to a fancy restaurant. It could be a date or anything, make her feel special, like a queen. Grab her hands and enjoy the special moment together. It could be like re-enacting the time you met and took her on the first date. It will remind you how you both started out and also strengthen your bond.

#12. Be intimate in an exciting place

You don’t have to be in the bedroom or in your sitting room to get intimate with your partner. Try getting intimate in places like the kitchen, in the car, etc. It might be awkward yet exciting. Spontaneous intimacy can be real fun for couples.

#13. Organize a thanksgiving party

There is always something to be thankful for. Invite family friends, your partner’s parents, if possible, your neighbors. And anyone you can think of for a thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy the moment by sharing your individual experiences, events, and anything you can think of. It not only bonds couples but their families a well.

#14. Take a waltz class

This is a powerful activity to engage in as a couple if you want to grow your intimacy. Waltz dance tries to connect the couple’s inner feelings beyond the ordinary. As a couple, this is one activity you shouldn’t miss out on.

#15. Get drunk

This is one weird activity worth doing. You or your partner may not necessarily love drinking, but how about going the extra mile just for fun? For example, on the weekend, you can try drinking at a bar with your partner, enjoying the drinks as you hop from one shot to the next. This is advised not to be an everyday thing but can be fun all the same.

#16. Take her to a spa

Spa dates are special for couples. Enjoying a lovely massage side by side in a relaxing environment is one of the most romantic moments you could ever have with your partner. You can also learn how to give each other steamy massages.

#17. Have a bubble bath

This is a romantic exercise couples do from time to time and an incredible way to get closer to their partner. Foam the water in the bathtub and possibly decorate it with colorful red petals. And also, arrange colorful candles around the bathtub, switch off the lights, pour some champagne in glass cups, and feel the magical night with your partner by selecting romantic, soothing music to listen to. Soak up with your partner and make the most of it.

#18. Cook a dinner

Join your spouse in the kitchen and make dinner together. If you don’t know how to cook, you can help your partner by providing the necessary ingredients and condiments she needs. Then, you can translate this cooking into a sweet date in your home with your partner once the food is ready.


Which among these have you done as a couple? If not, start today and reignite that once upon a fun relationship. And please read my article about 20 techniques to reignite your nights.

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