7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kissing

From reading the title, you should have known what mischief I will be getting into today, haha. But seriously, as crazy as it sounds, there are health benefits of kissing! I have actual scientific evidence and first-hand experience to back me up on this.

This intimate action can cause your heart to race or slow down. A single kissing session could end up as either the best moment of your life or your worst, where you wish you could flee from the scene barefooted.

health benefits of kissing

I believe it is right to say that “A kiss a day can keep the doctor away!”

The body and the mind are weird but beautiful things that we entrust with. Things we all don’t fully understand. We are all trying to understand them in some way or another, but no one has been able to figure them out. Anyway, complexity is beautiful, right?

As a single woman, you do get the urge to experience some human connection. And as we all do, I went through a short, low period of loneliness. So is life. As I was feeling low, I decided to talk to a good friend of mine who studies science and psychology. I was honestly surprised when she told me to go out and kiss someone! I laughed!

I giggle whenever I recall her telling me that. She thought that all my problems would magically disappear if I went out and kissed someone. But she continued insisting that it would help with how I felt and assured me that I should give it a try.

What’s So Great About It?

Of course, I didn’t want to go out on the streets and kiss any random guy who came my way. But, gosh, who knows where some of their mouths have been, ha-ha? So I just pushed the thought to the back of my mind and soldiered through my sad feelings believing that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Things pretty changed when I went on a quick solo weekend holiday. Oh, Barcelona, I love you so much! So what do you do when the opportunity jumps at you to have your peckers touched? Come on, and you take it! Especially if it is from a piece of hot meat – a spicy-looking fellow, hehe.

My wonder guy and I had been talking for a while and only met up once, but it’s not the time frame that matters but how you feel in that moment. So we met and hung out as we slowly took some drinks. The weather was great; the sun was beaming down, and we had a bottle of tequila. So what could go wrong, ay? Haha. Well, let me say that tequila helped set the mood because, in just a few hours, my lips were being heavily caressed! Do you know that spit sharing raw tongue action sort of kiss? Yep! I got some!

After this hot make-out session, I was instantly super happy! So, of course, I quickly messaged my friend and told her the news. She boasted, haha! This experience got me interested, and I decided to do some research.

Health Benefits Of Kissing
Young couple kissing on a roof

Benefits of kissing and hugging

Hey, I might even decide to take this up as an actual habit to help improve my everyday health. I’d love to share what I found out with you guys so that you, too, go about kissing your way to better health.

     1. The new happy drug?

There are a lot of drugs today that can cause your body to produce extra happy hormones. Serotonin and dopamine are neurotransmitters, the messengers in our body that help with sleep, metabolism, and feelings. The feeling of being extra excited when you take something, have a drink, work out, or do something that makes you happy comes from your body producing these hormones. An excellent old smooch is also one of the things that stimulate your body to produce these happy hormones.

     2. Kissing is the new paracetamol.

Would you believe that kissing is an excellent pain-reliever for that time of the month when Mrs. Red pops her head out? It creates a connection in your body similar to the one you get when you have sex while you are a little hungover or in need of an immune system boost. Then all of a sudden, you no longer feel ill! Don’t believe me..? I dare you to try it.

     3. Kissing burns calories!

Does this lady have any idea what she is talking about? Yes, you heard right! Having a juicy make-out session burns a few calories. Come on, and a good old tongue war will help exercise those facial muscles. And if you are not… Well, don’t be tedious now, haha. This cannot be compared to going to the gym and having a severe 1-hour sweat dripping workout session, but it can burn around ten calories. Who wouldn’t want to burn some calories and get sensational pleasure at the same time? I know I would. Count me in!

     4. The new free dental procedure!

It seems that kissing helps with keeping your mouth clean. As crazy as it may sound, the saliva in our mouth helps get rid of the harmful bacteria, and as you might have guessed, kissing produces a lot more spit. Getting a good old smooch will help in fighting acid attacks. If you don’t love kissing, then at least do it for the sake of your health. And while you’re at it, please remember to have a clean breath before going in for the kiss. If not, then you might end up knocking your partner unconscious.

     5. Sexual compatibility?

They say that kissing is one of the best compatibility tests for knowing whether or not you and your partner can sexually and emotionally connect. Another significant fact is that when you kiss and pass saliva, you also release a sex hormone that boots your libido. Both men and women produce testosterone! So no matter who you are kissing – you are ramping up the levels of blood flow in your body 😉

     6. Kissing is good for your mental health!

Did you know that kissing can help deal with anxiety?

The love hormone, also known as oxytocin, is typically released during a hot love-making session, I.e., kissing, foreplay, sex, cuddling, and also during orgasm.

     7. One of the foundations of a relationship

Kissing counts as the first act of love for romantic relationships. It is a pure expression of desire, intimacy, adoration, vulnerability, and passion for a romantic partner. I am not saying that being super kissy is meant for everyone, but it’s an essential factor that helps keep the emotional connection alive.

I commission you to go out and get some sugar on those lips because it’s good for you! 😉

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