How To Be A Goddess In Bed. 15 Easy Steps!

Maybe, you’re wondering how to be a goddess in bed?

If you want to be the greatest he’s ever had, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Be A Goddess In Bed

Indeed, every woman wants her spouse to think she’s a goddess when they’re in bed together.

Maybe you’re just pondering how to be a sex queen right now. Are you?

Without a doubt, one of the most crucial parts of a healthy relationship is a good sex life.

In this article, we’ll have a simple checklist to ensure he gets the most unforgettable sex encounter of his life!

From now on, you should make him feel like the luckiest man on the planet.


Ways To Be A Goddess In Bed

So, how to be a goddess in bed?

Here are the following:


Step #1. Putting on some seductive underwear

Your underwear makes a statement.

And yes, the majority of men agree that they love everything feminine.

After a romantic night out, get dressed in your best lacy bra and surprise him with the nicest.

What is the most effective method, you ask?

Find out what he likes and surprise him by wearing it.

That’ll be a smash hit, for sure!


Step #2. Enjoying the foreplay

My friends, foreplay is vital.

But then, it’s worth noting that this should be executed slowly and carefully.

The most important thing is to start with a beautiful finale.

If you get what I mean.

Then relax, sex deity, and take pleasure in all the touching, teasing, and hugging.


Step #3. Using that language!

It quickly lifts your spirits.

Many girls may be uncomfortable, but it’s a huge hit with the boys.

Tell him exactly, “do this for me, please,” including all of your dark secrets.

Let him know where you want to be touched, then relax and enjoy yourself.


Step #4. Playing a seductive song

Guys enjoy watching their girlfriends dance, especially when it is for them.

Put a sensuous tune to your sensual moves.

That will help.

Then try a lap dance for him.

And gently caress his body with yours.


Step #5. Taking on a role is the way to proceed

Men have hidden desires, and now is the moment to indulge in every one of them.

Dress just like a supergirl.

Do so with nothing but a cloak if you know he’ll enjoy it as a character.

Here’s the thing:

The crazier it gets if you use your wide and creative imagination.


Step #6. Try other places aside from your bed!

Men adore it when women come up with completely original ideas.

Even more so when it’s not the usual, not in your bed.

If I were you, you can suggest that you’re ready to make love somewhere extreme, like in a public place.

Try doing so in a club locker room or maybe a late-night hotel pool.

For sure, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for him!


Step #7. Master the art of sex

You must not rely solely on cheesy text messages.

For a minute, send a seductive photo of yourself to the restroom.

Make sure it’s something that entices him to come to see you right away.

Isn’t it always fun to get a sneak peek at a movie before seeing it in its entirety?


Step #8. Begin having oral sex

What is one thing in your life that never fails?

Well, every woman knows; oral sex is, perhaps, the best reward for him.

Do so for a long round!

And yes, oral sex is a thing!

It’s much great once you get started.

Try coming down on him when he’s not expecting it.

Be confident; he’ll love this, for sure!

Oral sex

Step #9. Don’t be scared in trying different positions

Break up your boring sex routine by attempting a new position each time.

Before your date night, try to research another position that you can try with your partner.

In this way, you’re sure to add an element of surprise and excitement.


Step #10. Initiate a seductive movie scenario

Recreate the most appealing scene from the first pornographic flick.

Nothing will inspire you both to believe that you can do something better than watching movies!


Step #11. Have fun with sex toys

Even if you’re sexually compatible, there’s always room for improvement, right?

To make it more enjoyable, add a couple of sex toys to the mix.

My friends, you can try experimenting.

Maybe add some whipping cream or chocolate sauce, for that matter.

From there, things are only going to get better!


Step #12. Unwind and let it work its magic

A massage is much more than a method to unwind at a spa.

Try to give your partner a sensuous massage.

To make him feel and like your touch, touch him sensually.

For you to enhance the feeling, use an oil with a pleasant and tempting aroma.


Step #13. Put on layers and perform a striptease for him

Allow your buddy to sit and observe you while you remove each layer of clothing one by one.

With your sexy actions, you can make the striptease completely appealing and exciting.

For sure, he’ll repay you with plenty of love.


Step #14. Begin blindfolding him

When you cover his eyes, such that he can’t see anything, he will feel your optimum touch.

Here’s what to do, slowly and passionately touch him.

Kiss him somewhere, just any part of his body.

The intensity of the next kiss and touch will soar to new heights.

Allow him to remove his blindfold by himself.


Step #15. Maintain eye contact at all times

Do you know what men find attractive?

It’s when their girl makes eye contact with them in bed.

So, as you kiss, touch, and move, stop being shy.

Be bold and look him in the eyes.


It’s A Wrap!

So now you know everything there is!

That’s how to be a goddess in bed.

All those things are easy to execute.

Try now, and enjoy!

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