How To Make Her Scream In Bed. 4 Irresistible Steps To Do!

Are you asking yourself, “how to make her scream in bed?”

Sex is the most critical aspect of every relationship.

How To Make Her Scream In Bed

Since it is a gift given to your spouse as a token of your affection.

There are plenty of ways to show a woman a good time in bed.

But, sadly, not all women can be satisfied with their men’s moves.

But, unfortunately, some of them get bored quickly, especially if you are not doing it correctly.

And that is probably the reason you are here.

Worry no further; this article will help you satisfy the needs of your woman.

So read on!


Steps To Make Her Scream In Bed

Making your girl scream in bed is very pleasing to the ear.

It makes you feel that you are a god in bed.

There are many ways you can make her feel good trying different positions.

Also, giving her more head, teasing her, and simply lasting longer are good ways to make her moan.

There are several choices available to you, and we will list down each of them.

In addition, we have gathered tips on how to make her scream in bed.

And here they are:


Step #1. Observing erogenous zones on her body

Erogenous zones of a woman’s body are the most sensitive parts.

So teasing her erogenous parts are going to give her pleasure.

And there are plenty of these erogenous spots; in fact, there are 16.

Some of them include: lips, her neck, the valley in between the breast, and the foot (if you like it, though)

And then there are the prominent spots, the g spot, the breast, and the vagina.

These are the essential parts, so make sure to not forget about them.

You can tease these parts to make your girl more aroused.


Step #2. Lasting longer

Women won’t mind if you don’t last long in bed as long as you can use your finger.

It’s also acceptable for a man to merely stay in bed for a few minutes.

But only after you’ve given her the pre-sex orgasm.

Girls generally take longer to reach climax, which is why you need to last longer.

So they don’t like it when you get your peak too early because they won’t reach their climax.

What if a lady brought you close to your peak, then abruptly stopped, rolled over, and went to sleep?

When in foreplay, always use your fingers appropriately and in the proper manner.

Even if you didn’t stay in bed for very long, this might cause your partner to reach climax.


Step #3. Trying different positions

It’s just as vital to inject some diversity into your sex life as it is to take a vacation from a monotonous and routine life cycle.

Why would you limit yourself to one position when there are so many to try?

The more you experiment, the more enjoyable it will be!

Trying different positions also targets other erogenous parts of a woman.

If you keep on trying one position every time, you would only hit one erogenous part.

When you alter position, the vision, and sensations associated with it change as well.

Different positions might cause you to experience various feelings and alter your views on your relationship and partner.

Add more variety to your sex life; it would make your girl happy.


Step #4. Please pay attention to her after intercourse

Most men sleep after sex.

That is because they are exhausted, and they think she is as well.

So after sex, it’s always a good idea to strengthen your sexual bond with her.

Women are more likely to enjoy sex with a person whom they sexually trust.

So, to develop that trust, you need to talk to her even after sex.

Unlike males, women do not rapidly recover from sexual pleasure.

Face her, look her in the eyes, and communicate with her.

After sex, many women disclose their raw truthfulness about themselves.

Be open to her truths; make sure you listen to them.

That will allow her to trust you more, thus making her enjoy your company more.


Step #5. Give her more head

The next thing women desire more in bed: oral sex.

Even if your lady tells you otherwise, we have yet to see a woman who despises oral sex.

Giving her oral sex is the quickest and easiest way to give her orgasms if you know how to do it correctly.

If you put your lady down.

She will most likely always be ready to offer you her best, even when you are not in the bedroom.

So it’s miserable that guys don’t want to give their wives oral sex but demand women to blow jobs constantly.

Plus, once you finish with oral sex.

She’ll be a lot more responsive during intercourse and much more willing to go down on you.



That ends this article, “how to make her scream in bed.”

Remember always to make her feel good in bed.

It entices her and makes her want more of your company.

Do you want to read more? Then, please read how to be a goddess in bed!

Nevertheless, thank you for visiting! Share your thought and experience in the comments below!

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