10 Best Signs Of How To Tell If He Loves You In Bed

How to tell if he loves you in bed? Some signs could say if he loves you, but these depend on your beliefs.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with being up on your toes to know if he’s genuinely in love with you’re just taking the lust out.

How To Tell If He Loves You In Bed

There is more than just having sex.

Sex is different than love-making so you may be having doubts about your relationship if he really is in love with you or not.

Want to know something cool? I have here ten signs that would help you determine if your man loves you when you’re in bed.


Getting In The Bed

As I’ve mentioned earlier, having sex is different from lovemaking. So, no, how is that possible if they do the same actions in bed?

Many people are probably confused and could not distinguish the two, so here are their differences.



When you say “sex,” it is an intimacy that has to do something about satisfying your physical needs. That means you are seeking pleasure.

Pleasure is a sensation that we feel when we do it on the bed. So, having sex is all about satisfying your physical pleasures.

Sex is an instinctive mechanical act of a human body that anyone could do. Therefore, you can have sex with anyone as long as you’re okay with it.



Lovemaking is more emotional than the physical act of sex.

You could consider it as lovemaking if you both have feelings, emotions, and your minds couldn’t think of anything but your partner.

The significant difference between lovemaking from having sex is longing and having the thought of being one during the whole process.

It is considered sensual and slow as it satisfies the desires of your partner slowly but surely.


Signs To Tell If He Loves You In Bed

How to tell if he loves you in bed?

If you’re wondering how would you know if he’s making love or just having sex with you, we’ve laid out ten signs to help you with.

Here are 10 signs that you should look out for.


#1. He feels like you’re a hero

The first thing is knowing if he truly loves you is if you feel like you’re being protected.

A man has an instinct installed within them that makes him protect the important people in his life.

Therefore if you two are on the bed and getting on with it, he will make sure nothing will hurt you.

He will make you feel like you’re secured as long as you are with him that you’re far from ham.


#2. He’s emotional

There may be instances that you would feel emotional after having that intimate battle in bed.

Men do get emotional, especially if it’s their first time.

They may get really happy that you gave what they wanted or you were satisfied with his act.

They may also get teary-eyed after the actual intercourse. This means that he indeed loves you and wants to be with you.


#3. He feels like he’s doing his ‘job’

What do you think a man wants during intercourse? Of course, it is the women’s wants.

A man wants his prowess to be acknowledged.

It means that as a man he will want to prove that his woman is satisfied with what he could give.

If he thinks that he’s not doing his proper job, he’ll pull away.

But it is within their great effort to make his woman satisfied.


#4. He wants to know what you like

Have you ever noticed your man whispering to you if you want something? Like asking you what you would like?

If that is the case, he deeply cares about your wants.

As number 3 mentioned, he wants to satisfy you. So that is why he’s asking.

It is a sign that he’s falling hard to meet your expectation-exceed it if he must. So don’t hesitate to let him know what you want.


#5. He’s patient with your hang-ups

We may not feel good all the time and not every time the good time to do it.

Most of us will have hang-ups or two from bad past experiences.

A guy who loves you will help you get over these and set you back up.

They will be endlessly patient and don’t expect to pass that hang up in a snap of a finger.


#6. He gives not to receive

If your man gives it all he’s got, then he does love you.

Not because he expects something in return but because he wants to.

He may be a little overwhelming, but that is just because he wants to satisfy your pleasures.


#7. He stops the second you ask him to

There may be instances that you want to stop because of a sudden pain that you feel. Your man will stop the second you ask him to if he loves you.

This is connected to a man who wants to protect you.

He wouldn’t want anything to happen to you, especially if you feel pain.


#8. He takes time to kiss

As much as we love to feel the pleasure between our hips, your man will push on, prolonging the foreplay.

One is that he will take time to kiss. A long French kiss may start to trigger the silent fire within you.

Take it easy, enjoy and take your time feeling his love through that long kiss.


#9. He makes an effort before sex, not just during

Timing is everything—the time you spend together before sex sets the atmosphere.

He will want you to enjoy the day as well as the night to come.

He may treat you to a nice dinner or a movie together.


#10. He adores every part of you

If you see your man kisses every part of you, you’ll know he is madly in love with you.

As women, we tend to get conscious, especially when our body is concerned. As for them, they will care less about it as long as you enjoy it.



Now that you know how to tell if he loves you in bed, I hope this clears up your mind and doubt.

We may not experience all pleasures, but a right and healthy sex life could be a key to a beautiful relationship.

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