Increase Sexual Stamina: 3 Best ways to improve

Living in the 21st century is extremely stressful  and full of hundreds of distractions every day. We text, talk on the phone and spend hours on social media, driving us further away from what’s really important to well-being. Pornography is a tool, and a good one when used sparingly. But when it turns into an obsession it becomes a substitute for actual sex. Watching porn too often actually decreases sexual performance. We tend to take less care of ourselves, we eat more junk food, sleep less and don’t exercise. The more we indulge in eating fatty foods,  don’t exercise and spend too much time using electronic devices, the less healthy and less sexually active we become. Men especially lose a lot of energy living this lifestyle. However, there are ways to increase sexual stamina to better enjoy the delights of sex and intimacy.

Some of the steps to take to increase sexual stamina are easy while others require lifestyle changes. Here are 3 steps you can take to increase sexual stamina.

increase sexual stamina

Be Physically Active Every Day

When we put our cardiovascular system to work, our heart rate increases and the health of the rest of the body improves. When the heart is pressed into action through walking or running, or by using a treadmill, is serves to increase sexual stamina.

Exercise and cardiovascular fitness will increase sexual stamina. Spending 4 or 5 days at the gym every week isn’t necessary. But a good walk uphill, climbing, any physical activity that gets the heart pumping on a regular basis, increases sexual stamina. Blood flow through the body and the genitalia are key.

Eat more of these Specific Foods

If you want to increase sexual stamina, lowering blood pressure is an important focal point. These foods contain ingredients that promote blood flow and naturally reduce hypertension.

  1. Bananas: The main ingredient in bananas that benefits the human body is potassium. Bananas are loaded with this essential mineral. Potassium helps lower blood pressure. When blood pressure is low and stable, blood flow increases to the genitalia, which helps increase sexual stamina.
  2. Garlic: Garlic contains a high amount of allicin, which has been shown to increase blood flow to sex organs in both men and women. One negative side effect, of course, is the smell of garlic.

Have you ever been in a small, windowless room with someone who has eaten too much garlic? I have! It happened to me and years later I still remember it! In an airtight recording studio, our drummer tended to eat lots of garlic before coming to the studio. Imagine spending 3 hours with the smell of eaten garlic thick and heavy! Moral of the story: Eat garlic in moderation.

  1. Onions: Onions have been shown to increase testosterone levels, which will increase sexual stamina. Onions raise the levels of libido in both males and females, and its effects are almost instantaneous. When planning a romantic evening, include onions on the menu, but keep the breath mints nearby when it’s time for sex!
  2. Hot Peppers: Spicy food like hot peppers tends to thin the blood and increase circulation, resulting in stronger blood flow. Stronger blood flow to the genitals in men means stronger and longer lasting erections.
  3. Eggs: Eggs help to balance the levels of the body’s hormones. They’re also high in a host of B vitamins, which are helpful in reducing stress. Stress can prevent erections.
  4. Omega-3: This is a fatty acid and works by increasing blood flow. Foods such as avocados, tuna, and olive oil contain high amounts of Omega-3.

Olive oil should be used instead of vegetable oils for all the foods that you cook. It is an extremely healthy oil to use because it contains monounsaturated fat, which actually helps reduce plaque in the arterial walls of the heart. When plaque is removed, blood flow improves. Strong blood flow serves to increase sexual stamina.

Remove Stress from your Life

With every new research paper on stress, it has become apparent how damaging stress is to the body and the mind. Stress and sex do not go together well. If your life is full of stress, your sexual stamina goes down.

You may have heard that one of the ways to reduce stress, aside from regular exercise and a diet with less fast foods in it, is meditation. A lot of people are averse to meditation because it is too hard. I wasn’t able to meditate for months, no matter how many times I tried.

Then, it worked. In my living room, I imagined there was nothing, no walls, no sofa, no carpeting, no people, no noise. Nothing. I imagined a black sky with no stars. The only thing that existed was the experience of nothingness. I did not exist either.

For 10 minutes I was in this state. I didn’t need to sit a certain way or lie on the ground. I just sat and closed my eyes. It was the 1st time, and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th times, I was always able to go there. I felt calm, refreshed and felt an increase in sexual stamina.

We all fantasize about a life without stress, where we are healthy and energetic. Paradoxically, the way to get there takes little to no effort. Stress can be reduced by simply avoiding people who are full of drama and withdrawing from tense situations. If a problem arises, being aware of it and not trying to solve it, is actually the way to solve it.

Allot 1 hour per day where you shut off all your devices. Find a quiet place. Eat a banana. Sit and allow yourself to breathe. Spend 15 minutes in quiet and inactivity. When your head clears, prepare a meal cooked with olive oil that includes using onions and garlic, The main course can be fish or steak. But Eat slowly, savoring every bite.

Then call your lover and invite her over. Sit with her and talk on the sofa together. Touch her gently and embrace her. Don’t rush into sexual intercourse. Feel your erection growing and engage in long foreplay.

Move to the bedroom and make passionate love.


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