Three Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites I Recommend

Are you looking for lesbian cougar dating sites in 2021? We’re living in an age when alternate lifestyles are gaining more acceptance than ever before. People today demand that mainstream dating sites cater better to the LGBTQ community. As a result, there are more dating sites now than ever before. I’ve compiled a list of the best seven dating sites for lesbian cougar dating and suggest you try these out first!

Let’s face it, love is love, and it comes to us in the most unexpected ways. Once I didn’t dream of sleeping with a woman. I met a beautiful female entirely by accident. I couldn’t take my eyes off her! We began to talk in a busy area and eventually went to a coffee shop down the street. We couldn’t stop smiling at each other! The night we spent was special; her touch made me go wild. 

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Charlotte got a job on the west coast, and I found myself searching for another woman to reclaim the beautiful sensations and intimacy only a woman can give. Buy trial and error, and I found three sites that worked out best, based on male to female ratios to profile quality to ease of use. The site listing isn’t in any particular order, as each of them had unique attributes.


1. Lesbian Cougar Dating

Lesbian Cougar Dating does just what its URL says


  • The registration process requires a lot of information. The registration fee (currently $7.99) also protects users from bots and fake accounts. Registering takes about 10 minutes. 
  • You’re acknowledged for who you are and treated with respect. Committed lesbians run the site.
  • Once you’ve paid the registration fee and online dating profile, you start browsing the site for single women who appeal to you. The site has a community newsfeed called “The Wall” that includes a discussion forum. The Wall is the best place to start. Newcomers say hello and introduce themselves. I’ve had a few times when interesting conversations began right from the start. 
  • Age gap romances are okay. Lesbian Cougar Dating encourages women from all social classes from age 18 up to 70. More often than I thought, fantasies between an older Cougar and a young Cub spring up. 

Since Lesbian Cougar dating is an exclusive site, there are no age limitations, nor are there restrictions you’d find on other sites. Therefore, you date the best partner for you, and the age difference is always welcome. 


  • The only negative aspect is that Lesbian Cougar Dating does not allow non-lesbian users to create profiles. Unfortunately, this means that the sheer number of women who use the site is lower than well-known popular sites. 



2. Adult Friend Finder

With over 80 million users, is the go-to app when you’re looking for a hookup more than a romantic relationship, although that can happen, too. 

The site allows everyone access to find sex. I was amazed at how many people out there are looking for sexual intimacy. Within hours after I created my profile, both men and women contacted me. The site is bustling with people who use it regularly for a small monthly fee. Adult Friend Finder is not exclusive to lesbians like Lesbian Cougar Dating, yet for a quick sex fix, this site is the one to choose.


  • Tens of millions of users
  • Free registration
  • Users are incredibly open-minded:

Once you connect with a female partner, you’ll know she reached out because she is attracted to you. Unlike a romantic relationship builder, both of you know are horny, and you seek love and sex, either for short or long term. The connections here are more “let’s meet, fuck and see if we like each other later” instead of dating for months before sleeping together. 

  • Easy to find local partners:

The large user base of about 80 million means the chances of meeting someone close by increase dramatically. I met an attractive woman who lived only a few blocks away, so it was easy to meet. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy deciding the whose place to go to for the rest of the night, since we both lived nearby!


  • You’ll need a premium membership to meet a fellow lesbian to date or hook up with.

Even though the site encourages you to try it for free, you can only access adult chat rooms and view cam girls. Having said that, for free, I could get the lay of the land and study the site ultimately to see if it would work for me. Doors opened after I paid for the gold membership ($19.99 to $39.99 a month). With membership, I found dozens of local girls. The one I eventually met was amazing in bed, keeping me up fucking each other through the night!

  • Beware of Bots!

One of the downsides of the site is that it’s so huge that many bots pop up. New ones pop up every day, but the site can’t catch them all. 

If you’re looking for sex, Adult Friend Finder can help you find a cougar to date and sleep with. 

3. Pink Cupid

Pink Cupid, a smaller dating site, is more on quality, not quantity. This means that the number of users is lower, but the quality of women on the site is much better than mainstream sites like Adult Friend Finder. 

If you see someone who looks good, you can click on their profile, including age, height, weight, likes, and dislikes. In addition, you can see their entire profile and check off which things you like (hair color, eye color, likes pets, loves classical music, and so on). 


  • A Lesbian-only site. caters exclusively to women looking to meet other women. That means there won’t be any male profiles to look at, only women with the same interests as you. 
  • Less Cost. Signing up and checking out potential matches is less expensive at Pink Cupid than most mainstream sites. Membership plans start at $8.50 per month. However, the free trial is limited, so you won’t have the same access you do with a paid membership.


  • Pink Cupid is a dedicated lesbian-only site, so the pool of candidates is smaller than mainstream sites.

Final Thoughts

I had the best results when I used more than one site. For example, lesbian cougar dating sites dedicated to women for women provides a crop of excellent, desirable women. On the other hand, if I want a quick hookup with a lady, a mainstream site like Adult Friend Finder is where I’ll have the most success.  Please read my guide on why am I getting spam emails from dating sites before you register on these dating sites.

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