A man’s hand might be their best friend on many occasions but after a while, it can get a little boring. That’s why masturbator sex doll for men have been popular for a while now but they are now better than ever. This great sex doll from LONOVE is able to give you an immense amount of pleasure with a lifelike feeling.

Here we look a little deeper into what makes it such a good masturbator. And how it’ll help you to reach those amazing orgasms.

Getting it out of the box

The first thing that you worry about when getting a sex toy is how it is going to be delivered. Just as I did, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you get your delivery as the packaging is discreet and no-one will have any idea of the fun wrapped up inside.

When you get it out of the box, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how big it is and how it looks. It’s as close to the real thing that you could wish for. Not only do you get the intense physical pleasure but you also get that visual stimulation too.

The way it feels

The outside of the doll is very soft to touch but gives you a firm feel just as you’d get in real life. It’s probably the most underrated part of a sex doll. As it’s nice to have that realistic touch with your hands while you’re using it.

One of the huge bonuses of this masturbator is that you have two holes to play with and they both feel different. It adds great variety and both holes are very tight. But able to gives you the perfect amount of pressure for the most intense orgasm.

The ridges of the anal passage feel a lot different and give you a unique type of pleasure. You can have a lot of fun swapping between the two different holes with the internal textures. Which are brilliantly designed to give you spine-tingling sensations.

Having sex with the doll is great in both the missionary and doggy style positions. You need Lube in order to get that real feeling. It’s a great addition that you get a little bit of lube with the doll to get you started.

As you slide into the device, you’ll immediately see why it’s so highly rated. The build quality is excellent and you’re going to be able to use this masturbator time and time again. When you first get it, don’t need to be surprised to see yourself using it multiple times a day.

Anyone who has had a sex doll before knows there can be some downsides; here we look at some common questions to see how this masturbator holds up.

Q: Does it smell?

A: It can be a turn off if you get a sex toy out of the packet and it has that unique smell. Thankfully you don’t get that here and you don’t have to worry about trying to get rid of any scent before you start using it. It doesn’t really smell of anything which is exactly what you want.

Q: Is it hard to clean?

The one downside to these types of dolls is that they are never easy to clean due to the narrow holes they have. This is as easy as it gets though as it will only require a quick rinse as nothing sticks to the high-quality silicone material it’s made from.

Q: Do I need to use lube?

A: You don’t have to use lube, but it’s very much advised. Not only do you get more friction but it simply doesn’t feel as real. When using good water-based lube, the sex doll will feel as close to the real things as you’re ever going to get.


This is simply the best sex doll I’ve ever used. It comes at a very affordable price which is more than worth it with the intense orgasms you have. The different texture of the two holes enables you to have two unique sensations that keep you coming back for more.

Added to that, it’s easy to clean and maintain so you don’t have any regrets about using it. For anyone who hasn’t tried a sex doll yet, it’ll blow your mind. For those that have, this will be able to give you a better experience than ever. It’s a great masturbator and one that will give you an endless amount of fun.

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