When I was young, free and single, I was seriously into pampering myself. I was earning good money to treat myself to manicures, pedicures, and massages every weekend. Yes, it was rather expensive, but I thought I deserved it.

After having one child, this treat became only once a month. After the second child, a spa treat became a miracle.

Honey, can I go to the spa this Saturday?” I asked my husband.

“How long would it take you?”

“About 4 hours”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can stay for 4 hours with the kids. We have some guests from the head office so this will be a working weekend for us.”

First, it was just a question of time with two kids under 4 years old. As they grew up, it became a question of budget.

“Honey, can you treat me to a spa day?”

“How much would that be?”

“About $250 or so.”


“Okay, fine, I’ll skip the nail spa, and just get a massage. A $100?”


“Okay, forget it.”

That night, without me knowing, he bought me a Rechargeable Handheld Personal Wand Massager by VibeMax. When it arrived, he showed me the price tag, which is like ¼ of the cost of one massage. I looked at him, skeptical. He had me take a soothing hot shower and lie down on the bed. He put it on and ran it over my shoulders, down to my back, to the back of my thighs, ankles, and the pads of my feet.

What I like about this personal wand massager

  • Material & features
  • Made of silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Comes in different colors, but my favorite is purple
  • Wireless, comes with a USB charger. It takes 1.5 hours to get the maximum charge, usable for 3 hours
  • Comes with USB charger and travel pouch
  • Lightweight
  • Functions
  • 20 pulse/vibration patterns
  • 8-speed settings
  • Quiet motor, even on high settings

How I use it

  • Press the on/off button, which is the third one from the top.
  • To choose the vibration or pulse I want, I press the second button. It takes a few presses until I find my favorite; the steady pulse.
  • I then adjust the speed, which is the first button. It always starts off strong so adjust it first before using it.
  • I use it to massage my shoulders whenever I feel tired. It relaxes and soothes the muscles and I usually end up asleep after it.
  • I love it more when my husband massages me with it. He does it every time I mention the word spa. He immediately offers to massage me with the massager he bought.

Then I found other uses for it.

How we use it as a sex toy

  • Solo play. It vibrates so it’s essentially a vibrator. I love to put it against my clit, and in 3 minutes, I see the moon and stars. I have used it inside the tub, too, without fear of getting electrocuted.
  • Sensual massage. When we are feeling sexy, the relaxing back massage becomes a sensual massage. My husband uses it on my tits, then he puts it between my legs on the pelvic floor so I feel its vibrations on the pussy and anus.
  • Couple play. I love it when he alternates putting it in me and licking my pussy. I cannot decide which one is better, but together, it is the best combination.
  • He also puts it against my clit while he sucks on my tits so it’s all sorts of sensations at the same time.
  • Then we discovered my husband also enjoys oral sex with the massager. I put it against his balls, while I suck his dick, and it makes him come so fast.
  • At one time, we accidentally discovered another way he enjoys it. While his dick is inside his mouth, I touch my face with the massager and his dick feels the vibrations inside. The vibrations with my hot mouth and wet sucking = absolute heaven.
  • I put the massager inside my pussy while his cock is up my ass. Even his cock feels the vibrations and it always gives us fireworks.

Beyond the bedroom. Because it is so quiet, we have taken our favorite massager to various picnics and road trips. We love to take a few stolen minutes, and our massager takes lesser time to arouse us and make us come so it has become very important during our trips.

“Honey, let’s get ice cream for the kids,” said my husband.

“Why don’t you take Emma with you instead?” referring to our 10-year-old.

He goes up to me and whispers to my ears. “I want you.”

It was a bit crowded in our house that night, and with those words, I figured my husband wanted some alone time so leaving the kids with other family members, we drove out.

Just as soon as we drove out of the driveway, he showed me the massager. Good thing I was wearing a long skirt, I bunched it up around my waist, spread my legs and started using it on my clit. I got so wet so fast.

You are so beautiful.” He sounded amazed as he put two fingers inside my pussy. We took the long route to the store, and at the stop light, with other cars around us, he went down and licked my pussy. Before the stop light changed colors, I already saw the stars shining so brightly.

It was his turn, so I took out his hard cock from inside his shorts. He was so hard, with pre-cum already on the tip.

“And you are so gorgeous.” It was my turn to be amazed. I put the massager against his perineum while licking and sucking him. I had to say he braked a few unnecessary times and just in time, we came to the convenience store, parked in a dark spot and I finished him off.

I was still wiping his come off my lips when we got out of the car. We went inside and bought vanilla ice cream.

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