Most Sensitive Parts of Female Body: A Tutorial

I never had a virgin boy before. I thought the 40-year-old virgin was just a movie;  I never thought I would encounter one in my sex life.

“So, how many girlfriends have you had?”

Most Sensitive Parts of Female Body,

“Err… none. I don’t really know how to approach women.”

“You mean you have never had sex?!”

“Never. The closest thing to sex was to hold hands with a female friend, and I was hoping to take the friendship further but she turned me down. She said at best, I was like a brother, and not at all boyfriend material.”

Through the margarita haze, I took a closer look at him.  He didn’t look bad and actually had a great body. He did look and act innocent for a 30-year-old. He was of Asian descent so maybe he believes sex should only be within marriage.

“If you had a chance now, would you be interested in having sex?”

“I would, of course, but frankly, I wouldn’t know where to start. Do we hold hands?  Do I kiss on the cheeks before moving to the lips? Do I take off my clothes at the start, or will she take them off for me?”

This conversation took me back to the Friends episode where Monica lectured and demonstrated to Chandler the 7 erogenous zones of women. And I thought, hey, I can be the Monica to his Chandler. After one last margarita for the road, we quickly left to find a hotel.

Stage 1 – Libido + Alcohol

We were practically ‘smelling’ each other during those conversations. With alcohol in our systems, we were starting to feel the heat of our libido being engaged.

Hearts racing, with hooded looks as we ‘measured’ each other—if the other was thinking as I was thinking.

While in the cab to the hotel, we explored each other with curiosity. He, with his virginal curiosity, and me, curious to know if I can make a Casanova out of the virgin.

“Eyes are the windows to the soul.  It is sexy to look into each other’s eyes, and see a similar look of desire and wanting.”

“Look at me, look what you do to me. I am so hard for you. I want to fuck you all night long. I know I can make you feel good.”

“My ears are also sensitive. You can gently trace it with your finger, and later replace it with your tongue.”

How we got into each other:

I held his left pointer finger and traced it along my left ear as I purred like a kitten. Such slow foreplay was already making my pussy(sensitive parts of female body) wet. I could also see the outline of his protruding hard-on, but I willed myself to wait and take it slow.

I then surprised him by tracing his ears with my tongue, before biting gently into the lower lobe.  He almost jumped out of his skin.

“See how sensitive you are there? It’s a delicious seduction that tickles, mixed in with a little pain.”

My very apt student was a gentle soul and not one to rush through sex and he really wanted to learn how to pleasure me. He was so hard, but he was disciplining himself, following my instructions, but also gauging my reactions.

“The neck is a delicious spot to lick, kiss and bite. If we were in a movie house, great foreplay would be to gently tickle my neck. It is a great set-up for more actions in the neck area, and the anticipation of it is sexy.”

He nuzzled my neck, knowing I love it, breathing in my scent against my skin. He explored the expanse of my neck with his nose, alternating it with licks and nibbles like he wanted to just try a taste and not devour me whole.

Ahh, the slow anticipation almost drives me crazy.

Stage 2 – Arousal

We hurried through the front desk of the hotel, and when we entered the elevator, the sex tutorial continued. I took off my high heels and while hugging him close, I ran my right foot up his calf.

“Feet are sensitive spots. The ankles have many nerve endings and send messages straight to the pussy. It’s almost like you are touching my pussy with your fingers…” Like He tried to do just that, but I didn’t want the CCTV to record us, so I eased his hand away.

“If we were watching TV, you can start the foreplay with a good foot massage. Press gently onto the middle and upper part of my sole, and I swear even my nipples will get the sexy message.”

Locking the hotel door behind us, we started to kiss and touch everywhere. The privacy has moved up the speed and intensity, and we were both so aroused. I moved to turn on the lamp by the bed. “I want to see you. The brain is a sex organ, purely because it transmits the images of your desire for me, and translates it to heighten my arousal.”

We stripped off each other’s clothes; looking, touching. Oh, he was beautifully muscled, and I touched his chest.  My hand drifted lower, anxious to see the pretty package that was tenting his trousers.

“Do you like it? Is it big enough for you? I want to pleasure you. Teach me how.”

Now naked, I moved away from him and settled myself at the headboard with the pillows. I opened my legs and continued with the lesson.

How our temptation got bold:

“See this beautiful thing between my legs? The clit is here, and it is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Watch and learn.”

I began to touch my clit, using my juices to lubricate my finger. I stopped before I could come. I wanted his fingers to touch me. “Come closer. Touch me.”

His finger replaced mine. He touched tentatively, almost reverently; but I guided his hand to apply just the right amount of pressure.

“Lick my clit. Gently,”  I could not hold back a loud moan. His tongue was doing beautiful things. “Now suck on my clit. Gently.”

I almost reached heaven.   bet we were making a way better version of the Monica-Chandler tutorial. Maybe we could sell this to the network.

“This is the labia, my pussy lips. See how wet they are? You made me so wet. Kiss me here, lick me, bite gently.”

Stage 3 – Orgasm

I laid back on the bed, drew him between my legs, and held his cock. It was hard, thick and the pre-cum moistened the tip.

“Every nerve of my body is ready for orgasm. It has heightened sensitivity, and just a little more pleasure will push me toward the edge.”

I gave the virgin the honor of pushing his throbbing cock into my waiting pussy. We both stilled when it was all the way in for him to adjust to the very new sensation.

“Is it as good as you thought it would be?” He groaned in response, obviously controlling his raging hormones.

“To give me the perfect orgasm, you have to work on so many parts of my body. The lips are made for kissing and sucking. Your lips are made to kiss me.”

I brought his face down so I can kiss him; biting on his lips, and he sucked on my lower lip. I brought my tongue out to lick his lips, and he caught it and started to suck on my tongue, and the tongue dance went deeper and longer.

“You are a goddess. So beautiful and sexy.” While still kissing, I brought his hand to my chest, and I guided it to squeeze my boobs and to tug on my nipples.

I then guided his mouth toward my chest.

“While you push in and out, let your mouth pull in and out on my nipples.”

No further instruction was needed as he kissed, sucked, and bit while pulling in and out. He came first, but I was close behind, and when I did, it brought out another groan and shout from him.

Stage 4 – Resolution

The desire and need have been met, and the pressure has been released.

We both laid quietly on the bed, our harsh breathing was the only sound as we tried to normalize our heart rate. We were both too tired to move; and frankly, I think my virgin was having a moment of silence to thank all the saints.

“That was amazing. Thank you for teaching me how to pleasure you. It has given me the most satisfaction that I could make you come.”

“Oh, we are not done yet, Cassanova. This sweet interlude is but a brief recess. While you are trying to recover your next strength, your brain should already be thinking about how to get me excited again.”

Barely moving, I ran gentle fingers on his inner thigh. I saw his cock twitch into attention.

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