Why is Sex so Important in a Relationship?

It is often said that food, clothing, and shelter are what human beings need to survive. However, there is the fourth necessity though, and it’s sex. Without sex, life becomes dull, pale, lifeless, and unimportant. We are hardwired as social and sexual animals. When we interact with others, we enter into relationships. We seek partners for companionship but also to satisfy our sexual needs. Sex is as essential as companionship in a relationship.

Our bodies are built for sex, and the brain is the largest sex organ. The limbic system, located deep inside the brain, is the oldest area of the brain, and within it are found our desires, lust, passion, and drive for sex. It is one of the first developed areas of the brain.

why is sex so important in a relationship

Sex is essential for its biological as well as the nurturing role it plays in relationships. Humans were not meant to have intercourse to have children. Sex for pleasure serves to solidify relationships and is the adhesive that keeps couples together longer.

No matter what changes there are in society, no matter what restrictions organizations such as religions place on sex, and regardless of the guilt religion associates with the act of sexual intercourse, our drive for it will ever go away. When we repress sexuality, our desire for it only gets stronger.

The Importance of Sex in a Relationship

Great sex happens when couples try sex in different positions or tease and deny orgasm for the other. And even a sprinkling of BDSM role-playing games. Variety is the key to staying fulfilled in a marriage.

Communicating allows partners to open doorways to new ways to stimulate each other sexually. Talking about sex and letting your partner know what you like and don’t like in the bedroom will increase your and your partner’s satisfaction. Communicating about your most private and secret sexual fantasies paves the way to sex that is exhilarating and intoxicating. Incredible sex makes you want only more of it.

Throwing caution to the winds and diving into new experiences is the adhesive that builds a solid and close bond with your partner. Relationships act like a “safe zone” where your deepest sexual desires can be brought to the surface to be explored and ultimately satisfied. Experimenting is key, listening to your partner as you try new ways of turning them on, listening to their responsive breathing, and moaning. We are all scientists in the bedroom, taking an experimental approach and learning what turns on our partner. Great sex can ensure a long-lasting, nurturing partnership complete and fulfilled life.

A Relationship needs intimacy to Survive

Sex is so important in a relationship for many reasons. As sexual creatures, we need to bond physically with our partners. We were kissing, rubbing, touching, and hugging with the final release of sexual tension through intercourse. Without sexual chemistry, a relationship begins to fade. Couples will seek partners outside of their marriages o long-term relationships, usually because they are not having sex in the relationship.

Once established, a relationship or a partnership becomes the core foundation in the couple’s lives. If the foundation is healthy with lots of satisfying sex, each partner benefits outside of the relationship, in their work, health, and attention to exercise. Sex encourages couples to take care of themselves better.

If the core foundation lacks intimacy, the entire life of each partner is affected. His work is affected, her energy level decreases, and partners lack the desire to care for their health. In the end, a general malaise descends upon the relationship.

It is sad to say, but sex is so important in a relationship that if couples stop being intimate, touching each other, fondling, kissing, and having intercourse, it may benefit them to separate and seek another partner who will satisfy their basic sexual needs. Unfortunately, so often, if the sexual aspect of a partnership isn’t working, all the therapy in the world will not mend the relationship.

Benefits of Sex in a Relationship

In interviews, married couples have stressed the importance of sex in their relationship. And how it impacts them in the following areas.

  1. Intellectual Ability. Fantastic sex between partners in bed increases confidence at work and in most daily activities in life that may have once seemed insurmountable.

In addition, intellectual performance increases. Sex can act as an “IQ boost,”  supercharging the mind with increased problem-solving abilities.

  1. Self-Esteem. Nurturing, satisfying sex makes us feel more attractive and appealing. When our sexual appetite is sated, we try things we may have been reluctant or afraid to do, such as deep-sea diving, athletic competitions, or even bungee jumping.
  2. Physiochemical Research into Sex. It has recently been discovered that when partners kiss, stroke each other, hug, and have sexual intercourse, the brain releases a hormone known as oxytocin.

Studies have shown that oxytocin is linked to feelings of well-being, and these feelings help us in our social relationships and our perception of the world. During sex, the hormone is released, but it will again later when sex is remembered the next day.

  1. Important Health Improvements. Our vital signs include heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. These are taken immediately upon our admittance to hospital emergency rooms since they are the most important indicators of a person’s overall health.

Sex in a relationship can actually help reduce blood pressure, even in those individuals who normally have high blood pressure. It also lowers the heart rate, which is an indicator of how many times the heart beats every minute.

Final Words

Most important, sex is important to the health of  a relationship because it reduces stress, helping couples solve problems calmly and with less anxiety, including problems with money, bills, and children.

Think of a relationship as part of a cycle.

1st, partners have healthy, life-affirming sexual relationships.

2nd, the couple is better able to deal with the stress of raising children.

3rd, the children see how close their parents are, and they, in turn, experienced reduced stress and do better in school.

4th, the couple deftly handles bills and other financial challenges.

5th, with money issues in order, and the children are taken care of, and peace of mind felt by overcoming these challenges, the couple returns to the bedroom for another session of regarding sex, completing and starting the cycle anew.

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