My Sex Positions Rankings (Top Position)

How much sex do you need for you to finally decide on your favorite Sex positions? Is it a matter of frequency, number of partners, or is it just emotional connection?

There are indeed many factors that affect why we tag something like our “favorite.”, but, likewise, when it comes to sex, there is a line you have to cross to turn the act into making LOVE. It becomes something special with love, with every touch being sensational, every kiss so intimate, and every thrust overly gratifying.

My Sex Positions Rankings

Here are some of my favorites sex positions:

No. 5 –  Stand and Deliver (sometimes referred to as Bicycle)

I do this primarily for my man, and when he enjoys it, I enjoy it too. He stands at the edge of the bed or desk while I lie on my back with my legs raised like I’m doing a bicycle exercise, thus the nickname. He helps by holding my ankles as he slowly enters. He loves this because he can see his cock enter my pussy one glorious inch at a time. He thrusts slowly since deep penetration might be painful if he is good in size and strength. My hands are free, and I touch my breasts to increase pleasure while he is so deep inside. My man enjoys watching me touch myself, and this increases the intensity for him. For variety, I sometimes place my heels on his shoulders to give him better access. This allows him to thrust deeper and bring me to a glorious ending.

No. 4 – Sex on the Beach (may also called Aquaman)

This is not for everybody, but it is for me since I’m an island girl and a beach bum! It was on my bucket list to have sex on the beach but far from the prying eyes of the judgmental crowd. I was so thrilled when I finally had the chance. This position makes it possible to enjoy my partner while we are chest-deep in the water. He is standing with my legs wrapped around his waist. We look like we are only hugging for anyone watching, but under the water, my bikini has been moved out of the way. The water’s buoyancy allows him to thrust inside while still carrying my weight.

I snuggle on his neck to hide my aroused face. The possibility of getting caught also brings a different kind of high that adds to the excitement!

No. 3 – Missionary

It might be the most common sex position, but we have to accept that it is very convenient.  I love this position because he is the one in control and gets to decide how deep or fast he’d like to go. Plus, it’s sexy to watch him enjoy it. He likes to tease me by just thrusting the tip in or halfway in and then pulling out and stroking my pussy lips with just the tip of his cock.  We sometimes mix it up when he uses his fingers in place of his cock. With us face to face, there is a lot of kissing and sucking on breasts.  I love the spontaneity this position brings because it is easy to get on with the show without getting tired.

I also feel this position has been undervalued because it’s what we usually see in movies it’s what we are taught to do when making love. There are variations to this position to create maximum enjoyment like I can raise one leg to his shoulder, raise both legs, or continue kissing while thrusting. Feeling the total weight of my partner also adds to the intimacy and connection.

No 2 – The Cowgirl (also known as Woman on Top)

This comes second because I am a woman, and I like being in control. However, according to my survey, 7 out of 10 men also prefer this position.

When I rock against him, it rubs my clit against his pubic bone, with my body a bit forward. Then, with the correct angle of his cock in my pussy, it stimulates my G-spot, and I orgasm solid and fast.

He enjoys me riding him as he watches my boobs jiggle in front of his face with my pussy wide open. He also loves the slow build-up and the fact I have full control. I like being able to look at his facial expression as I alternately make shallow and deep thrusts. I have full use of my hands, and I can hold on to his shoulder for support or rock the headboard like a rockstar.  I can whisper sweet nothings to his ears or nibble his lobes to let him know how much I’m enjoying the intimacy. After we cum and are resplendently satisfied, we lie chest to chest.

No. 1 – 69 (sometimes called Over and Under)

When I’m totally in love, I want to pleasure my partner in the same intensity he is pleasuring me. And what more can deliver the same intensity than having both our lips on the most sensitive parts of our bodies.

He lies on his back, and I am inverted top, so our heads are level with our private parts. 69 allows me to feel the hardness of my partner in my mouth while he is indulging me with his tongue on my pussy. It’s a give and takes dance as he licks my pussy, and I suck his cock. I gauge his reaction by the way he pulls me closer and presses me down to bring me closer to his mouth, and I respond by taking him deeper until he moans.

My favorite part is anticipating his orgasm. This is when his thighs are complex, his cock stiff and coated with pre-cum, all purplish and ready to explode.  This anticipation hastens my orgasm, and we do the unthinkable – we come together.

This position is also very versatile as it can be just loving foreplay to get us in the mood or a full-blown sex session by itself with us coming in each other’s mouths.

A few Runners-up

I also love these other positions for different reasons.


This is versatile and sexy because we are not easily visible to each other, so his hands mainly talk and love.  He reaches around and explores my body from breasts to pussy, putting in a finger or two.  His lips are also busy kissing my neck, so I lean back and enjoy the moment. This is mainly a “Me” time for me.


My partner loves this, but I am not so fond of it.  I kneel on the bed, and he enters my pussy from behind. This now is “His” time because he enjoys it most.  He says he feels fully inside my pussy because of the position. He is also in control of the speed of his thrusts. As much as I don’t prefer this since it can be tiring, I have to admit there can be good orgasms if his cock reaches my G-spot when thrust at the right angle.

There is no fast rule on what makes me tingle and roll my eyes in ecstasy. I still believe that having the right partner contributes a lot to the intimacy and pleasure of making love. Emotions create the longing that we feel and the desire to hold, cuddle, kiss, and make love. Science says engaging in intercourse makes us feel closer to our partners due to Oxytocin. Sexual activity and orgasm further elevate oxytocin levels for both men and women, associated with feelings of love, sexual desire, and intimate bonding.

So, sex up!  You may have your favorites too.  We can always mix and match up the excitement and novelty. Sex with our usual partners can still be exciting; we have to be willing to experiment.

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