5 Clear Signs A Cancer Man Is In Love With You

Are you currently dating a cancer man? Or are you dreaming of making one fall for you? You met a cancer man, but you can’t tell if he is falling for you? He may be a player, or he’s just lovely. If you’ve already fallen for a Cancerian and would love to find out if he feels the same, then this guide is for you. It reveals clear signs that a Cancerian man is falling in love with you. 

I can tell you about men because I spent so many years in relationships with men who didn’t give me clear signs that they were falling for me. I was confused because I didn’t know the signs to look out for. Some of the men lacked emotions, making me wonder if the relationship was going anywhere. So, the relationship short-was lived. 

signs a cancer man is in love with you

All of these changed when I started learning a lot about the characteristics of cancer men because I have always dreamt of making a cancer man fall for me. So, my relationships with men got better. I’ll love to share all I have learned so far. 

Read on. It may be that the cancer man you are dreaming of is on the brink of falling deeply in love with you.

The cancer zodiac sign has been associated with commitment, loyalty, and over-protectiveness for those close to him. These traits not only make them good romantic partners but also great friends. But, unfortunately, people under this zodiac category tend to be introverted and don’t open up easily. This does not help them remain sensitive. They even tend to conceal their real feelings as a self-defense mechanism. 

Men under the cancer zodiac sign have common characteristics. This is a list of some of the common signs that a cancer man is falling in love with you.


#1. A Cancer Man Makes You Feel Special

If a cancer man is in love with you or has feelings for you, he’ll make you feel like you’re the only one for him. He will ensure that you feel special. He will always make an extra effort to make you smile. If he wants to have a long-term relationship with you, he won’t leave you with doubts. 

The Cancerian man wants to make sure you are always happy. So he plans romantic dates, candlelight dinners, buys flowers, new outfits, and lots of surprises. He also sends good morning texts as soon as he wakes up because you are the first thing he thinks about. But, as I said, he will ensure that you every day and every time you’re the only one in his mind. 

If a cancer man has feelings for a woman, he will want to spend all of his time with you. The desire to spend as much time as possible with his woman indicates the way he feels. But, most importantly, he will make sure to show his appreciation to you constantly. 

He will always reassure you that you are loved and safe. He will let you know that he is always thinking about making you happy. 

Do you see signs like this? You may just have found a cancer man that is developing feelings for you.


#2. He Becomes Affectionate Towards You

Cancer men are friendly. However, when a Cancerian guy is falling in love with you, he tries to make an extra effort. He becomes more attentive, sensitive, and affectionate. A Cancerian guy is not good at hiding his emotions or feelings when he is in love. 

He flirts if he is interested in a woman. He shows intimacy and physical affection in public once his love for you grows. If it’s obvious that he likes you, he may openly declare his interest early. He will treat a woman he loves like a princess. This is among the signs that a cancer man is in love with you.


#3. He Opens Up To You

A cancer man is not scared of opening up to a woman he loves, especially when he can envisage her future. He will keep his love for the woman he wants to commit to. 

If you’ve met a Cancerian man that opens up out of the blues about his true feelings, deepest secrets, or personal information, then it’s a sign that he is falling in love with you. He prefers being honest with you.

He is likely developing deep feelings for you if he just opens up emotionally in the middle of a conversation and starts telling you his deepest secrets. A Cancerian man needs to feel secure with the person he is dating, so he will open up to you. In other words, if he wants a long-term relationship with you, he will be emotionally intimate. 

Once you have gained his trust, he will develop even stronger feelings for you. These meaningful conversations help build a strong foundation for your relationship and marriage if it leads to that. 

Another sign is that a cancer man will look after you and get to know you more than anyone you’ve ever met. 

When you notice all these signs mentioned above, it means a cancer guy is starting to develop feelings for you and wants to build a relationship. 


#4. He Introduces You To Friends And Family

A Cancer man loves to show his woman off. He introduces her to his home environment, family and friends. Family and friends mean everything to him. Although he loves his parents and siblings, his ultimate goal is to find a woman that will be by his side and bear children for him.

You will only meet his family if he is falling in love with you. I remember when I was invited to meet my boyfriend’s family at Christmas (he’s a cancer man, winks), I felt uncomfortable because I had never been invited to meet the families of men I dated before. But he kept reassuring me that they’ll love me, making sure I was comfortable during the trip. So I finally got there and bonded well with them. You see what I mean when I say a cancer man pays attention to you? He noticed that I was feeling uneasy.

A cancer man shows you he wants to be more serious in the relationship by taking you home. He wants you to fit into his family life as his family is really close to his heart. So, if you’ve been introduced to his closest family, it means the man likely wants to start a family with you one day.

He also introduces you to his closest friends. Friends are like family to him. A cancer man usually looks for approval from his closest friends if you’ve met his friends and family, girl! Someone is falling head over heels for you. 


#5. He Is Protective

A cancer man is protective of the woman in his life. He prefers to let the one he is in love with feel safe. He will call and text every day to make sure you are okay. At this point, you are becoming his priority. 

This behavior may be mistaken for jealousy and overprotectiveness, but in fact, protection shows the intensity of his passion for you. He can do anything to protect the people he loves. He will lend you a shoulder to cry on when you are sad, cares for you, and prepares a good meal. 

If you see all these signs, then the cancer man likes you. 


Final Words

If you have a cancer man in your life showing all these signs, he is falling in love with you. However, since he has a naturally reserved character, you may have to earn his trust. He may not show all these immediately, but it will be worth it when he starts developing feelings for you.

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