Staying At Home While COVID Quarantine Having Mind-Blowing Sex

One blessing during this difficult time is that I have the chance to rest my mind and my body and to spend more time doing things with my partner. But as the days and nights wore on (I’m under stay-at-home orders like most everyone I know for three weeks now), I became anxious and began to feel sad. What’s worse, my desire for intimacy went down, making me feel even more isolated. A few days passed, and then one morning, I woke up feeling amorous. I had a sudden brainstorm and came up with some compelling ways to reignite your passion when you’re stuck indoors. I could spend hours drowning in pleasure staying at home having mind-blowing sex!

I ran to my computer and created an outline of amazing things you can do with a partner or when you’re alone and ready to love yourself. Staying at home during these difficult times doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

covid sex quarantine

One of the resources we have now is time. So why not fill these extended moments with erotic pleasure?

Having sex releases endorphins and a large amount of dopamine in the brain.

These neurotransmitters burst into life in the brain’s pleasure center. This occurs whether you have sex alone or with a partner.

When my partner finally awoke, I asked him to come up with some ideas of his own.

While we were talking about it, we were both getting very turned on. We had to stop a lot while talking to play out the things we came up with.

So I know these will work! I want to share something that Richard thought up that made staying at home having mind-blowing sex a reality.


1. Sex Without Touching

Sometimes sex can be so passionate that our arms entwine around our lover, and we pull them to us as the sexual tension builds and builds and our bodies press against our lover’s.

Have you ever tried to have sex while trying as hard as you could without touching your lover’s body? Or his touch yours?

I still get all tingly and hot just thinking about it. Richard said we should be intimate without physical contact and without speaking or making any sound.

It was getting near 11:00 in the morning, and I hadn’t seen nor heard of Richard anywhere in the house yet that day. So I decided to take a long, hot shower and took my phone in the bathroom, and the phone beeped.

“Meet me in the living room in half an hour.”

I washed and scrubbed my body, impatient to get started.

I dried off and wondered if it was necessary to put on my bra and panties.

I decided I wouldn’t and wrapped my long bathrobe over my naked body. I brushed my hair and walked into the living room.

Richard still wasn’t there, but I heard the bath running in the other bathroom. I smiled, thinking how much we thought alike. A few minutes later, he walked in, wearing his bathrobe.

I was already seeing him as a new and mysterious lover. I opened my mouth to speak, but he put his finger to his lips, so I stayed quiet. It had started!

He motioned down to the carpet, so we met in the middle of the floor. Facing each other, he nodded and began taking off his robe, revealing his sexy, masculine body. He was naked and sitting on his legs.

I removed my robe, and we faced each other, now completely naked.

I looked down and couldn’t help notice how pleased he was with what he saw.

My first instinct was to reach out and take hold of his rigid member, but I remembered just in time and held back. So we sat there, facing each other on the floor, observing our social distancing rule.

Richard leaned his head forward to me, and I gestured closer to him. Our lips met, and I felt surges of pleasure run down my body.

It was terrific how magnified the sensations felt on my lips and how his tongue stimulated the inside of my mouth.

He brushed the tip of his tongue over my teeth and under my lip and inflamed my passion.

I was getting wet, but I couldn’t touch him, talk, or make any sound. We parted only to kiss once again, making my lustful feelings rise.

I wanted to feel him. It was uncomfortable, almost painful, to endure his teasing.

Our mouths drew apart, and he moved down, licking my breasts and tonguing my nipples, his tongue moving like a propeller over their sensitive tips.

My breathing got hard and fast, and I almost eked out a moan but held back just at the right moment.

He then directed me to lie on the ground and told me through moving his hands, and he wanted me to spread my legs.

The moment Richard’s tongue touched my clitoris, my hips moved about a foot off the floor. Lack of touch or his body close intensified every sensation.

He licked faster and faster, even bit it a few times, and licked between my labia.

I came quickly, but the pressure was building to an almost painful peak. So, in another post, I’ll share the next part of our unique and intense afternoon together, one of my most memorable.

But now, I’d like to discuss how a woman in quarantine can have profound, satisfying orgasms when she’s by herself.


2. Mia – Magic Force Wand Massager

About a year ago, I decided to take a break from dating. I was glad I did it, but my sexual urges stayed with me, and they demanded satisfaction.

I had read about the best way to love myself, rub with my fingertips to get the most sensual feeling, and other methods that also seemed to work.

But I felt that my body needed deeper stimulation, and I admitted I couldn’t do it using only my fingers.

I researched vibrators, looking for the one that could enhance the sexual fantasy constantly running through my mind at that time: having raw, passionate sex outdoors while standing against a tree. I looked for and found a product called the Magic Force Wand Massager.

The Magic Force Massager has a powerful motor, and the vibrating head is made of safe silicone. A click of the + button increases the intensity, and the – button brings it back down.

I thought the warning that the highest vibrating levels might be too intense for some was just product marketing, but when I used it, I was glad they told me that! In my fantasy, I was on vacation with my boyfriend, and we were sailing along a scenic road that first went through pretty villages, then farm country, and finally driving through miles of thick forest.

My boyfriend pulled the car to the side of the road near what turned out to be ancient hunting grounds. I turned on the Magic Force Wand Massager and closed my eyes, moving it from the bottom of my pussy slit up and around my clit. Then, I dove back into my dripping hot fantasy.

We walked down an old path through the forest. It was quiet and lonely.

Then he took me by the hand, and we walked further away from the path into the thick, dense forest.

I was wearing my favorite sexy dress that day. Then, by surprise, he propped me against a tree and lifted my dress.

He took my arms in his strong hands and gently kissed the back of my neck with his soft lips. I turned the speed up on the massager because of what happened next.

He went through a simple change from a gentle, civilized man and became a strong, rough beast. He smacked my ass a few times, hard, then pressed his body into me.

I could feel his long thick cock pressed against my butt. Then he penetrated me, fucking me, primal, raw, like an animal.

Each grunt he uttered made me tickle with wetness. He fucked me more brutal and more complex, brutally and without restraint.

Now the Magic Force Wand Massager was almost at its top speed. My mind rushed to the moment I was coming, once, then again, and then again.

Shut off the massager, holding it in my trembling fingers. My breathing finally began slowing down.

I was thankful to have such a well-made and helpful massager for that and the many other fantasies that fill my mind.


3. Orgy Machine Vibrating Masturbator

Mia asked me to share my experience with a sex product. I wasn’t really into using them before I relied on Ol’ Rosy Palm and Her Five Fingers instead.

At the suggestion of a friend, I went and ordered the Orgy Machine Vibrating Masturbator.

It worked so well that for a while, I wondered if I’d ever need the real thing again. Okay, that’s a joke.

But the truth is, it felt so real using it, and the vibrating pussy and tongue combo was an added feature I’d never tried before.

When I got hard, I inserted my cock inside the pussy slit opening, and the moment I turned on vibration mode, I was off.

Usually, when I pleasure myself, I get a visual of some hot babe asking me if I’d be so kind and fuck her or being with a few hot women at once. Still, with the Orgy Machine Vibrating Masturbator, all I had to do was feel the sensations of the vibrating pussy simultaneously as the silicone tongue licking the most sensitive part of my cock.

When I first used it, I practically came right away, but over time I lasted longer, trying out the different speeds of the gyrating tongue.

Using it only made me want to use it again, and I was happy to see how it lasted for almost 4 hours. All men would enjoy this product as much as I do.


4. Unity G-Spot and Clitoral Vibrator For Couples

Staying at home with mind-blowing sex was making me feel better about having to stay indoors.

This product arrived when the stay-at-home laws just began being enforced here in London. So Richard and I were home together and found we had all day to do whatever we wanted.

I pulled it out of the box excitedly and surprised Richard with it. He smiled, and I took him by the hand into the bedroom.

The Unity G-Spot is designed either to use by yourself for simultaneous clit and G-spot stimulation or during intercourse, so your partner can feel the deep vibrations at the same time you do.

We embraced and rolled around the bed for a few minutes, making me wet, then I lay on my back and inserted the G-spot and clitoral vibrator inside me.

The moment I turned it on, my eyes rolled into the back of my head from the deep G-spot stimulation. Richard was watching me and getting turned on.

“Fuck me, Richard,” I panted as the Unity vibrator shook me.

He thrust hard inside, and he let out a loud “Awww!” feeling the Unity vibrator the same time I was.

It got my juices flowing.

I knew he was getting off on it as much as I was; he pumped me deep and complex, and I screamed ecstatically.

I lost sense of place; I was floating on the deep, erotic pleasure of Richard fucking me while the unit vibrated in my G-spot.

We came almost the same time; this is what the Unit G-spot and Clitoral Vibrator for couples intended to do.

We spent the rest of the night playing with it, and I even tried it on Richard for prostate stimulation.


5. Kinky Lust Kit Complete BDSM Set

If you’ve read my earlier blog posts, you know I’m a bit obsessed with BDSM; whenever I’ve done role-playing, I’ve played the submissive, letting my Dom do to me whatever he desired.

With all the free time we have with the new social distancing, I’ve wanted to explore my kink more deeply.

Richard surprised me and brought out a kit with faux leather wrist and ankle cuffs, 15 feet of soft cotton rope, a blindfold, and a ball gag, all in bright, sexy red – my favorite color. Indulging in sexual pleasure to pass our hours away in stay-at-home confinement, Richard and I were ready to try something we hadn’t done together before.

We talked about what we’d do beforehand, and I consented to everything we’d agreed on. We were ready!

Within a half-hour, my wrists were restrained behind my head, uncomfortable enough to fit the occasion.

My ankles were secured together so that I couldn’t spread my legs quickly.

Richard blindfolded me, and the blindfold’s material felt soft and comfortable over my eyes. Richard expertly moved the strands of the whip over my naked body, first between and over my breasts and then down my middle.

He skipped over my genitals to tease me, and then I felt it brushing between my thighs, making me lift my ass off the mattress.

Richard whipped me lightly across my belly, and as we agreed, he asked before he would hit me harder. I wanted to feel it, so I gave him the green light. Hit me harder.

Richard cracked it over my thighs and my stomach, stopping every so often to brush the leather-like strands over my pussy and clit.

“Fuck me, Richard,” I pleaded, but he wouldn’t – yet. Instead, he was pressing his dick across my neck, then over my lips. I licked it as I felt it move across my mouth.

A moment later, I was sucking his cock with relish, wanting him to thrust inside of me.


There’s more to the story, but I’d like you to imagine the rest yourself. Maybe imagining it yourself will help you achieve profound orgasms.

I want to thank all of my readers for checking in with me now and then.

I love sharing these products and my stories with you. Like me, I hope you will make the most out of this time to find your sexual bliss.

It’s good for both the mind and body to satisfy your needs, and there’s no time like the present!

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