I don’t know why, but when I meet some guys, I start having naughty, erotic thoughts. If a man of charm and good taste were to find me in such a turned on state, he wouldn’t have to try very hard. On this particular night, I agreed to be restrained in a pair Vipertek Heavy Duty Double Lock Police Grade Handcuffs. Bondage, I knew, is very erotic.

I am not the kind of woman who wants to be anyone’s pet or submissive slave. I don’t relish the idea of waiting on a man hand and foot, or being punished for missing a spot cleaning his dishes. On the other hand, I am strongly attracted to strong, masculine men. When I’m really turned on, I want him to take me and do with my body anything he wishes. Once I’ve consented, I’m his.

A friend at work invited me to a house party on the weekend, barbecue, drinks and music. What was better than meeting new people to break out of the darker thoughts I was having? She said most of the guys there were friends of her husband, who was a police detective. Knowing the close bonds of friendship policemen have, I looked forward to a night studying the social behavior of law enforcement officials in their natural habitat.

My friend’s husband was working the grill so she walked me around and introduced me to everyone. As I passed from one to the other they were progressively more and better looking. The last guy, call him Dan, had a body that was fit and solid from head to toe. He reached out his burly hand and smiled, his teeth bright and near perfect. I got weak.

We all ate burgers and corn on the cob, and as I talked to one of the women there I saw Dan looking at me from a distance. I shivered, delighted to have gotten his attention. Later, we all moved inside, drinking cocktails and beer. The cops started talking about suspects they dealt with. One jovial cop in the center of the room, pulled out a pair of handcuffs and jokingly threated to handcuff a woman there. We all laughed, but then he got serious.

“If it weren’t for these handcuffs I may not have made it,” he said.

“Why are they so special,” another cop asked.

“These, my friend, are Vipertek Heavy duty hinged Double lock steel professional grade handcuffs. The suspect was wild, but he couldn’t move an inch in these. I tell ya, these cuffs are the real deal. The perp tried so hard that his wrists were got all bruised up.”

I watched him giving a demonstration. I got so involved I didn’t notice that Dan had sat down in the chair next to mine. I became limp, he was so big and muscular, He had this dark sense of humor that I loved. We were both legally separated, so when Dan asked me out to dinner, I told him I’d love to.

I could see the boat dock out the restaurant window, serene and relaxing that night. Dan had some really interesting stories of his police work. I never dated a cop before, but then again, I’ve never seen any as drop dead gorgeous as Dan. He didn’t even need to ask, I wanted this to continue after dinner.

We went back to his place and he showed me his gun (not that one, the one that shoots real bullets!), and then he took out a small red box.

“I got these handcuffs after Andy talked about them at the party. Here, have a look at them, Mia.”

I took the cuffs in my hand. The steel cuffs were heavy and solid. The double lock feature of the Vipertek Professional grade handcuffs meant that once they were locked around the wrist, they couldn’t be adjusted either way without a key.

“Once you’re in those cuffs, you’re not getting out.” He looked at me and smiled.

I set them down and then the conversation turned to sex, as it will when two people are hot for each other, like Dan and I were. Dan admitted to liking kink, and trying new things with a woman.  His wife was just unimaginative in bed and he never really had a chance to try the things he thought about.

“Was one of the things you thought about was putting handcuffs on your lover?” I asked, my voice getting sexy all on its own.

“As a matter of fact, yes,” he said.

“Well. I’ve had a lovely evening, and I’m here in your home now. And I really like you. But, can I trust you, if you put those on me?” I asked, referring to the Vipertek Hinged double lock steel professional grade handcuffs.

“I don’t know, I can be unpredictable.” On an impulse, I kissed him, and he wrapped his giant muscles around me and squeezed me towards him with passion. It had been a while since either of us had had sex. We moved to his bed, ripped off our clothes and the sex was fast and intense, as we let out our built up lust on each other.

We lie in bed afterward, naked and satisfied. But I was still curious.

“Didn’t we forget to do something?” I asked coyly, pointing to the handcuffs on the dresser.

I saw the bulge of his cock rise under the bedsheet. He got out a bed, a big sexy monster of a man. He walked to the foot of the bed.

“Put your arms over your head,” he said. I obeyed. He put the Vipertek handcuffs on my wrists. I giggled, a little afraid.

Dan disappeared into the kitchen. A minute later, he returned with an elegant ice bucket and sat next to me. He smiled and took out an ice cube and placed it on my neck. I was hot after the wonderful sex we had, and the ice cube refreshed me. When it dissolved, he took another cube out of the bucket and moved it over my breasts and nipples, and a jolt of pleasure ran from there to my crotch.

Unable to move my arms, Dan spread my legs and ran the next ice cube over my pussy and over my clit. I was so erotically stimulated I wanted him to fuck me hard again then and there. But Dan had other things in mind first.

He ran a cube over my inner thigh, then rubbed the next ice cube over my pussy again. My vagina cold, his hot tongue felt so amazing there that my hips lifted off the mattress.  It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t move my arms at all! The more I tried, the more it hurt. But after a while I didn’t feel my wrists at all.

When he penetrated me, I was still wearing the Vipertek heavy duty Hinged Double Lock Police edition handcuffs. It is true that when one part of the body is unable to do anything, the other part feels sensations much more powerfully. My orgasms came one after the other, Dan having his way with me, standing at the edge of the bed. He squeezed my thighs in his meaty hands and spread my legs as wide as they could go, fucking me mercilessly. He pulled out and shot his load on my belly, flecks of come on my lips and cheek.

I love trying new things, and I think back to those long hours with Dan often. I strongly recommend tryomg the Vipertek Heavy Duty Hinged Double Lock Steel Police Edition Professional Grade Handcuffs only with someone you trust. And don’t misplace the key!

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