What Makes A Guy Bad In Bed. 5 Terrible Signs!

Have you ever met your ideal girl and wondered, “what makes a guy bad in bed?” There are many signs to make him bad; and these you will know as you read further.

The truth is that the bed is the best place to express your true colors and impress your woman, but it can also be where women realize certain red flags.

What Makes A Guy Bad In Bed

Today, we will explore these red flags, turn your woman on and give her the best sex she will ever have for a lifetime.

Let us dive fifty shades darker and be the sex god you are born to be with in the first place!

Signs That Makes A Man Bad In Bed

Although sex may feel good on your part, it does not mean that it is also good on her part. That is why to avoid this. But, first, you must know what makes a guy bad in bed and reflect on your actions.


Sign#1. You do not communicate

Although you may want to be dominant in sex, you must communicate with your woman between the sheets. Lack of communication will have you tagged as a terrible guy in bed and may prevent your woman from ever calling you for sex again.

No matter how great and active you are in bed, your lack of communication can ruin your relationship inside and outside the bedroom.

The lack of communication may also make her feel that you are not satisfied with her. If you find yourself not communicating during sex, the best thing to do is encourage pillow talk before or after sex.

Pillow talks may include discussions of your relationship as well as her earthly desires and fantasies. You will never know; you may be able to hit all her favorite spots next time!


Sign#2. You do not satisfy her as much as she pleases you

To ensure a steamy romantic night, you two must try to please one another. If you are the kind of guy to receive all the satisfaction instead of giving, then you are undoubtedly terrible in bed.

Indeed, you may feel the joy and satisfaction after coming but during that hot steamy encounter with your woman, have you ever questioned whether she managed as well?

The natural difference between men and women is that men can orgasm faster and easier than women. That is why that there are tendencies where your woman’s legs are left hanging in the air unsatisfied after your sex.

If you find yourself unable to satisfy her as much as she pleases you, the best thing to do is not to allow yourself to be overcome by the heat before she does.

Try elevating your sexual techniques when it comes to delivering and receiving oral pleasure. Evaluate your woman’s fantasies and use your skills to pleasure her. You may also utilize a sex toy to do this. Remember, your goal is not only limited to making her moan, but also you must make her scream from pleasure after her orgasm.


Sign #3. You are too anxious and shy

Remember, when it comes to having sex, you are the man in bed. Therefore, it is a significant turn-off for women if they see their partner being anxious in bed as it may spoil good sex.

If you think that it is hard to increase your confidence level because your penis is small, then you have to note that although having a big one is good, performance is still the best thing to offer in bed.

If you are not satisfied with that statement, you must realize that the vagina of a woman has only a depth of three to five inches, which is not a problem for your buddy to reach.

Moreover, when it comes to hitting her G-spot, usually smaller men have a more considerable advantage in finding it quickly when compared to bigger men.

Also, when it comes to being shy, your woman may consider it if she is a first-timer. But if they are like the sex goddess, you must consider coming out of your shell and be wild as well.


Sign #4. You do not perform foreplay

Sex is like warming your engine before doing a lot of roaring in the road. A woman’s body does not turn itself on just by seeing your penis. Therefore, men must spend more effort in arousing their partners by performing foreplay.

If you find yourself not doing this, this alone makes you the worst guy to sleep together. You must know that when it comes to having sex, your penis is not the only advantage you have.

Remember, you are given with hands, fingers, mouth, and tongue; thus, use it to satisfy your partner.

Foreplays are not some sinister plot women devised to ensure that you give her much attention because the truth is foreplaying helps women to deal with the natural secretion of lubricant.

That is why kiss, caresses, and strokes her in all the appropriate areas that make her feel the tingling sensation of becoming aroused. Remember, you must make her wet to turn her on.


Sign #5. You are too aggressive and dominant

Although women love to have sex with men who knows their thing, being too dominant and aggressive can also turn them off. Whether your relationship is based on sex, you still must make her feel comfortable. Therefore, you must respect her boundaries and not pressure things on her.

Men who treat their women like their plaything makes them unworthy to be in the women’s list of great sex. Women are attracted to sex that is rough yet tender as well. Going all rough and treating her like some disposal is not suitable for your image.


Wrapping Up!

By learning what makes a guy bad in bed, you will be able to avoid all terrible red flags in between the sheets.

Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments below! See you!

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