What To Say To Her In Bed. 4 Sexy and Seductive Statements!

Have you ever felt awkward while having sex and wondered, “what to say to her in bed?”

Although shared lamentations of moaning and the sound of two bodies colliding towards each other can warm the bed, it is still not enough to keep the heat going.

What To Say To Her In Bed

Most of the time, men spice up their steamy nights by using statements that make women lose their minds.

Today, we will be exploring different statements men say to their partners in bed to save you from the disappointment of awkward sex.

Let us succumb to the world of sex, where moans and spicy statements became enchantments of intense pleasure and lust.


Things To Say To Her In Bed

You may have the chiseled features and the perfect body, but this may not be enough to reach the expectations of a woman’s desire.

The thing about women is that they love to hear praises for their actions. They are easily discouraged.

That is why men fabricate spicy statements to make their women feel good about themselves and unleash their wildest potentials in bed. So, what to say to her in bed?


Tip #1. Let her know about the things she does that drives you crazy

You can use several spicy statements to inform her that she drives you crazy in bed.

For instance, instead of just moaning, you can spice up your words by saying things like, “It feels great when you do me like this.” or “I love the way you seduce me.”

Women hate it when men try to lecture them about the things they do. So that is why instead of dominantly telling her about the things she should prevent or the things she should improve on, concentrate on the things she does that make you feel good.

In that way, she will know that you love those acts, and she will be eager to do her best even better.

Sex is supposed to give you and your partner comfort and enjoyment.

That is why you must note that pointing out her mistakes will only suppress the sexual tension and end up being the worst sex possible.


Tip #2. Shower her with praises

You are her partner, not her terror teacher. Thus, allow her to enjoy by showering her with praises.

Although sex revolves around lust, you must do your best to bring butterflies to her stomach. Women love it when they feel special, thus map all the places in her body that you love and praise it one by one.

For example, you can playfully run your fingers on every inch of her body, caress it, and say that it’s the most delicate thing your hands have ever laid.

You can also give her nicknames like “hottie,” or “sexy,” or “goddess,” to make her feel more confident about her body. Be creative and compare her scent with sweet fruits and flowers.

Lastly, you can also compliment how good it feels wrapped around her legs or being inside her.


Tip #3. Let her know how you will drive her insane

When it comes to sex, the best way to make the woman want more is to let her know about the things you will do to her.

For instance, you can tell her that you will screw her hard enough for her to scream. This statement will excite her and make her wild.

While you are penetrating, you can also whisper to her ears your fantasies. It will make her give in to the heat and make her imaginations run wild.

But, of course, you must make it into reality when telling her how you will drive her insane. It’s all about words and actions, not words alone.


Tip #4. Let her know how alluring her moan is in your ears

If you feel that your woman is a bit tense when it comes to sex, you can start by telling her how alluring her moans are in your ears. This compliment will ensure that you enjoy having sex with her and will also help her enjoy.

Furthermore, it can also encourage her to moan more since you find her moans alluring.

Finally, it will also enable her to try her best in other aspects to receive more praises from you.


What Are The Statements Men Should Avoid In Bed?

Although you are eager to impress your woman, there are several statements you should avoid in bed since it will only suppress the sexual tension.


Tip#1. Avoid criticizing her

Women hate it when they feel inferior in sex. They also become tense in bed when they think that their partner only tolerates their mistakes.

Thus, you should avoid pointing out their mistakes or aspects that need to be improved. Instead, concentrate on giving your energy to praise your woman.


Tip #2. Avoid speaking about other women

Women hate it when you compare them to other women, especially when it’s the women you’ve had sex with before.

Whether you are in sex without intimacy or in a relationship, you should avoid speaking about other women.

Also, avoid thinking about your ex when having sex with your current partner. Things don’t go well when you moan the name of other women you know.

Thus, concentrate on making your current partner feel like the one and only sex goddess.


Wrapping Up!

Sex is like a fire, and spicy statements are like the fuel that keeps the heat burning.

By knowing what to say to her in bed, you will be able to avoid awkwardness in sex and enjoy a steamy night,

Share your experience in the comments below and see you in the following article.

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