Why Are Virgos So Good In Bed. 3 Sexy Reasons!

Have you ever had the most incredible sex of your life and pondered, “why are Virgos so good in bed?” There are many reasons why; and you will know as you read along.

Although Virgos, as the name implied, is often associated with virgins, we couldn’t deny that they are the epitome of a sex god.

Why Is A Virgo Woman Good In Bed

That is why, today, we will explore the many reasons why everyone loses their mind in pleasure when they are sleeping with a Virgo.

Let us dive into the world of Marvin Gaye-ing and get it on!


What Makes A Virgo Good In Bed?

When it comes to discussing which zodiac signs are great in bed, earth signs like Virgos do not come in last.

Water signs may be full of mystery and dedication in bed, and fire signs may bring the wildest experience in bed, but nothing can rock your world upside than like an earth sign does.

So with that being said, when you have sex with a Virgo, make sure that you’re doing it in a sturdy bed because Virgos are not just good at making love.

They are also experts at making you feel like there is an earthquake!

So, why are Virgos so good in bed?

Reason #1. Virgos are generous when it comes to sex

One thing that drives someone crazy is Virgo’s generosity when it comes to sex. They are very passionate and determined to satisfy their partner and give them the best sex they have ever had.

They do not care if the satisfaction is reciprocated as long as their partner reaches the highest pleasure. They might not be the wildest, but their incredible techniques and positions may make you lose your mind.

Reason #2. Virgos are playful

Although Virgos tend to be shy in initiating sex, they can be the most playful being in bed once turned on.

Virgos are sexually adventurous and mischievous in between the sheets. They love to change and try new positions and caress and kiss their partners in unexplored areas.

You must get their trust and guide them out of their comfort zones to unleash the beast they are.

Reason #3. Virgos can make you crazy with their foreplay

Due to their over-the-top emotions, Virgos performs phenomenal foreplay and gives unforgettable oral sex.

In addition, Virgos are perfectionists; thus, they want everything to be perfect in bed. Therefore, instead of just getting the stuff done, they elevate their performance and focus on getting their partner ready by making them wet first.

They could even get to the point of making you orgasm just by doing foreplay.

Their fingers, hands, mouth, and tongue are like a gift from above as these parts can make everyone feel the electricity and tingling sensation of foreplay.

Having sex with a Virgo is like Marvin Gaye-ing with a sex god.


Why Is A Virgo Woman Good In Bed?

Aside from the general traits of Virgos given above, there are certain sexy traits you must know about a Virgo woman.

Reason #1. A Virgo woman is creative in bed

Virgo women are often associated with books but little did everyone know, being a book smart herself, she can bring her wildest fantasies to the sheets.

The best part of having sex with Virgo women is that you get to see someone sweet as a flower spice the night up with some tricks pulled from their sleeves.

You will also get to experience sex positions and techniques that you only see in the movies or read in spicy stories.

Reason #2. She is gentle and wild

One thing that makes Virgo women irresistible in bed is that you won’t know what they can do in bed.

So one night, she plays the sweet and innocent part, then the other night, she will flip your mind inside out by being all rough and wild.

Having sex with a Virgo woman is like a mystery. You thought you would be the dominant one, but with just a blink of an eye, you see yourself being driven crazy with her unusual combination of techniques and positions.


Why Is A Virgo Guy Good In Bed?

A Virgo guy is often deemed as a gentleman because of their shyness. But one thing that you must know if you are dating a Virgo man is their ability to make you want to lift your legs in front of him again, even minutes after breathtaking sex.

How is this possible? Here are some of the reasons why:

Reason #1. A Virgo guy gives you the most meaningful sex

Virgo guys are known to not only make you moan, but they are also known to make you fall heads over heels in love with their way of making love. For them, sex is not just about lust or the conquest of one’s base instincts.

As peaceful as their character trait, Virgo men love to balance everything, whether it be sex. They want it to be erotic yet purposeful. They want it to be wild yet delicate.

A Virgo’s sexual energy also speaks about his nature in sex. They are very patient and nurturing, which you can relate to their way of having sex.

Virgo men do not force or pressure you into coming out of your zones and establish a soothing environment in bed.

Reason #2. He rules with his hand and mouth

When discussing Virgo in bed, their ruling planet, Mercury, is always included in the discussion.

Just like Mercury, Virgo is the god when it comes to ruling the fingers and mouth. His caresses are like massages, and his tongue could make you forget your name.

Wrapping Up!

Virgos are so good in bed to the point that they could make you feel like the world is shaking around you.

By learning why are Virgos so good in bed is, you are one step forward towards having the best sex of your lifetime.

Share your thoughts and findings in the comments below!

1 thought on “Why Are Virgos So Good In Bed. 3 Sexy Reasons!”

  1. My Virgo guy (born Sep 4/72) is a head trip. He loves me dearly bc we were platonic besties in highschool, we are etched in each other’s psyche but we butted heads then like we do now at times. I’m an Aries girl, born in March 24/71 I’m his #1 girl and he is my #1 guy. We are completely possessive of each other but he’s not ready to commit to me yet bc he was in a bad marriage for a long time. He is a sexy tall Afro American guy, athletic build, red brownish ruddy skin and big lazy brown eyes with that lil gap in his front teeth. He also Has a Soft auburn afro I love to touch. . He’s dynamic, artistic, dresses well, brainy, sensitive and a freak that loves foreplay and my intellectual, subliminal dirty texts. He’s an Alpha male. I’m a gorgeous golden brown Alpha female with curly long soft tendril hair, dark brown eyes tall, full healthy athletic figure that he loves ravishing. He’s crazy over my yellow soft ass and bright breasts with soft pink brownish nipples. His hands are huge and his mouth is eager to ravish me. He yells ” this is mine this is all mine!” When we reunited we felt a frenzy of passion that took hold of us. We were desperate for one another! We took it to the sexual arena in the last 6 months.. He holds me and kisses me on the forehead, cuddles next to me and holds me tight. He says “I love you in response alot when we make love or fuck. I got him into saying it more and more. Never heard it as a child I guess. My Virgo guy only showed me half of his lovemaking skills in the beginning. He kept saying his penis was average size and I told him “no, it’s bigger than average”. He then tells me that he is average for a Mandingo warrior! He said his head and heart have to be in alignment for it to come out. I believed him but was patient bc he told me once he gives the best oral sex I would experience and that was true. Well his penis is perfect in my mouth ( about 9inch) and I’ve been making him squeal, pant and loose control. He watches me intensely when I put his cock and balls to the back of my throat. He moans, yells for God!!, Oh God!! Oh my God!! Oh my fucking God!!! He says this the best I’ve had in my life!! One time I made him cum so hard he said “fuck the world baby!!” as I made him shoot cum that we couldn’t find. He sweats profusely, pants like a hot dog and shudders hard. He asks me to uncurl his toes and laughs lazily afterwards. I have blown and made him cum that way three times in one night several nights. That’s not including when he orgasms during our vaginal sex. He tells me when he
    masturbates to thoughts of me and what I do. He says he thinks about it A-lot!! Duu Virgo guy!! Well one night after giving him hours of mental stimulation that Virgo males need I went down on him. His penis was hard then flaccid hard then flaccid. All of a sudden he starts growing and growing, he asks me, “do you want this Mandingo?” Tell me you want this Mandingo!” I said Yes!! I want the Mandingo!!” Give it to me!!. He starts to grab hold of himself as if unraveling a hose! Like one hand at the base of his penis while the other hand steadied the length for direction. His penis turned into a massive monster of probing hard what felt like a large steel head!! It was larger than any dick Ive ever had!! We were doggy style and I didn’t get to see it! I was moaning so loud and calling his name, almost crying in pleasure and pain. It felt like only about 3 or 4 inches went in!! He kept telling me not to move as I was thrust violently forward on an unsturdy mattress. He put every punishing effort to put all of himself inside me. The secret penis lying dormant in him showed itself. It was 13 or 14 inches of long full rock rock hard cock!! I know all the keys now to unlock my Mandingo now. I’ve got a power over him now, (I still show complete unconditional love and devotion to him and he cherishes me) I’ve got the secret formula for your Virgo guys ladies! Conquer the head, conquer the heart, conquer the cock and your Virgo man will show and give you his Mandingo for the rest of your life!!


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