Why Is My Wife So Boring In Bed? Reasons and Solutions

Why is my wife so boring in bed? It’s not like she doesn’t want to have sex with you it’s just that she has her reasons too. In a long-term relationship, people tend to get bored at something especially if they have tried it before.

The same may be true about your sex life. The spark may start when you were still dating but the time made that fire burning get dim.

Why Is My Wife So Boring In Bed

Just thinking of it will make you feel sad and hopeless but fear not. You can still enjoy spending the night together with your partner. Some activities may be as exciting as sex. It is a biological pleasure that probably you want to satisfy together with your partner. For now, let’s put the excitement away and we’ll talk about some possible reasons why your wife is boring in bed.


Why Your Wife Is So Boring In Bed?

If your mind keeps on bugging you “Why is my wife so boring in bed”, then you’ve probably haven’t been enjoying it. I mean it is fun and exciting to do if you’re in together with it but are you sure that both of you are ready for it? Your wife might have their reasons why she can’t perform her best in bed and make you feel satisfied.

Here are some possible reasons:


#1. She doesn’t feel connected

This is especially true, especially for long-term relationships. If you both haven’t talked too much in a while, you’ll feel strange. The excitement in bed should be supported with familiarity.

If you believe that you know your partner too well, maybe it is because you’re doing the same stuff. The spark may be lost due to that same old thing that you get to do together.

Doing the same thing every time sounds boring so try to spice things up.


#2. Unresolved conflicts

Sometimes, the problem isn’t the sex itself but the emotion before it happens. Anger and resentment may suck all of the desires. These strong emotions may hinder your excitement especially if you haven’t settled it out with your partner.

It may well be more difficult to enjoy especially if you are angry or mad about something.

It’ll ruin your night instead of satisfying your pleasure.


#3. She may feel overwhelmed

Working as a mother, women tend to get pretty tired especially in multitasking. We may feel responsible for everyone’s lives. It is hard for women to shut off their minds and stop thinking for a while.

It keeps telling and reminding us what to do next. There may be too many things that she may be thinking about and when it comes at night, she might just want to have a good night’s rest.

Women need to concentrate during sex which they couldn’t because of the stress.

Their hearts may be with you but how about their body can’t take the exhaustion?

After all the multitasking in the day, she might feel too tired to do the fun thing with you that might feel unpleasant for the both of you.


#4. Sex doesn’t feel that great

Okay, let’s face the fact that you could feel the climax during sex but women don’t. For many women, sex doesn’t feel that great. She probably hasn’t figured out what makes her feel good.

She may also say that it’s okay since all she wanted was to feel closer to you.

Well, hello, in long-term relationships, that wouldn’t work all the time. It will be hard for the both of you if you keep the same act year after year especially if it’s only you who enjoy it.


#5. Hormone levels are all over the place

Hormones could play a huge part in a woman’s sex life. Yes, their libido matters as well. When women’s hormones are all over the place, maybe your libido is too.

Although if you fear that there is something wrong, encourage her to see a doctor.


What You Can Do

As a husband, all you can do for her is to support her. Yes, of course, you love her so it is better to talk it out together.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some suggestions to help you with.


Step #1. Make her feel comfortable

Make her feel comfortable and ask for a moment of her time. Take your time talking with each other to get the spark between you two.

Share what you’ve been up to and get the conversation going until you’re both comfortable with each other.


Step #2. Talk it out

If you have unsolved issues, talk it out in a gentle way. It may also be a great way to start an emotional settlement with each other.

You might want to see her point of view about the debate topic and try to sort things out.


Step #3. Help her out

If she feels burdened and if you know she’s exhausted, you might want to try helping her out. You could talk with her and ask if what you could help her with.

Cooperation and teamwork will make things work. This will add to your bonding moment so there’s no time to waste.

You did not only helped lessen her burden but enjoyed the time you spend together.



If you are wondering “Why is my wife so boring in bed?” you should find out if there are reasons behind it. Your wife probably has the world over her shoulders.

A little talk and comfort from you are all she needs right now.

It may not solve your problem in a snap of a finger but it will slowly turn back to the way you used to like it.

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