About me

Mia Gray

At 40, I have had a resurgence, and I’d love to share my experiences in the hope that it can inspire a reader or two to dare reignite their lives by making each sexual experience the most pleasurable and stimulating that it can be.

Everything associated with sex, such as sex toys, intrigues me because they make romantic evenings so much more erotic and passionate. We are blessed in modern times with so many clever ideas designed to turn a typical evening of sex into a night of hot, feral passion that will be remembered for months, and, sometimes, years afterward.

I was fortunate to have some early sexual experiences that have influenced me through my adult years. I despise the idea of having sex merely to blow off steam or to have it just to get it over with.

Romance is the most potent aphrodisiac. A sly, mischievous smile communicating sexual desire from someone I like is all I need to get in the mood and get excited about what will happen next. Touching the right places, a soft brush against a hardened nipple, a gentle caress, a seductive scent, a passionate kiss, these make the heart start to race in anticipation, impatiently waiting to be enveloped in sensual pleasures.

There are hundreds of areas on the body that will awaken and respond with surprising ferocity when stimulated by the suitable sex toy, building up to a fever-pitched climax.

On the blog, you’ll also be entertained by my current partner, Richard, who shares his won experiences with fascinating and sensual sexual aids he’s used both solo and with his partners. Like me, Richard lives for sexual pleasure but approaches the subject from a decidedly male perspective.

Sometimes, the best lover is someone you least expect. More than once, this has happened to me, and my personal sex stories can be found in my product review blogs for unique sex products.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you come again and again for each review of another fantastic, titillating sex product and dating experience!