How I Was Dating A Male Stripper

Women are free to choose what they do with their bodies. As a man, I respect the rights of women. Then when I started dating a male stripper, I still respected her rights, but I began wondering if I could handle it emotionally. Guys ogling her while she sticks out her tits and gyrates on stage to pretend-fuck, while taking cash in her garter belt. I’ll tell you what happened and what the outcome was. 

My girl at the time – I’ll call her Mandy – was impossibly beautiful, with long dark hair and gorgeous big green eyes. I wasn’t completely shocked when I found out she was a stripper, because she is tall and voluptuous, every guy’s dream girl. I met her through a couple I’ve known since college. When we met, we shook hands and Mandy appeared shy, turning her head to avoid eye contact when she spoke. As time went by, I saw she had another side – she was financially secure and had a good business sense. Here I’ll share my experience dating a stripper.

dating a male stripper

A Stripper Is No Different Than Anyone Else

There is a stigma about strippers in society. They are looked down upon and it’s assumed they lead amoral lives. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A while back I was dating a pornstar who I met in Las Vegas at a convention. In front of fans taking pictures, she posed in obscene positions, sticking her pussy out, squeezing her tits spreading her legs. After I got to know her and started to date her, I went to her other job at the local food pantry in Antioch. She volunteered for the food bank and helped get businesses to donate food.

Mandy wasn’t at all like her on-stage persona. She loved to read and had a college degree from a reputable university. She made excellent money from stripping, and I was abashed to find out she made in a week what most people make in two or three. Mandy was saving up to buy a ranch house and dreamed of having horse stables and breeding horses for clients after she returned from dancing. 

I Had Bragging Rights With My Friends

My friends and I typically went out on Friday nights, and along with Saturdays, was one of Mandy’s lucrative nights. She decided to take off Friday so we could go dating together. She dressed in a romper, or jumper outfit, her long legs stealing my attention. But no matter what she wore, she exuded sexuality. I wanted to take her right there to bed so we could fuck each other all night, and to hell with the date. 

The last time a woman looked so beautiful to me was when I was dating a pagan woman, but the pagan woman wore a loose, sexy toga-like dress but without a bra or panties underneath. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her all night, and we made love later on until sunrise.

Mandy wanted to meet my friends and after dinner together and a movie, we met my friends at our local watering hole. Mandy told them without reservation that she was a stripper and which club she worked at. My friends bought me drinks and clapped my back, congratulating me for my girlfriend.

But then my friends asked her when she performed, and that they would like to check it out. It was then that I felt awkward, and to be honest, I didn’t want my friends watching her on stage.

You Will See The Green-Eyed Monster

Even if you’ve never felt jealous before, beware; it’s one of the trickiest emotions to deal with. Jealousy is such a powerful feeling, that it can make you do things you’ll regret. It’s called the green-eyed monster for a reason and dating a stripper will challenge your self-control.

I once got into BBW dating, a large woman with amazing curves and a dynamite personality, the kind of woman that attracts men. She was sweet and guys enjoyed talking to her. One day I met her at a work party she invited me to. I regretted going afterward. The men in her office showered her with attention. It wasn’t the guys touching her, hugging her, that made me jealous. It was the way she acted. It seemed to me she encouraged them and teased them so g=she’d have attention.

I was completely wrong in the end. It was just the way she was, and the guys in her orbit knew that. But I lashed out, raised my voice to her, said words that hurt her badly and couldn’t take back. It was so bad that she broke up with me. I’ve learned since then to keep my temper in check.

If you are dating a stripper, know that guys are going to see her naked, and will desire her. If you are the jealous type, you should seriously ask yourself if you could handle the attention other guys will give your stripper girlfriend, and also how she seems to enjoy it. I know it’s just an act but knowing myself I never went to see her dance. 

Final Thoughts

There is excitement every day when you are dating a male stripper. Not only is a stripper great to look at, but she has remarkable stories about her wild experiences dancing. 

Mandy insisted we split the check at restaurants because she had a lot of money to burn after the weekends, We went to five-star restaurants, took trips to fantastic places and we flew everywhere first-class. 

My income is rather good, but I always traveled in business class or coach and went to restaurants that cooked great meals at reasonable prices. Mandy grew up poor and wanted to experience things that rich people could afford. 

Although Mandy only worked 2 days a week, it was always Friday and Saturday, and these were days I had off to party and date women. Mandy was not available and there were some nights I mussed her and didn’t feel like going out. My weekends were often sitting at home watching TV when my friends, and other women, were out having a fun time. 

I was tempted to go see her dance, so I could at least be near her. I drove up to the club and parked my car ad walked to the entrance. Instead of walking inside, I stayed by the door and caught her act for about 30 seconds. She looked so sexy and hot on stage, but at that momentum, she wasn’t mine. She belonged to everyone in the club, and I needed to accept that.

But the hours she worked and the fact that I had developed feelings for her, I was afraid I’d fall hard for her. I told her it was over and was shocked to see how it affected her. She cried and walked away quietly from me. I went to see her the next day to give back some things she left at my place. She was still crying and didn’t want to talk to me. Be ready to get on an emotional roller coaster if you are dating a stripper. Please read also my article about pros and cons of dating a male stripper.

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