My 4 Advices On Dating A Guy Who Likes Anime

I didn’t know how to approach writing this article at first, but, looking back, I have to admit I had a lot of fun – kinky and otherwise – when I began dating a guy who likes anime. “Unforgettable” is the word I use to describe my experience with a man who I refer to as Ben.

In my time dating Ben, I was reminded of how high-tech our society is now. I worked with computers all day long at my job, but it was nothing compared to Ben’s obsession. He worked in the gaming industry and did well enough to have a nice, big apartment. On our third date, I went to his place. I stopped breathing for a second when I saw his workstation: 6 computers all on different channels on the internet. One of the monitors showed pictures of anime characters – all female, in different poses, each image displayed for about 5 seconds. 

Dating A Guy Who Likes Anime

I asked him about the anime girls and Ben admitted he had a thing for them because they were so sexy. I had to agree with him but laughed to myself about the anime girls because the proportions of their faces and bodies didn’t exist in the real world. 

Over time I got to know Ben and accepted his fascination with anime, but it wasn’t easy. Here are some things I took away from my wild ride with Ben and his obsession with anime girls. 

It Bothered Me That He Liked Anime In The First Place

I’d call Ben a “geek” which has both a positive and negative meaning. He had a rewarding and successful career in gaming, but his obsession bordered on the fanatical. Not only did he watch anime during most of his free time, but he had anime accessories around his apartment. 

Once I was dating an Aquarius man who loved to collect movies and Hollywood paraphernalia. He knew everything about movie stars from the golden age of Hollywood. But he couldn’t talk about anything else. I saw his love for movie nostalgia eclipsed everything else, including me. I hoped it would be different with Ben.

Try To Wean Him Off Of Anime And Introduce Him To The Real World.

For the first few dates with Ben, we talked about things we had in common. We both loved the music and cultures of other countries. Ben talked at length about Japanese culture, and I listened with rapt attention, impressed by his deep knowledge. When I went to his apartment and discovered his anime collection, including an anime cat lamp, scratch-off posters of his favorite anime characters, and other giant posters of Elizabeth Liones, Nami, and Orihime Inoue, three voluptuous female anime stars featured in movies and video games. 

These girls were tall, thin, and had huge, round boobs. They were all in great shape. One wore glasses. But I knew I had to try and pull Ben away from this fantasy world where he existed. Ben was cute, fun in bed, and well-off, and I liked him a lot, as a person. I wanted him to experience something else. I got us plane tickets to the Bahamas for a week. 

There were no computers, and I insisted we shut our phones off and only check messages at night. He agreed to this. I saw a side of Ben on vacation I’d not seen before. He seemed more relaxed and at peace. It reminded me of the time when I was dating a Libra man, who was analytical and creative, the wheels in his mind turning constantly. We went to Disney World for a few days, just the two of us, and it was enough of a distraction and he began to relax and make me see a truly lovable side to him. 

Wear A Cosplay Outfit

I felt a kinky urge to bring his anime girl fantasies into reality. I knew that most anime fans were man and the market kept creating sexier anime girls, and men fantasize about having kinky sex with their anime girls and doing things to them that are impossible to imagine. 

I went out to a store that specialized in cosplay costumes. In the anime section, I found a sexy anime schoolgirl outfit and a sexy maid outfit. I went home to try them on.

My body could never be a match for a perfectly proportioned anime girl, but I keep myself in shape and was aware of men’s stares when I wore a dress or a blouse and skirt. I take pride in my boobs and the fact that I’ve got thin arms and small shoulders, which make my tits look even bigger than my 32D size. 

I put on the schoolgirl outfit without a bra or underwear and invited Ben over to my apartment for dinner. I opened the door, my tits pressing against the fabric, and Ben’s mouth fell open. He came in and I saw his cock swelling in his pants. I teased him by making him watch me cook dinner before he could have his way with me. 

That night we fucked three times and I came each time. I felt satisfied I had done the right thing buying the cosplay outfit. But I was also troubled since he was so turned on by it. I wondered where this could lead. 

Breaking Up With Ben Was My Only Choice

I’d spent time dating a Scorpio man which I wrote about in another article in this series and had a hard time taking him away from his obsession with mermaids. Joe was a sailor and had worked in all kinds of situations, including working in a lighthouse, working on board shipping vessels, and as a deckhand on superyachts. He knew everything about the sea, and when he spoke about it, I was mesmerized. But when Joe was on land, he was more often miserable than happy. I knew that I, a landed woman, could never make Joe happy. I was beginning to feel the same way about Ben.

In the end, I called him and told him I wanted to take a break from our dating. He took it well, and when I hung up, I felt relieved. In my heart, I felt if he had to choose me or one of the anime girls that was the object of his desires, he’d likely choose the anime girl.

Final Thoughts

If you are a gamer and you have a passion for anime yourself, dating a guy who likes anime is a good fit for you. I was introduced to Ben’s fascinating world, with sexy, submissive-looking anime girls, and I even enjoyed watching Violet Evergarden and Demon Slayer. For me, these movies, and anime fandom, were a distraction, a kind of entertainment. For Ben, anime had a deeper meaning that I couldn’t relate to.

If you are thinking about dating a guy who likes anime, be ready to share his attention with his anime characters. One of the advantages I had dating Ben was that he knew computers better than anyone I’d ever met, and he fixed my computer for free.

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