Pros And Cons Of Dating A Male Stripper

Have you ever thought about dating a male stripper? As my readers know, I’m writing a series of articles about dating experiences with all different kinds of guys – how we met, what we did together, and how it all worked out. Recently I shared my experience about dating a male stripper and got a message from my friend Valerie. She had been reading my series and asked me if she could contribute in some way, her experience dating a male stripper. So, of course, I told her! So, dear reader here is Valerie’s account of her stripper-dating experience.

Hi, I’m Valerie, and my best friend is Mia, the author of this wonderful series of articles about men. Do you find the idea of dating a stripper impossible, something you’d never do? After all, they’re doing things at bachelorette parties – dry humping, getting turned on – that in any other boyfriend you’d find objectionable. Yet, despite my mind screaming for me not to do it, I dated a male stripper. I want to share what I learned so other women who read my series could make their own decision.

dating a stripper man

Dating is challenging enough these days, but dating a male stripper is even more challenging. Mia wrote in this series about her dating a Scorpio man, who admitted he undressed her with his eyes. He would have had sex in public if she had let him, and he was a hopeless flirt. If Mia didn’t give in to his kinky fantasies, I feared, he’d leave for someone else. 

But Darius was not like that Scorpio. In fact, despite his being a stripper, our relationship is as normal as most others. At first, at least. I first met Darius through a friend. She’d seen him at a party thrown for her friend’s birthday in an advertising agency. My friend got to talking to Darius after his “show” and found him down to earth and friendly. She dropped my name and showed him a photo of me, and he said he was interested in meeting me. 

I Was Aware Of Other Women staring At Him

I met Darius in a restaurant on our first date. The man who walked in looked carved out of bronze, a sculptured, perfect species of a man. My heart fluttered when we shook hands and sat down to dinner. The waitress seemed smitten by him. 

I’ve convinced myself I’m a modern woman, accepting men from all different occupations. I thought I’d left feelings like possessiveness and jealousy behind. I asked myself if I could ultimately be independent of those kinds of thoughts. But in the end, at least for me, women checking out Darius so salaciously and Darius drinking it all in made me feel that he was not mine. It made me wonder what I was doing there. 

Not All Male Strippers Are Dogs

Many male strippers look at their job as just a job, and a good paying one at that. So after their shift is done, they return home and eat, put on their pants one leg at a time, and have sex just like everyone else. 

Mia wrote about dating a Pisces man, writing that he had for a brief time working in adult films for some extra cash. He told her about it and said it was just acting, that he never developed feelings for his female costars. Mia believed him, too, and he proved to be a simple and honest man. 

Yet there are still strippers who are players and do the job for work and hookups. We’re human, and we have desires, so I get it. Darius, the stripper I dated, wasn’t a player, but he wasn’t an angel either. In the end, I just couldn’t trust him. And I was right. 

I’m all for open relationships, but not with Darius. 

Avoid Going To Watch Him Perform

We’re only human. Even the most progressive-thinking woman would find it hard to stand by and watch their man shaking his cock in the face of a drunk, horny woman. “Does he enjoy doing that”? Would cross any woman’s mind. 

That’s why it’s better just to avoid watching him perform. Darius invited me to go to a bachelorette party he was playing at, and I almost said yes. Then, at the last minute, I told him I just didn’t want to look at him doing things that didn’t fit what I knew about him. 

No Matter What He Strips For A Living, Ask Yourself If You Trust Him

We, women, have excellent instincts about men. So if your gut tells you that the stripper you are dating is a decent and honorable man (like dating a millennial man), one that doesn’t lie or hide his after-hours activities, you should try to believe it.

Darius messaged me after every assignment to say he was coming to my place. It was never too late in the night except for one time when he came to me after 3 in the morning. More about that later. 

When he came over, he’d walk in, and we’d embrace. Then he’d head to the bathroom and take a long hot shower as I waited impatiently for him to come out and be with me. I can’t overstate how great sex was with Darius. I understood he was horny from work and that his work required him to get hard. So, I was his outlet for his sexual tension. I couldn’t be happier!

Ask Him When He Finishes Work Then See If He comes Home Late

Most of the trust I had in Darius had to do with when he’d come to see me after work. Normally he was there by 1 o’clock because bachelorette or office parties usually ended around midnight. 

Some male strippers engage in sexual activity with the women at these parties, and when they do, they get home closer to dawn the next day. For example, Darius was always with me by 1, yet once he didn’t return until after 3 in the morning. 

I asked him why he was late, and he didn’t have a straight answer. So I moved close to him before he bathed to see if I could pick up a scent of sex. Of course, I didn’t, but I did pick up the odor of perfume. 

Darius confessed a woman approached him after the vent who wanted to take him home. She offered him a near-astronomical sum of money, and Darius was naturally tempted. However, he explained that he could take off from work for a long time if he went with her.

The woman and Darius kissed. Darius explained that the woman was drunk and wouldn’t let go of him, and he agreed to kiss her just to get rid of her. 

I believed him, but I didn’t forget the incident. Poor Darius, I just couldn’t get beyond it. I wondered if it would happen again. Every time I kissed him, I thought about that woman’s lips on him. I wondered if he liked it.

Final Thoughts

Mia wrote about dating an Aquarius man, a beautiful man inside and out. I know because I met him. He was a magnet for females, some of them prettier than me, I believed. He never acted like he was attracted to any of them, but I found out one day when I answered his phone when he had stepped out. 

A woman was on the line, asking me who I was, and I asked her the same question. But, unfortunately, my Aquarius man had not been honest with me. Worse, he pretended his affections to me when all the time he’d been fucking other women. 

Darius was more decent than most men I dated. I could trust him, but in the end, I didn’t want to think anymore about him working with women grabbing his cock and stroking it, maybe even sucking on it. 

My advice to a woman who considers dating a stripper is to make sure all the cards are on the table before dating. For example, what time does he come home? What kind of parties does he do? Can he be trusted?

In the end, it’s all about trust. If you can trust your stripper date, then move forward.

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