The Truth About Dating A Taurus Man

Have you ever been on a date and felt uncomfortable because of awkward silences, or did you not feel a connection with your date and wondered to yourself what sign he was under? Preparing yourself next time by knowing his Zodiac sign can help both of you have a better time. Here is all you need to know about dating a Taurus man.

People that fall under the Taurus sign were born on April 20th through May 20th. Celebrities born under Taurus are George Clooney, Dwayne Johnson, Adele, and Megan Fox. Taurus is an earth sign, which tells us they are grounded, reliable, pragmatic people, who will support you unwaveringly. 

dating a Taurus man

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which Aphrodite, the goddess of love, rules. Taurus men are loving, constant partners who are slow to anger, artistic, and perfect taste. 

Okay, so you’ve been asked to go on a date with a guy who’s hot and who happens to be a Taurus. Here are some things to know about dating a Taurus man and how to prepare to meet him one-on-one.

What are His Expectations?

Taurus men are known for having good intuition. When you talk about dating, likes and dislikes, and more, they get a surprisingly good idea of who you are and what it would be like to date you regularly. 

If you cheat on him, his feelings are badly hurt, so, likely, he’ll never see you again. So, be careful! 

Taurus men only purchase products that are of the highest quality. They’d rather wait to buy something than buy its cheaper version. This includes the place he chooses to go on a date. He’d instead go to a high-priced restaurant that’s rated highly for its cuisine than go to a second-rate eatery. 

This means he will buy you things that you can be proud of, like high-priced jewelry that looks beautiful on you. In addition, you’ll have the most expensive quality clothing to wear. In exchange, a man born under the Taurus sign expects you to be honest, reliable, and faithful.

Taurus men become successful without bravado or boasting. Instead, he does it quietly and does not show any signs of stress as he works up the ladder. 

Taurus men tend to be controlling in a relationship but will listen to your opinions. This is because he already has a fixed idea in mind about relationships and family. 

Taurus Men In Bed

A Taurus man focuses on physicality, so he performs best with a woman he cares about. He has a tough time having one-night stands or going on a date just for sex. He wants to be familiar with the person he sleeps with. You should appreciate this because it also means you won’t have sex on the first, maybe even the second date. 

If you go to your place to have sex, make sure the sheets are soft and cottony. Taurus men are tactile, so the feel of linen is essential to him. That tactile quality also applies to sex, so you can expect him to touch you in all your zones with rare expertise. This makes Taurus fantastic lovers. 

When dating a Taurus man, know that he is a creative and skillful lover. The planet Venus rules Taurus, which in turn is ruled by Aphrodite, the love goddess. 

Whisper in the ear things he likes to hear, such as “You’re amazing,” and “My feelings for you are very strong,” and so on. He wanted you enough to take you to bed, so know that he’s already feeling close to you. His passion is powerful in bed, especially when you whisper in his ear that you love him. 

More Dating Tips

You might want to take your man out on a date. If so, consider going to a classical music concert or a museum. These are places of beauty and refinement and will stimulate the mind of a Taurus as he will have a high appreciation of what he sees and hears, and his estimation of you skyrockets. 

Next, invite him to your place for a home-cooked meal. He appreciates the effort you make and the quality of your cooking. If you’re not an excellent cook o are apprehensive about cooking a meal, order from a high-quality restaurant. 

Taurus men know what they like and know what they want in a partner because they are intuitive and can begin to predict what will happen beforehand. You will see if you are a good fit when he talks to you. If you sense a distance from him, try to close the gap by knowing his likes and dislikes. 

Wear elegant clothing since a Taurus believes the way you dress reflects your character. But keep in mind that he is not a snob or superficial in any. He will never talk down to you or criticize your clothing, but instead, keep it to himself. He only judges by what he thinks is right for him. 

Do not be surprised if the next day, he takes you out shopping. Taurus men love to shop and buy things for their girlfriends. 

Taurus men always evaluate their girlfriends in terms of permanence, of everlasting love. Every woman he dates, he asks himself if she would make a lifelong partner. He would rather not date someone just for sex because a Taurus man is attracted to the person as well as her body. Both are in play when he dates. 

Final Thoughts

Know this before deciding to have a long-term relationship as you continue dating a Taurus man.

  • He can be overprotective: Nothing is more important to a Taurus man than protecting those he holds most dear. Valorous, he is the epitome of the “knight in shining armor.”
  • He will want you to invest time in the relationship: As his mind takes the following steps before they happen, his idea of a “great partner” makes him believe you will spend as much time perfecting your relationship as he does. 

They are reliable and stable: This is a tremendous positive when dating a Taurus man. You can count on him when he tells you he will do something. He will never change his mind about plans at the last minute. This means that Taurus men favor routines. If you enjoy spontaneity, you need to keep in mind that he is not that way.

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