How to Make Sex Better for Her: 3 Easy Tips

I love men but sometimes feel bad because sex for them is just so easy. They see a sexy girl, and their cock springs to life in less than a second.  It just takes some slight friction, be it inside a pussy, sex toy, or in his hand, and boom, he is done!

Women are different. Yes, we enjoy some hot quick sex once in a while, especially when we are intoxicated or horny.  But most of the time, we prefer our sex romantic and gentle.  We want a ‘slow burn. Don’t get me wrong, foreplay is a must, or there’s no way these panties are coming off. But, there have to be emotions, loving words, and kisses. For some men, this might be a challenge, especially if he is used to quick hook-ups. There might come a time when he suddenly finds himself very attracted to one woman but doesn’t know how to romance her. Or at least he hasn’t taken time to read this article.

How to Make Sex Better for Her

How are you going to rock her sheets in such a way that she’ll never again fancy another man?  Here are some great tips to become a fantastic lover:

Create the perfect environment

Women are multi-task workers. They answer phone calls while cooking and waiting for laundry. In the office, they take down notes during a meeting while at the same time emailing her son’s homeroom teacher.

You have to create an environment away from her busy reality purposely. For example, you can take her out for a simple but romantic dinner date. In addition to the change in venue, you have also mentally distracted her from her tiresome daily routine. This means arranging for your mother to take the kids for the weekend or paying a reliable babysitter to stay home. Check with her secretary or colleague to know how busy she is at work if you plan to take her away for some time.

Her whole being should be with you, not just a body when her mind is preoccupied with the To-Do List on her work desk.  Surprising her with an out-of-town trip is okay, but I have to be honest, we are not so big on surprises.  We always think you’ll forget to turn off the faucet in the kitchen, and we’d come home to a flooded house.  So it’s wise to give her some ample time to prepare both physically and mentally before planning something big.

It’s all about her emotions

Be sensitive to how she feels. There are certain times of the month when female hormones go berserk, and she’s more prone to crying or getting mad very fast.  My husband used to know my menstrual cycle better than I do, so he’d know when to be extra patient with me.

Women love orgasms, but they also want tender kisses and loving embraces to go with them. Orgasm alone, without emotions, is empty; women need deeper connections.

When trying something new, like a sexual position or using sex toys, ask for her opinion and approval.  She may say yes even if she is scared or uncomfortable to please you. Therefore you need to also be keen on her body language.  Appreciate her eagerness and reward her bravery.  Encourage her to experiment and let her know you’ll not judge her for whatever she feels or thinks. And as a gentleman, you shouldn’t.

“When he was just my boyfriend, we tried anything and everything.  But now that we are married, he has become so convenient with our sex. He said wives are to be respected, not treated as sex slaves. My aggressiveness offends him. He calls me a sex addict.”

It’s all about her body

1. Discover her erogenous zones

“One of my previous partners didn’t know where my clit was. So the next time I trimmed my bush, I made an arrow sign with the hair pointing to the clit.”

“When you rub my clit, rub the hood. My perfect spot is the underside. Be gentle.  Too much rubbing or pressure can be painful”.

The clit is every guy’s go-to spot. We love when you touch us there, but there are other parts of a woman’s body. They love their hair being touched. You can gently nibble on her earlobe. The neck is made to be kissed and licked. Then squeeze her tits while you pull on the nipples. Most women like a bit of pain, so alternate between being gentle and rough.

Our nipples are constantly begging to be sucked gently then roughly. Suck like you want her whole boob inside your mouth. The stomach is another erogenous zone you have to give your attention to.

Her toes and the pads of our feet are also sensitive to touch. You can do this as you massage her after she has had a long tiresome day at work.

2. Give the best cunnilingus

Also known as Oral sex. This is probably the sweetest thing you can give your lady. Use the figure-8 technique with your tongue. Lick the clit using Figure 8, which means you reach all sides of that very sensitive bud. Alternate between using a flat tongue or just the pointed tip.

Don’t forget to give attention to the labia using the same technique. You can also finger her as you do this. Give the labia a light massage by gently putting your palm against it, like kneading dough. Use your fingers to mash the lips together or to separate them so you can kiss in between.

3. Try a sexy massage

You can tone down the heat and intensity by changing tactics. For example, she wants you inside of her, but give her a sexy massage instead.  It will throw her off and relax her already tense muscles. But it depends. If she’s earnest about wanting you inside of her, then please do it. We wouldn’t want to lose a brother. Ha-ha.

Start on her toes and the pads of her feet, but don’t just use your hands. Use your lips and tongue to lick, kiss, or suck on these parts. Go up to the calf, gently kneading up to the upper thigh, then drop a quick kiss on her pussy to surprise her.

Knead on her arms, gently pulling on it to stretch the muscles. Next, you can have her lying on her face so you can massage her back and neck. With her face away from you, you can alternate between massaging, licking, sucking, and nibbling. Try it and see if that doesn’t drive her crazy.

Perfect the sex

Here’s a newsflash: you can give her the best orgasm by clit-stimulation or by hitting her elusive G-spot.

Since women like their clit touched during sex, the perfect position is the reverse cowgirl, doggy-style, or any position that gives easy access to the clit. When doing missionary position or woman-on-top, the technique is for the woman to tilt her pelvis forward so the angle will help rub her clit against the pelvic bones of the partner.

The G-spot doesn’t shift its position. So you don’t need a GPS to find it. It’s inside her pussy, at the front part. It’s relatively small, about the size of a penny. Once you explore it with a finger, you’ll feel a rough texture when she is aroused, and as it grows in size and hardens just like a bit of penis on the inside.

The best position for your cock to reach the G-Spot is woman-on-top, but she has to lean back further from your body so the angle of your cock will be perfect for hitting the front wall of her vagina.

The final tip to all naughty men reading this:  Make your woman feel you love her, show her that you adore her body, and lastly, pleasure every sexy inch of her body to give her a rocking orgasm.

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