What Do You Wear To Bed With Your Boyfriend. 6 Best Ideas!

The question is: what do you wear to bed with your boyfriend?

Dear, do not be stressed.

What Do You Wear To Bed With Your Boyfriend

Whether it’s your first time sleeping with your boyfriend or you are preparing for your anniversary, finding what to wear need not be a chore.

In deciding on what to wear, you should know and understand what your boyfriend would like.

Most guys like seeing their girlfriend wearing cute pajamas, simple panty or boxers, bra, or just their t-shirt.


What You Can Wear To Bed With Your Boyfriend

The answer to that question shouldn’t be that hard.

You can wear anything you like; your boyfriend will love you all the same no matter what you wear.

But you can also step up the game a bit to make his heart racing tonight.

So, what do you wear to bed with your boyfriend?


#1. Corset

If you want to spice up the night, then the hottest option on the list is a corset.

The veterans also prefer this in wearing lingerie.

Wearing a corset is an excellent way to release the goddess within you.

It helps fulfill your fantasies as it will slim your waist down.

In case you are not used to wearing corsets, it is recommended that you avoid those that are steel-boned because they might restrict your movement.

You wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable on that night. So you instead go for plastic boning.


#2. Nightwear and pajamas

Sometimes the key to looking good is to dress down.

Maybe your boyfriend loves seeing you wearing a pair of cozy and soft pajamas or perhaps, a silk nighty.

You know what? A lot of guys like the effortless look.

So just be yourself if you think that you lack aesthetics makeup in sensation, dear.

As you sleep with your boyfriend more often, seeing you in your sleepwear will be too familiar for him.

So get yourself a set of pajamas in feminine shades of color to still look sexy and cute every time.


#3. Bra and panties

Your wardrobe to bed will be mainly composed of panties and bras.

A lot of options are available out there so you can surely choose something that can fit your style including Fetish, Tomboy, Vixen, Romantic, and so on.

But in making a choice, you should consider something that will flatter your body.

This is the most crucial factor of all to keep yourself comfortable while grabbing the attention of your boyfriend at the same time.

For this, it is essential to know your exact size.


#4. Teddies and babydolls

If you want to look alluring and extra sensual for your man, then the excellent option would be a teddy or a babydoll.

It will not only make you look good but wearing a teddy, or a baby doll will also make you feel good.

That is because it will cover the parts of you that you are a bit insecure about.

More so, this is good for people who want a more intimate and slow experience.

Lingerie is excellent because it will set the mood.

It is also a great way to signal your partner the type of experience you desire to share with him.


#5. Heels and stockings

These items are classic solutions to the problem.

Wearing heels and stockings will instantly pour some degree of sex appeal and glamour into your appearance.

With this, you will feel like you are a sexy siren on screen.

It is recommended that you opt for a suspender look and classic stockings.

Do not use hold-ups because they tend to be wriggling your leg down.

Some girls also have trouble keeping it in place.

You can choose from various styles and colors, including fishnet, lace tops, and seemed.

Most girls would also go for black stockings.


#6. Makeup

Dear, going overboard on your makeup is a big NO.

Well, not unless you just came from a party or a night out, then it would be fine.

Or, in case this is what your boyfriend fantasized about, then go for it!

But remember that wearing too much makeup to bed will be very uncomfortable.

And, of course, you wouldn’t want your lipsticks to smudge all over your and your partner’s face.

Plus, your eyes with heavy makeup might end up looking like those of a panda later on.

So if you like to wear makeup, it is suggested to go for a matte foundation.

You might as well use powder only so you will not look sweaty.

Then, add thin waterproof mascara.


It’s A Wrap!

What do you wear to bed with your boyfriend?

You can wear anything like you usually does.

But if the ideas above can work for you, why not?

You should not hesitate to try something new and see if it can bring sparks in the bedroom.

But the best thing to wear to bed with your boyfriend is confidence.

For you to be able to express your sexuality well, you need to be comfortable enough.

It will only be challenging for the first few nights, but this very first night is crucial in unleashing the seductive part in you for your partner.

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