5 Must Do When Dating A Married Woman

Love is complicated. Over the summer on vacation, I met this beautiful, sexy woman in her forties. Despite the fact she wasn’t single I wanted to be with her. I began dating a married woman. While it was an incredible experience, there were a few complications, some obvious and others not so much.

I met the married woman I dated, let’s call her Jill, in a beautiful part of Europe. It was summer and I was in a shop that sold clothing for summer at the beach – t-shirts, swimsuits, a tourist trap that had a wide selection.

Dating A Married Woman

Jill was looking for a two-piece bathing suit. The moment I set my eyes on her dark eyes and the way her hair fell on her narrow shoulders, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her. I flirted and she flirted back. Then she asked me to wait while she changed into her purchase and tell her how it looked on her. 

From the changing room, out walked a vision of shapely beauty. Jill looked both slim and voluptuous at the same time, her round natural breast and narrow shoulders and thin arms gave way to womanly hips and thicker, shapely legs. 

Chemistry sparked and we were hungry for each other and to be alone together. We agreed to meet at a hotel at the end of town. Older than me by ten years, Jill was up to that point the most erotic, sexual woman I ever met. Her husband had not fulfilled her emotional and sexual needs. 

We came from the same country, so we agreed to get together once we got back home. We arrived separately at the hotel. Our sexual heat made the hours together pass quickly. We’d part separately. I walked to my car with difficulty.

The second time we met we talked after sex, and I discussed the need to stay anonymous. We agreed on measures we needed to take not to get caught and put an end to our explosive passion. 

1. Don’t Post Relationship Status On Social Media

Once I dated someone my friend slept with. I posted on Facebook my relationship status with her. Then I found out after I became intimate with her that my friend had feelings for her. I did not know this but after that, we stopped being friends. 

Dating a married woman is something like that, except a married woman, has a husband and the relationship between them is more serious. Getting caught means the end of the marriage and the possible breakup of a family. The husband may have access to his wife’s social media, so the relationship must be kept secret. 

Don’t post photos of the two of you together, even if they can be explained away because you work together or something else. Don’t create an evidence trail that can be used later if the husband suspects his wife. 

2. Keep To A Daily Routine

Jealousy, gossip, and revenge are powerful emotions; people who are close to you can try and throw you under the bus. This is why it’s important to stick to the routine you have always had. Any significant changes can cause stress while you’re dating a married woman. 

3. Avoid Going To The Same Hotel Twice In A Row

We live in the era of cameras. They are everywhere, and although we can spot most of them when we’re out, there are those we can’t see. Play it cautiously. 

Years ago, when in college I dated a stripper who had a lot of dramas in her life. She had a jealous boyfriend who liked keeping watch on her after work. He’d become obsessed with her and hired a private detective to follow her. We agreed to meet in some public place, but not together. She’d give the private eye the slip by changing her clothes and then went to the hotel, and I followed after. 

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4. Don’t Accept Gifts From Her, and Don’t Give Her Gifts Either

Remember that your role is to satisfy her emotional and physical needs and to make her feel those feelings she’s not had with her husband. Married couples go into a marriage assuming they will remain together for the rest of their lives. Therefore, partners try to live by the rules of marriage. No one plans to cheat when they tie the knot.

No matter how passionate your relationship is when dating a married woman, she has feelings for her husband even though she’s having sex with you. 

5. Try Not To Fall In Love

Heartbreak comes with the territory when you date a married woman. We can’t choose the person we fall in love with, but we can take the proper actions to prevent from getting in too deep.

I was a novice, inexperienced with dating a married woman. But one night we were in bed and sweat dripped onto her as I thrust inside her in the missionary position. Jill moaned rhythmically. I said. “I’m gonna come” between fast breathing. Five seconds before I came, she whispered, “Don’t come out. Come inside me.” I did, in the heat of the moment, unable to pull out my cock. 

We lie in bed, relaxed in the darkened room. It was then I knew she was falling for me, and there’d been hints that she was getting closer to me by the way she touched me, our longer hugs, and the way she looked at me. 

I admitted to myself that I was in love with her, and it wasn’t just the incredible sex we had twice a week. I thought about her more than I wanted to and grew impatient until I saw her face between dates. 

We had to break it off even though I didn’t want to. A week later, she told me her husband had been in a car accident and she needed to be there for him. My heart split in two at her words. It was the last I saw Jill.

Final Thoughts

Dating a married woman will be the most intense relationship men can have. The love you develop for your lover is first sympathy (because she’s unhappy in her marriage), then the thrill of breaking the rules by getting together, and finally, the intense physical satisfaction. the satisfaction you’ll get from an illicit love affair. I was in love, maybe for the first time in my life. But the heartbreak because I couldn’t have her as my own, made it much worse.

I dated a deaf girl and wrote about it in another article in this series. She needed me, not because she was deaf but because I fulfilled her need for intimacy that was emotional as much as it was sexual. I thought I was in love then, but it could never approach the thrill and the emotional intensity of dating Jill.

If you choose to start dating a married woman, make rules beforehand. Don’t get caught and set limits for yourself. Use common sense and don’t post pictures of the two of you on social media. Pretend your life hasn’t changed at all, and don’t tell friends what you’re up to.

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