4 Great Sites For Men Looking For Men

Relationships take time to build and in 2021, the pandemic has meant closed bars and restaurants to meet ad take the time to build a meaningful relationship. There’s no sin in hooking up instead; it’s the casual encounters that fulfill two of our basic needs: human contact, and sex. In my research, I’ve found some of the best sites for dating and casual encounters. 

The Internet has made it possible to meet a man who you can get to know or someone you’re attracted to for a day or two of human connection and physical pleasure. What’s great about the most popular dating sites is in helping you find a partner in your area, or in another state, and anywhere else in the world. The choice is yours!

Sites For m4m

Here is a mix of the best-known sites, and a few you may not have heard of, smaller sites that are community-based and can direct you to other men nearby, even right down your street!

#1. Adult Friend Finder

The banner at the top of AdultFriendFinder.com lets you know right away what its focus is: “Join the world’s largest sex and swinger community.” The site puts it out there, bluntly, that this is the place to go for a casual encounter. 

Adult Friend Finder has 25 million men and women using the site each month and serves as the biggest site online to hook up. It’s received awards from the porn industry, too. The site has a YouTube channel that gives advice. “How to Date” is a particular video designed for unpracticed users. 

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First, you must complete a questionnaire that’s pretty detailed and specific. You state n the questionnaire you’re a man seeking a man, provide your relationship status and your likes and dislikes and favorite things you like to do. Then you’ll be immediately directed to a page with photos and user profiles. If you checked that you’re looking for a sexual relationship with a guy, you’ll be directed to like-minded men. 

#2. Men Nation

Men Nation is a much smaller site than the popular ones, but it’s also more intimate, and it’s exclusively for guys. Usually, there are anywhere from 50,000 to 75,000 men online at any given time, but that number may go up on weekends and weeknights. 

It’s the first exclusively men’s dating platform with almost 100 million registered users worldwide. On Men Nation, you can find guys interested in casual dating for your intimate physical and emotional needs, or direct hookups for just sex. You can even check out people interested in long-term relationships.

Interestingly, the age range you’ll find here includes men in their fifties and sixties. Hookups and lots of sex are more important on this platform than serious relationships. Users speak explicitly and are candid about their past hookups and what they want now. Feel free to speak your mind in their open and accepting community!

#3. eHarmony

Who hasn’t heard of eHarmony? This platform caters to everyone on an equal basis, and it is designed to help those looking for true love and lasting relationship. It’s open and accepting to all members of the LGBTQ community. eHarmony has been around for 2 decades, and it has a proven track record. 

Heep eHarmony first in mind if you’re looking for a lasting relationship since they are the best at connecting partners and they use geolocation to help you find someone in your area. 

While eHarmony claims to be the best site for making a meaningful connection, several reviewers claim it’s even the best hookup site in 2021. eHarmony has a privacy feature that’s ranked as one of the best, and your information stays secure. Although the platform costs money to make it work best (about $45.00 per year), they guarantee satisfaction. Best of all is their personality test, comprised of 80 questions that help zero in on that perfect mate. However, it takes a while to create your personality profile, so it’s time-consuming, but only in the beginning.

#4. Adam 4 Adam

The feature page is a huge photograph of mouth-wateringly gorgeous male models wearing the logo of this platform. Right away you know that Adam4Adam ’s focus is on the male body. 

Adam 4 Adam has been in business since 2003, and it features live cams, Pay-Per-View movies, a sex shop for erotic toys, and merchandise. The added revenue helps the site to grow and satisfy its mission requirements.

Men are welcome to join whether they’re gay, bisexual, metrosexual, and so on. You can create an account on this gay dating website regardless of your age, ethnicity, or cultural background. 

It has a modern, up-to-date interface so it’s one of the easiest sites to navigate. It’s also loaded with filtering options, so you can hone it down to s list of members you want to date or to hook up with. At a cost of about $45.00 for 6 months, it’s a bit costlier than Adult Friend Finder and eHarmony. But it’s a dedicated site exclusively for gay men, unlike the others listed here. 

On the downside, the mobile app has limited features and isn’t at all impressive to many reviewers. However, you can watch and react to live cams on your laptop or desktop. It even has 24/7 live char available for questions about STDs and other health concerns. Adam 4 Adam is a completely free site as of 2021.

Final Thoughts 

I suggest that you invest in all four sites listed here, for the sole reason that it can make a hookup come together quickly. There are men like you on these sites who desire a hookup right away, preferably the day on which they search for one. The odds increase with a larger pool.

Another approach is to pick one website and get to know how it works. Invest the time to dig down (Adam 4 Adam is easy to navigate and has about 85,000 users at any given time) and determine how the site can best help you in your search. 

Adult Friend Finder is a fantastic place to start. With its giant pool of users and millions of men seeking other men using it all the time, your best chance for an immediate hookup is here. 

If and when you tire of the one-nighters, move over to eHarmony and create your unique profile. Be honest in your answers on the questionnaire; being truthful about yourself yields the most compatible partners. 


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