Dating a Cancer Man. My 5 Best Tips

Have you ever had intense, emotional sex, dreamy and sublime, and passionate? Cancer is the sign of the Zodiac in the shape of a crab, touch on the outside, soft and tender on the inside. If you choose to date a Cancer man and you find yourself powerfully attracted to him, you’ll need to find out how to open him up, so he feels comfortable with you. Here are some suggestions on how to make him yours.

Cancer falls between June 21st to July 22nd. Many Cancer celebrities are crab-like, tough on the outside, soft, and vulnerable inside. Vin Diesel, Sylvester Stallone, Robin Williams, and Tom Cruise are Cancer celebs. While they can be overachievers, Cancers can also be moody, their emotions constantly in flux. The Moon rules Cancer, with its phases and unusual orbit, but they are all nurturing, protective, and life-sustaining. 

dating a cancer man

The moon represents the feminine within, but Cancers are rough on the outside most likely because they try to shield their sensitive nature. Cancers are attracted to women with certain emotional qualities. Here are five things you should know when dating a Cancer man.

1. Conquer Your First Date Nerves

It’s quite natural to be nervous on a first date, no matter how much dating experience you have. It’s hard to avoid the feeling of being judged. But when you date a man under the Cancer sign, you have a man who makes a lot of friends and is comfortable around people. And he’ll make you feel comfortable too because he’s out to have fun and he wants you to have fun.

On your first date with a Cancer man, it’s okay to be tactile. When you are talking, gently touch his wrist and arm. Keep doing that and soon he’ll reciprocate. Cancers are very tactile, so you’ll make him feel more comfortable with a reassuring touch.

2. He Prefers To Have A Night In Rather Than A Night Out

Clean, fastidious, and proud, the Cancer man keeps his home better than most men. He doesn’t like dirt and you won’t find dirty laundry on the floor everywhere. 

When you desire him it’s okay when he wants to dim the lights and snuggle with you on the couch watching a movie. You may be surprised if he chooses a romantic comedy instead of a testosterone-injected action movie or drama. That means you won’t have to suffer through something you don’t like. Cancer is a water sign, so expect him to be easy to be with. He’s not on any macho trip.

3. He Loves The Ocean

You might want to make the first date by taking a trip to the coast. Cancer men love the beach and interacting with water. At the coast, rent a kayak and go out on the lake, or get a motorboat and take a trip through wondrous scenery. 

Cancers love the sea because of their relationship to the moon and the fact that they’re a water sign. Underneath his gruff exterior, he is raging with feelings that he wants to share but will not share unless he is comfortable with you and can trust you. So, if you’re out by the ocean, communicate that you have feelings you want to share and gently touch his hand. He’ll open up to you!

4. He’s Turned On By Displays Of Affection

Cancer men are hotbeds of emotions, yet they’re able to keep their feelings in check and achieve a lot in life. However, the best match for a Cancer is someone who isn’t as emotional as he is. You should be the type of woman who is even-keeled and not emotionally swayed easily. There may be times you’ll need to comfort him by staying calm and giving him the affection, he needs. 

You will be the one who will often calm his raging storms, but in return, he will be tender and affectionate. H takes trust and commitment very seriously and may need a lot of assurances and want to communicate openly with you. 

5. Empathy Is The Key To His Heart

If you invite him to open up, a flood of feelings and opinions will rush forward. Once he trusts you, he’ll want to make you happy. He will nurture you and help you to succeed in whatever career you choose. 

He is empathetic to people who are having a challenging time in life. He will offer to help them, even if they don’t ask. His heart goes out when he sees a stray dog or cat who is hungry. The troubles of others affect him deeply.

Having the same feelings and being sensitive to the troubles of others will draw him even closer to you. But he’s not only empathetic towards others; he will have the same concerns towards you. He’ll want you to feel comfortable and be protected from the hardness of life. He feels your highs and your lows and will not trouble you to change your mood. He’ll wait patiently as you ride it out. You can go to him, and he will make you forget your sorrow, and he’ll share your exuberance and joy. 

Final Thoughts

It is easy to fall in love with a Cancer man. He’s both sensitive and aloof, he has secrets he will only share when he thinks the time is right. In bed, Cancers are emotional, passionate, and they love to kiss while touching your body with his strong, gentle hands. He works slowly at times but often his sexual fire overwhelms him, so sex can sometimes be hard, even rough. 

He’ll know what you like and will satisfy you by getting to know what your body responds to. If you enjoy oral sex, for example, he will become a master of cunnilingus. He will try lots of positions until he finds the one you like best. He takes his time in bed, getting to know you first. Intercourse to him is a romantic act, passionate and close. He can stay in bed all weekend, repeating passionate sex but cuddling and kissing in between.

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