5 Tips How to Increase Desire in a Woman

Humans are sexual creatures. When we are sexually aroused, we feel the desire to have sex. Sexual desire is a natural, healthy feeling, and sexual activity provides excellent benefits to the body and the mind by providing stress relief, a reduction in blood pressure, and overall feelings of well-being.

But due to certain physiological factors (our bodies and the organs of the body), psychological issues, and the food and drugs we ingest, some women at some time in their lives feel decreased sex drive, which can have a significant impact on relationships.

Increase Desire in a Woman

There are remedies available to combat and help increase desire in a woman, some in the form of supplements taken by mouth and others that involve lifestyle changes and open discussion of the issues surrounding feelings in a woman.

So how to increase desire in a woman? To answer that, we have to look at what causes loss of desire and then discuss what treatments women can undergo to bring her level of sexual desire back to normal.

#1. See a Doctor to Increase Sexual Desire

When a woman feels a lack of desire and doesn’t know why her sex drive is low, the 1stthing for her to do is to see a doctor and have a pelvic exam to determine if there are physiological causes for her decreased desire. During a pelvic exam, physicians will check for physical changes in sex organs, such as the thinning of the genital tissues or vaginal dryness. Dryness can make intercourse painful, and treating it would help to increase sexual desire in a woman.

2:  Doctors will perform checking hormone levels to see if the patient’s estrogen level has dropped. This often occurs in women who are post-menopausal but even then, it may only be temporary.

3rd, when faced with how to increase desire in a woman, physicians check their patient for thyroid problems. In addition, they will check for liver disorders, high cholesterol, and diabetes. High blood sugar and abnormally high heart rate will often lower sex drive when left untreated.

Once any physiological causes are ruled out, women can pursue other treatments, including counseling and changing substances they intake into their bodies.

When asked how to increased desire in a woman, some professionals recommend treatments such as therapy, sex education, and medications in some cases. One of the reasons therapy and couples counseling is so effective is that it allows women to open and communicate about their feelings about sex, their partners, or issues relating to sexual preferences in bed.

#2. Medications

More and more people today are prescribed medications for a host of psychological conditions, including depression. Unfortunately, while many of these medicines successfully treat depression, one of the significant side effects is decreased sex drive. In fact, of the top 5 most popular antidepressant medications, 4 of them decrease female libido.

However, there are 1 or 2 antidepressants on the market that treat symptoms of depression and act to improve sex drive simultaneously. Women can check with their doctors to see if making a change in their medication will be helpful to their condition and to help increase desire.

#3. Hormone Replacement Therapy

When asked how to increase desire in a woman, other physicians suggest that one hormone by itself may be the one responsible for a decreased drive. Estrogen is maintained naturally in females most of their lives, but a woman will experience precipitous drops in estrogen levels at any age or time.

A popular treatment today is hormone replacement therapy. Like men treating low testosterone with either testosterone injections or by taking popular drugs to help maintain an erection, women can take estrogen supplements to treat vaginal dryness or shrinking of the vagina (which makes sex painful), both conditions lowering sexual desire. Estrogen supplements can be taken in pill form or as a patch or a cream applied to the vaginal area.

There is one herbal supplement on the market that has been shown to improve sexual desire in a woman. Because it is an herbal remedy, it does not need FDA approval. When applied to the clitoris, labia, and vagina, this oil has been known to stimulate this area and prepare the vaginal canal for penetration.

#4. Communication is Key

A couple’s counselors and therapists answer how to increase desire in a woman by focusing on 1 of the most critical issues in relationships: communication.

When a woman opens up about her feelings in a clinical environment, it is analogous to the opening of flood gates. First, repressed anger and desires are brought out into the open; when finally released, women will have a new outlook on sex and feel desire again. Interestingly, talking to her partner frankly about her sexual issues, telling him what she likes and doesn’t like in their sex will yield the same results.

#5. Romance

Aside from therapy and physical exams, nothing answers how to increase desire in a woman, quite like romance and spontaneity. A man who makes his partner feel exceptional and who will go out of his way to create an atmosphere of romance can stimulate physiological changes.

Reduced dryness is often eliminated when couples set aside time for intimacy by setting a specific day and time where they will be together. For example, going away to a quiet place and surrounded by nature for a period of a few days can make the spark return in a relationship.

Life has become more stressful for everyone, and some of the most critical aspects of our lives, like sex and intimacy, are set by the wayside as we spend more time on social media sites and neglect our bodies and our partners.

Putting sex where it belongs by prioritizing it can help prevent the physical and psychological symptoms related to desire in a woman discussed here.  Our bodies need sex and intimacy because we are sexual creatures. Sex is a biological necessity, unlike chatting on social media or playing video games. Keeping sex at the top of your bucket list will reward you with a happier and more well-balanced life.

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